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  1. Hey guys, just thinking it would be great to connect with you all on instagram. Its a much bigger platform now with great content posted constantly from some very experienced investors Anyway my username is unsurprisingly: Leenorthrop Connect and I will follow
  2. Hi I’m Matthew, I’m in my early 30s, I’m a homeowner, and want to build out a letting portfolio. I’ve been doing online courses, reading books, and getting a plan together using the dreamline strategy. Lately I’ve done the ‘Setting property goals’ course - on PropertyHub - and one of the big takeaways for me was around finding someone to hold you accountable in achieving your goals. I wanted to gauge what other people’s experiences were in finding someone to hold you accountable. For example did you seek out a mentor with property experience, was it someone with no experience (e.g. a family member or friend), etc…? Also do you have regular catchups with that person?
  3. Hi all, I have just started out on my first business venture with a friend of 7 years, we have currently set up a limited company which will house our property portfolio and are in the middle of purchasing our first 2 properties one in Sheffield and the other in Doncaster. Our short term goals at the moment are to be able to focus on this as a full time career and leave our current jobs. We both have a fair bit of experience in construction so hoping this should help us on our way. Any tips would be appreciated and anyone investing in these areas please feel free to get in contact.
  4. Hi everyone, I’m Elliott. I’m a newbie to property investment but am 100% committed to building a passive income for me and my wife that will give us more time to do the things we love. I made the decision to return to education as a mature student and graduated from Portsmouth Uni last year with a degree in Property Development which gave me a great ‘textbook’ insight into property investment, so I am now trying to absorb as much ‘real life’ information from podcasts, books and the PropertyHub as possible. Living down in Southampton, my short term strategy is to initiate a Rent to Rent portfolio to help build a cash pot for my own investing. Long term my goal is to steadily build a portfolio of BTL and HMO properties to replace my salary as a Construction Manager. Appreciate this isn’t the most exciting introduction as I have no properties to my name, but I am keen, eager and love talking all things property. I’m new to the forum but if anyone has any advise or hints for starting out, particularly regarding Rent to Rent or investing in or around Southampton area, I would love to hear from you. Many thanks, Elliott.
  5. Dear fellow Property Hubbers! 🙂 My name is Graham. I live in Cheam, Surrey and want to build my network in the East / West Sussex area where I intend to invest. Would like to connect with investors in and around the area to share ideas and interests. 💭 Happy to zoom chat until meeting becomes a possibility 💻 Thanks. Graham
  6. Hi all, My name is Fergal and I'm new to the forum so thought I would introduce myself. I have been working in the construction industry for the past 14 years in various different roles within architectural practices, main contractors and developers, working mainly in London and Ireland. I'm currently based in Belfast where I recently purchased a property for myself and have also been looking for investment opportunities in the area, but have an interest in other areas throughout the UK and Ireland. I'm looking to improve my knowledge and experience and gather a few contacts along the way. My plans for the future are to build a portfolio, create passive income through property and replace my day job. My skills and knowledge include Architecture, design, technical, construction and project management mainly within the residential and commercial sectors. Please feel free to drop me a mail if you have any questions or want to know more. Many thanks Fergal
  7. Hi everyone! My name's Patrick, I'm a 23 year old engineering graduate who's been interested in property since I was a teenager. I have had a bold goal since a young age to build up a property portfolio to give me financial freedom, allowing me to quit my job and provide for my amazing partner and future family. I have been a listener to the property podcast for many years, aswell as reading and researching anything economics or property for the last few years, and now that I have a nice saving pot, I am about to invest in HMOs in the sheffield area. I would love to meet people with a similar story who with I can chat with and network. I'm also a massive property geek so if anybody wants to talk about anything even remotely related to property and wants an outside opinion or just a like minded person to talk topics through please reach out!
  8. Hi Guys I’m Neil originally from Middleton, North Manchester and now live in Wilmslow. I’m looking to set up a ltd company with a friend shortly and looking to invest in flipping houses before working towards a buy to let portfolio. I’m looking for any recommendations for networking groups/events in the Greater Manchester area in order to build relationships with tradesmen, investors and lenders alike. if anyone has any suggestions or can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. Many Thanks
  9. Hi, I found the podcast during lock-down and have been listening ever since - thanks Rob and Rob. The hardest thing is finding information or advice on networking with (local) like minded people so have decided to just jump in here. Actually just completing on our first house to live in. So now want to learn more about all the other potential options and venture further into the property world. I'm currently based in London both living (South East) and working (Central). Looking for networking recommendations and to network with people in London and Kent (originally from here) and build up contacts (property tax experts / local tradesman etc.). And, if the opportunities arise, happy to volunteer and help with projects to gain experience. Thanks, Ben
  10. Hello Property Hub! Firstly I have to say I’m blown away with all of the content and knowledge sharing on here. I stumbled across Property Hub a couple of a weeks ago and my world and plans have completely changed. With that said I’m new to property and I’m looking to build a network in order to start investing over the next 6 months. I’m currently based on the south coast, channel island and London and I plan to invest up north. Liverpool - Manchester - Sheffield etc. but I’m very much an open book and not set on any particular location. My initial thoughts are BTL but again nothing set in stone! Ultimately I would like to make this my full time job and leave my current career. Really looking forward to connecting with anyone that is either in a similar position or could help me establish myself up north/has exciting ideas. I’m super motivated and excited to see where this journey takes me! As I reach any milestones/setback I plan on sharing my journey. Charlie
  11. Hi Everyone, New to the world of property investing myself but have recently finished our first renovation on a property in Brighton. My dad owns a few BTL's which we were able to extract some equity from to start our venture. So glad we found property hub as we were considering going down the paid training route! After watching most of the university course content and still feeling a little green to it all the plan is to flip properties for the next two years in the south east to then invest in BTL's up north. We are naturally looking to invest in West London too as this is where we are based (big ask I know!) but maybe Zones 4-6 rather than Central London. I have also inherited 25% of a house in Belgium and have 50K of my own funds which will probably go towards our next Flip property. I have a couple questions for you guys; as I own 25% of a property in Belgium does this mean I now have to pay the 3% stamp duty for any additional properties I buy? What areas in the southeast would you recommend looking for flipping? or does it simply come down to buying the property under market value? I am writing this in the hope that I can make some great contacts in the industry and talk to anyone else looking to do similar projects. I am looking to build a reliable team or perhaps do a joint venture with someone in the future. My skills an knowledge are in the motorcycle industry so don't really have a lot to trade other than my time, hard work and a transit van! Hope to speak to you all soon Simon
  12. Hello Everyone, I am looking to grow my network and would like to get your thoughts on any other property network groups which you are members of, or any meetups that you recommend in the London area or virtually, of course the PH Forum is great and very informative but I would like to know any useful resources that have helped grow your network and found informative? Thanks in advance
  13. For a novice property investor like myself, property networking is essential. As there are not many about at the moment, are there any investors who would be up for a chat about property over a drink. Anywhere in Manchester is good for me. Cheers, Alex
  14. Hi everyone (and hi Rob & Rob if you’re reading), Feel like I’ve been on the fringes of the community for a while as I’ve been to a couple of meetups, been listening to podcasts and checked out the forum a few times but this is actually my first post. I’m from St Albans but I’m looking at building a portfolio of BTLs and multi-lets in Coventry and I’m interested in networking with other investors and landlords in the area, sharing knowledge, contacts etc. Doesn’t matter if you’ve got 100 properties or just one (or none yet), we all need support of like minded people if we’re going to build our wealth and I’m happy to share what little knowledge and experience I have too. If you’re investing in the area please give me a shout, it would be great to hear from you. Would also like to hear where property investors from Coventry are going for their meetups? As there’s not one in Coventry right now maybe if there’s enough of us we could even get one going in the future. Look forward to connecting with you all. Pete
  15. Hi I'm Laura and I'm new to the Property Hub. I've been training in property for about 18 months with my mentor (my background is in project management). I wondered if anyone had any good tips on how to find JV partners. I've been attending a lot of property and business networking events but so far haven't found anyone to work with. I've secured a piece of land using a purchase option and am currently applying for planning permission. If all goes to plan I'll need a JV partner in approximately 6 months time. Any tips anyone can provide would be much appreciated.
  16. Hey PH team My name's Joe and I'm a movie obsessed designer living in London with my wife Rachel, and we're both eager to really get going in property. Why I'm writing this post Over the past few weeks we've been crunching the numbers and building spreadsheets to assess the areas we'd like to invest in and so far Coventry is feeling right for us. It's around the right price we can afford and isn't *too* far from London. We're aiming to visit in the next few weeks to get a feel for the place and maybe visit some properties and would love to grab coffees/lunch with other investors in the area! We're also looking for recommendations for builders/contractors in the area that you have worked with. What we've done in property so far We've gone from knowing ABSOLUTELY nothing about property 2 months ago, to attending the Legacy 3 day intro course, attended two Property Hub networking events in Kings Cross, viewed an auction property for research, attended an auction for research, carried out lots of work on the business like reaching out to accountants/solicitors/brokers etc and lastly working out our area to invest in (which is feeling like Coventry). Areas we want to invest in As I've mentioned a few times we are exclusively looking in Coventry at the moment and are excited to reach out and start making connections in the area with other like minded property investors, as well as contractors and estate agents. Our plans for the future We spent half a day cutting up images we found on Google to create our 'Why' board', which we've stuck on our fridge. This is to ensure we're always keeping our reason for doing this front of mind. We definitely want to be hands off investors so any processes/techniques to make investment more passive is definitely a win for us. We love to travel (I know everyone does), but for me personally a huge part of my why is to help my family financially and to ensure when Rachel and I have kids in the next few years, that I'm as much a part of their lives as she is. We also both love learning and trying new things and dream of being able to travel to Italy for a month to learn to cook, or travel to Hawaii for a month to learn to surf etc. Any skills or knowledge that other members might benefit from I was a professional photographer for 6 years specialising in music, corporate/events and portraiture. I am now a digital designer which basically means I design (not develop) websites and apps focusing on user experience and visuals. I'd also consider myself a people person so if anyone needs any help with confidence, approaching strangers or networking I'm happy to share my approach. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
  17. Hey All, I am just about to begin investing in my own property portfolio. I have now saved enough for a deposit on my initial buy-to-let property (at last). I work for a property developer specialising in student accommodation on a national level. I am a chartered project management surveyor with the RICS. So, I have plenty of relevant experience in developments with GDV's ranging from £1m up to over £100m. Currently, I am managing two projects in Sheffield due to complete in September 2017. One a 63 bed studio apartment development, and the other 130 bed development of studios and cluster apartments. I am seeking some local knowledge of the Sheffield buy-to-let market in exchange for a coffee, and the sharing of some of my own knowledge. Please do get in touch if you are interested. Even if it is just for a general chit chat. Cheers all, Josh
  18. Hi, I wanted to see if there was anyone on here there involved in developing in the North East. I am about to relocate from London to North Yorkshire and I'm looking to meet developers/property sourcers/JV Partners. The patch I'll be operating is between Newcastle & Leeds. I am planning to attend PIN and HUB Meetups to network. Is there any other networking groups or mentors based in the North East anyone can recommend? Thanks everyone, look forward to hearing from you.
  19. Hi everyone My name is Emma and I am new to Property Hub! I love everything property and am looking to network with people who can help me to source houses to buy in Birmingham. I have a 5 year plan to buy 20 by 2021 which will be four properties a year. Ideally looking to buy houses within half a mile of city center Birmingham. My main challenge is time to source properties as I have a job that requires long hours. My role is commission based to looking to invest between £100-£125k a year in property. My strategy is Buy to Let, i have bought a few houses personally and have now set up LTD company to continue investments due to tax reasons. Please let me know if you would be interested in discussing further on here or at 07885 521516 Thanks
  20. Regional Meetups are being held this Thursday August 4th. We'd love for you to come along - there is absolutely zero selling, just a relaxed environment to chat to other like-minded individuals who share an interest in property. The Meetups are fantastic for newbies right through to the most experienced investors, and everyone is welcome as long as they have nothing they are looking to pitch of sell (it's not that kind of event, sorry!). You can find a list of all of the regional Meetups here: http://thepropertyhub.net/meetups Click through to find your most convenient location and book a ticket absolutely free. P.S If you'd like to chat to Rob D, he will be in Leicester. And if you fancy a word with Rob B you will find him at King's Cross.
  21. Hello all, my name is James and i am a new investor in Hull looking to build my team to begin my investment journey at the start of the new year. I am working through a limited company which i have just registered as i do not intend to touch my portfolios profits until retirement from work. i am new to the property investment networking circle but have booked my place on my local PIN meeting in Hull. But i am looking for any referrals on independent mortgage brokers and property specialist accounts in the local area. If you or anybody you know has used or are using any body they would recommend i would love your referrals to speak to them about moving forward. Or similarly if you, yourself are an independent mortgage broker or accountant i would love to have a chat. Many thanks for any help, James.
  22. Hi Property Hub, I had a look on the site when it launched and am looking forward to joining the community now it's full steam ahead. I'm at the start of my property journey and I own one property in Newcastle and have bought one off plan from RMP (anyone heard of them? ;-). My goal is to buy two more properties by the end of the year in the North east with my 2 brothers as JV partners. Despite Rob and Rob saying "never invest in the north east" we're doing well on our first property and are confident about taking small steps. Ideally I'd like to meet people with experience in investing in the North East of England particularly in Newcastle and Durham, can anyone point me in the right direction of anyone interesting? I'm looking forward to being involved in this community. Tom
  23. HI, I am an Independent Property Consultant in Scarborough working in Association with Keller Williams. I have been a Freelance IT Consultant for a lot of years ( far too many that I care to mention !) moving into the property business with my husband Jos, 7 months ago. We currently operate a bespoke estate agency service in Scarborough working with the Keller Williams Yorkshire team based in Leeds. I am keen to lean more about investment opportunities and understanding how investments work to offer any future clients a good service. I am a keen networker and would like to build a strong property hub in Scarborough to bring all like minded people and businesses together who have a connection with the property world, whether that be investment, financial, lettings or sales. I am also interested in talking to anyone who may have an interest in starting their own property business with the help and support of Keller WIlliams. Thanks for reading. Julie
  24. Hi all, I'm a newbie from SW London and was wondering if anyone would fancy meeting up in London to talk about property, strategy, exchange knowledge and just get to know each other? Maybe we can go to a pub/bar for a few drinks? Let me know if you are interested - which I hope you are - and I can arrange something Thanks, Noosh
  25. Hello property family! I'm Sami and graduated from uni recently. I am starting off my property investor career and am stuck as i am having a hard time surrounding myself with people that are in property investment. I don't know where to start, how to get a team around me and the whole process of starting off. I need someone to guide me through my first property deal, whatever that may be. I am looking at Lease options as a strategy. I am based in Kent. If there is anyone here that can be my mentor and help me with this please let me know. I am so ready and have a lot of information but have no idea how to apply it. starting off is the hardest part so please don't think i'm being stupid. if i can find people to connect with this would have been worth it. Family and so called friends think im crazy going into property. i need likminded people to keep me sane. and help me start this journey. Thanks! Sami.
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