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  1. Good evening, all. My thanks in advance to anyone who can provide any guidance on the below. I own a new build property, which is subject to latent defects cover. I purchased this property in 2016 and opened claims under the late defects insurance policy with my adjoining nextdoor neighbor in 2017. These claims have been kicked around by the insurer for several years now but have been accepted and will be actioned in the next year or so. The works relate to structural defects. In short: the property will need to have its ground foundation strengthened. The open insurance claim w
  2. Hi, We have just completed on out first new build property. I just wondered if anyone could give a list of key documents we should insure we get from the developer. I imagine Gas safety certificates. Do we need FENSA certs? Are there any other important documents or things to be aware of? Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Chris
  3. Hi. I have been looking at a new build development (just 9 properties) which are a timber construction. I know this is becoming more popular for speed of build and energy efficiency. I would be really keen to know people’s point of view about whether they hold their value in the long run and whether they are as robust as brick over the long term. They are very reasonably priced presumably because of this, but have some concerns. Pros and cons from anyone experienced in this area would be v helpful Thank you.
  4. Hi Everyone, I have a question for any new build developers out there: Do you think now is a good time to start developing? I ask as I am hoping to develop out a small plot of land into residential housing with a view of the development taking around a year to complete, but with the increased whispers of a crash I am unsure whether now, or the coming months, would be a good time to start such a project. Be great to hear your advice. Cheers Jake
  5. Dear Property Hub community, My name is Luis, I'm a Spanish Construction Engineer that has lived half of his life already here in the UK. I'm passionate about property investment, for now I've done mainly buy to lets and a couple flips. I'm MCIOB, so charted construction manager and I've got my own small design and build company in partnership with an architect and a Surveyor. I'm also working my way into becoming a residential valuer through RICS. almost there, but not just yet! I would be very happy to help anyone interested in investing in property so I can learn a
  6. Hello, I am currently in the process of buying a new build house. We Exchanged contracts with the builder in November 19 with the estimated completion date being 28/02/20. This was then delayed to 28/03/20 because of bad weather. Then it was delayed to 24/04/20 because of health and safety reasons (reason being the scaffolding on the house next door needs to be completely down before they can allow us to move in). Then on the 24/03/20 Covid 19 happened and the builder shut. No work on site or anything. We had a mortgage offer granted in October 19 in which it would expire
  7. Hi Everyone, I could do with some help, this is my very first time investing in a property. I have decided to purchase two new build flats in Luton, due for completion at the end of June. I have already paid the reservation fee to reserve both plots for a £1000 EACH. I have also instructed my solicitor to carry out the searches on the property and check through all of the finer details. My solicitor has notified me of the following. The property or an area within 25m has been assessed to be at Moderate risk of flooding.
  8. Hi Property Hub, I'm an Architect with three properties in London. I'm new to the forums, although, I have been a podcast listener for years. I would like to offer my professional skills to unlock potential development sites across the UK. I have worked for small and large London architectural practices creating one to hundreds of homes at a time and would like to help other forum members with any of their projects. I'm also looking for a little advice/mentoring on growing my own portfolio. Happy to talk. Sav.
  9. Hi All I am looking for recommendations for an architect in the Bristol area. I have a 3-bed end of terrace with large enough land for another, same size, property with parking. I'm looking for someone to produce plans and give me some direction/advice on what to build (e.g. flats/house etc). Any help would be very much appreciated. Paddy
  10. Hi All, First post so I am hoping I have posted in the right forum section. Please tell me to move it if it's in the wrong place! I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction... In short, I am just coming to the end of finishing my new build property (detached, 3 bed in Dorset). Built on garden of my current property. Both properties have mortgages on them. I am unsure whether to keep the new build to rent out or sell it and pay off a chunk of my current mortgage. I realise there are a multitude of inputs that would go into this calculation (and many of them woul
  11. Hello all, I am recently been looking at some new build flats that are being constructed in Liverpool. I have also been looking through companies such as RW Invest. Just wanted to know if any one on here has brought an off plan property? If so what should i look out for? Do you guys think a new build is better than an older property? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  12. Hi All, I'm wondering about new builds. The advantages to me are that I can get help to buy and that they have guarantees for 10 years, I'm thinking with the intention to live there at first and later turning into a rental once I buy other buy to lets. What are your experiences with new builds and help to buy? I'd like to take advantage of putting 5% down however the numbers on new build don't work for rentals, the rentals don't even cover the mortgage. Also, I have seen a few new builds on the market after 5 years at steep discounts. Let me know your experiences with new build
  13. Hi all, Just joined the property hub after becoming addicted to the ever helpful podcasts! I'm after some advice or thoughts on buy-to-let properties in the Manchester area. This will be my first investment property and due to current situation will need to be very hands off. For that reason I've been looking at the mass of new build developments that are cropping up across the city centre and Salford (walking distance to city centre, i.e. Middlewood Locks). Does anyone have any thoughts on whether the amount of new build developments imposes a risk on
  14. Hi all, Ive just completed my first flip wich has just gone on the market Monday now im looking towards my next project so im after as much information on this topic as i can please Im looking at all of my options and this is 1, buying land and building either 2 houses maximum or flats not sure on amount yet. My question is what is the start to finish process on this? From checks to buying the land then getting a shovel in the ground to selling and also the tax side to. Ino there will be plenty of hidden problems. If anyone could help with this then that would be grea
  15. Myself and another individual are looking to set up a limited company to jointly invest in property development. It is our full intention to seek professional legal (and taxation) advice in order to have correct and optimal structures in place from the onset. Further to this however, it would be good to have some initial scrutiny of our basic strategy before taking things further from you lovely people. Our intention is to buy a suitable plot of land with existing planning permission, with the view of building anything in the range of 4 – 8 properties at a time. Naturally finance w
  16. Hi, I have a conundrum and would really appreciate some help. I would like to know whether you think I can afford to complete on the purchase of a new build property, or if I need to sell (re-assign before completion), and if so, how I should go about it. The detail: My wife and I have joint income of £105k (this has gone down since purchasing the properties some years ago). We have £15k in savings. The properties are: Property 1 - where we currently live. In both our names. Mortgage details: Amount outstanding £429k. Value estimated at £750k (by me)
  17. Hi all Does anyone have any experience good or bad with, or know of how Advantage new build warranty provider are considered? I'm currently looking at an off plan opportunity with MCR Properties and Advantage are the insurer so conducting some due diligence. https://ahci.co.uk/ Appreciate any insights hubbers may have. Thanks James
  18. Hello Hubbers, I own a small plot of land in Addiscombe (Croydon) which is likely to receive planning permission for a small 2 bed property in the next few weeks. I am currently juggling options around whether to sell the land with planning, pay a contractor to manage the build or set up a joint venture. Specifically with the JV i would be looking for someone to project manage the entire build with some form of profit split at the end of the process. I suspect that a joint venture will prove the most profitable - does anyone have any good contacts in the l
  19. Hi I was wondering whether there was anyone building new builds in South Yorkshire or West Yorkshire that would be willing to let me observe the process? This is a completely different process to a refurb and I just wanted to gain some knowledge about it.
  20. Hi all, Looking at two developments up north where the developers are asking for 25% and 35% deposit respectively. Is this standard for a development? Lawyers have said developers shouldn't require more than 10%... Pretty much everything I'm seeing on the market is 25%+ however. Sincerely, Confused member
  21. Hi Everyone Great to be here. Been listening to R&R for a while a just wanted to say how awesome and inspiring you guys are thanks a lot. Well this is me, I'm 36 from Doncaster and been a builder since leaving school in 94. Iv seen so many people over the years get in to property and do well and built many new builds as well as convert property for so many and always planned on doing myself, but unfortunately Iv always found excuses like money, time, children you name it Iv used it. 1 month ago a friend of mine also a builder in the same predicament asked if I fancied going in 50/50 on
  22. Hi, my names Mark and I work in Mortgages, STOP! Don't go, That's not why I am here. I have recently purchased a new build property from Bloor Homes and thought I would share my findings here. Needless to say, it has been an emotional experience and not in a good way. Please have a read http://plot548-kingswoodheath-bloor.co.uk Thanks for reading. Mark
  23. Hello Property Hubbers, My name’s Tom and I am a first time poster on here. I am hoping to get in touch with a few people who may be able to help / get involved in a project I’m looking to start in the Spring next year. I bought a house in Croydon last year and with it came a small strip of land (circa 20m x 5m). As it’s in a relatively built-up area I went to a pre-planning meeting with the Council earlier this year to discuss viability of building on the plot. The outcome was essentially positive in that the planners are happy with us building a property there (in pri
  24. Hello all. Me and my friend end have been in he process of buying a new build and nearly became victims of the recent spate of developers looking to charge £250 ground rent on the leasehold which doubles every 10 years. For anyone unaware of the problem with this have a quick read of this article from the guardian: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/money/2016/nov/05/ground-rent-scandal-engulfing-new-home-buyers-leasehold We have been advised by our solicitors to pull out of the deal but are of course hesitant because it is a great location
  25. Yo I have bought a few new build properties off-plan in recent years. If you buy early enough off-plan, one potential strategy is to think about investing in new build as a sort of property tracker bond. i.e. invest your deposit at Exchange, forget about it for a year or so, and then get your cash return post-Completion. An annoyance with this approach is that most lenders will lend at Completion against the purchase price rather than the market value at the time of Completion, which is annoying because you can't realise the equity that is now "baked in" other than through taking a
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