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  1. Hi! I'm a new investor. I've finally managed to get a deposit together and looking at buying something around the £150k mark. Our goals are as a long term investment so capital growth is at least as important as rental income. We live in the South East so if we stay local our only option at that price would be a small flat or apartment or maisonette. Most advice I've gotten suggests investing somewhere within a 45min drive so that leaves us a few options- Chelmsford, Witham or maybe Colchester. The problem I have is that my eye keeps getting drawn up north, specifically to Ma
  2. Hi everyone, My name's Ben, and I'm a website designer based in Bournemouth, looking to make my first strides into property. So far I've been along to Property Hub Meetups, and absorbed lots of books, podcasts, videos, you name it! But I want to go up a gear and increase tangible action, which is part of the reason I'm here. I've been advised to start off simple, and so am looking initially at buying small flats for single let. However, I'm really interested in serviced accommodation as a longer-term strategy. Great to be here, and feel free to a
  3. Hello Property Hub! Firstly I have to say I’m blown away with all of the content and knowledge sharing on here. I stumbled across Property Hub a couple of a weeks ago and my world and plans have completely changed. With that said I’m new to property and I’m looking to build a network in order to start investing over the next 6 months. I’m currently based on the south coast, channel island and London and I plan to invest up north. Liverpool - Manchester - Sheffield etc. but I’m very much an open book and not set on any particular location. My initial thoughts are BTL but aga
  4. Hi there! I'm Davide from London, I've started my property journey 6 months ago by watching Webinars, reading books and networking with people. I now have just put my first rental property under contract , the property generates a cash on cash ROI of 13% and it's in Portsmouth. I can offer help with finding good deals and analysing properties, also can recommend a great mortgage broker. What I'm looking for: - Great deals in the Midlands and South England - Investment partners for collaboration on projects - Contractors recommendations for a fixer-upper pr
  5. Hi Everyone, My names Jay, I'm a long time listener and subscriber but first time posting on the Forum. I've been saving/investing hard to try and get some cash together to invest in property. At the moment I'm quite attracted to Leeds and Liverpool. I'm looking for a long term investment... with a view to subsidising my retirement (I'm in my 30s , and worried that I'm probably too late). I'm fairly hands on, unlike most accountants I love DIY. So not afraid of getting my hands dirty. My concerns are having a property that is so far away. I have
  6. Hi, I always thought the term Skin in the Game meant, that it was about gaining experience by pushing boundaries of your knowledge and competence. Especially when my Executive Director used it in our conversation to give me advice about my career. So when i joined the Property Hub, i thought I'm going to say "Hello" once i have finally bought a BTL / Buy to Sell. So i can say i have now some skin the game. Wooooohooo......until i googled it 5 minutes ago and found out it was a term coined by Warren Buffet, how investors use their own money to invest in the company they are running.
  7. Hello Everyone, Im very new to the property investment game and i have so many questions, i dont know where to start. So i will keep this intro as simple as i can. (i do have the tendency to waffle tho, so apologies if i do!) I have done a lot of research, read a book (guide to property investment by robert dix) and forums, I have a start and end goal in place (im following robs business plan guide too) I am currently looking to remortgage my own home to fund my first property investment (end of November) Im now starting to learn about the property c
  8. Hi everyone, All the introductions for everyone are great, its a bit like Blind Date! "Hello contestant number 1, whats your name and where you come from?" "Hi Cilla, name names Andy and I'm from Stoke-on Trent!" *cue audience cheers and whoops!* Well here's our Graham with a quick reminder…... I've lived in Stoke-on-Trent for about 6 years and we have one rental property which is a previous house we lived in. I'm currently embarking on a renovation project for what will be our new home. It's basically everything you wouldn't want from a rental and definitely wouldn't tick ma
  9. Hello all, I am keen to get started in property investment. Making use of online resources and books, I have been educating myself over the last few months and aim to make my first investment in the New Year - a special thanks goes out to the two Robs for the wealth of information and inspiration on this site and elsewhere! My goals are to provide for my young family and build up enough passive income from property to sustain a modest/comfortable lifestyle and to have the option of working part time (I am a history academic). I grew up in Lewisham and live in West Norwood, and ideally
  10. Good evening all! I'm extremely new to the site as well as the investment property scene. I'm still young (or so I try to convince myself!) and inexperienced however have always expressed an interest with Property. I came across the book (100 property investment tips) which has further grown my interest and aspiration to own investment property. Is anyone aware of any groups / meetings which could provide an inexperienced new investor with guidance and oversight within the Reading / Berkshire Area? Thanks
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