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  1. Hi guys currently invested in Scotland, but looking to buy in the rest of UK soon... hope you guys can help me on my journey. I have been re building o house for the last 5 years learning all the skills, totally self taught. I'm hoping to become the full package from foundations up! Keen to move into the admin and paperwork side of things to get a rounded understanding of all things property related. This will enable me to tackle any project I set my mind to whether its talking about materials ect to tradesmen, to viewing and understanding the condition of property before buying it, right up to discussing contracts and legal work with solicitors or barristers. This is my goal... hope you can help. Cheers Christopher
  2. Hi, my name is Jayne and I’m a new investor currently in the process of buying 2 BTL properties in County Durham. I became an accidental landlord when I rented out a house I used to live in 3 years ago. Since discovering leveraging I have raised sufficient funds from this to put down 3, possibly 4 deposits. After months of research I finally found my gold-mine area and have successfully negotiated the purchase of 2 properties. Surveys on all 3 houses (existing one and 2 new ones) have been carried out. I had a bit of a blow with the survey on my existing property as it has been valued at less than I paid for it 8 years ago, but on the positive side, it proves prices are staying low for buying. My first purchase should be completing within the next few weeks and I would welcome any advice about the refurb. It does need fully decorating (currently has bright red/steel grey walls) and new flooring throughout. I’m not sure if it’s best to go carpet or laminate for the ground floor. Also, what are your thoughts on staging, I’m obviously keen to find a tenant asap so happy to do this if it helps? My plans for the future are to invest in more BTL properties, sufficient to be able to replace the income from my part-time job and make a career in property. As I’m brand new to this I would be grateful for any advice to minimise the mistakes I’m bound to make along the way.
  3. Hi lovely property people, I've just joined this site as I'm feeling completely overwhelmed and need advice. I have some money ready to invest in my first BTL and want to do this via a Ltd company but don't know what order to do things in. I haven't started looking for properties yet as thought I should have the company set up, an accountant to help with putting my start-up money into the company, and have bank account set up with funds in there ready for deposit. But, I keep hearing that best to have property offer accepted first before doing any of the above. Won't that be a crazy stressful rush though? What are the pros of doing that? How do you get a Ltd company BTL mortgage-offer without having funds in a business bank account or a Ltd company even created? Also, how long does it take to get an accountant? I feel so out of my depth, have done several courses and really want to do this...but I'm a process person and seem to be missing the detail on these essential first steps. Really hope you can help? Thanks so much in advance!
  4. Hi all, My brothers and I have been very fortunate to inherit a small cluster of properties from our late Grandfather. They are all owned out right and one is currently up for sale as we are looking to gain capital to invest and build our portfolio in other areas. My initial strategy idea is to use the capital from the house sale to purchase two B2L properties on a small repayment mortgage. Mainly to get ourselves set up and running on our own and invest our Grandfathers hard work into something we can then pass down later in our families lives. The second part is to potentially re-mortgage 2 of the remaining properties to open up capital to again invest to build the portfolio. My main concern is biting the bullet. Is it worthwhile to re-mortgage the properties owned outright to open capital? Or is it worth hanging fire and only building the capital via the rental income we gain from then each year (which has taken a huge hit due to refurbs and repairs so will cost us a few years in rebuilding capital). I expect hanging fire will mean we wait for 3 years to purchase another property. All 3 of us work full time but would really like to make a property business out of our inheritance and have always been really interested in property but never had the investment until now to really get ourselves going. Any advice would be amazing. Thank you all in advance,
  5. Hi all, great to be part of the group. I have been based overseas for some years and with at least another 18 months in the same situation before a return to the UK permanently, my wife and I are keen to start a BTL property portfolio... BUT.. with the extra 2+3% SDLT and knowing that we'll be back in the higher rate tax bracket on return, struggling to make the numbers stack up on the monthly yield. The income is not a requirement at the moment and more to leave in the bank and build towards the next property deposit. I would welcome any thoughts as to what should be a good target yield (or monetary figure) net all payments and taxes that should be considered 'safe', as we have no real knowledge of potential maintenance costs etc of apartments / houses in the UK. Considering that the Ltd Co would be the best route to go , any recommendations of companies / accountants that have provided a good service for individuals in a similar situation? Many thanks in advance Grant
  6. Hi all, great to be part of the group. I have been based overseas for some years and with at least another 18 months in the same situation before a return to the UK permanently, my wife and I are keen to start a BTL property portfolio... BUT.. with the extra 2+3% SDLT and knowing that we'll be back in the higher rate tax bracket on return, struggling to make the numbers stack up on the monthly yield. The income is not a requirement at the moment and more to leave in the bank and build towards the next property deposit. I would welcome any thoughts as to what should be a good target yield (or monetary figure) net all payments and taxes that should be considered 'safe', as we have no real knowledge of potential maintenance costs etc of apartments / houses in the UK. Considering that the Ltd Co would be the best route to go , any recommendations of companies / accountants that have provided a good service for individuals in a similar situation? Many thanks in advance Grant
  7. Hi all, I moved into a downstairs flat last year, and noticed after decorating that there’s a wet patch on the wall in the bedroom where the chimney breast is (it’s boarded up) I constantly leave the windows open in the bedroom as if I don’t it stinks of damp. After mentioning this to my landlord he keeps telling me that it’s the upstairs homeowners responsibility to have the roof and chimney looked at in case there’s water coming in and causing damp upstairs. However after speaking to my upstairs neighbour he’s had someone out to look at the roof and he said he wouldn’t touch the chimney as it’s my landlords responsibility. I’m really confused as to who is responsible to fix this, as I shouldn’t really have to live in a flat which is damp, not sure what I can do as a tenant, and don’t want to upset anybody either but I don’t want to put my health at risk. can anybody point me in the right direction or give me some information so I know who is responsible etc? thanks so much :)
  8. Hey guys Charlie B here. So a bit of back story. Like most people on here (I assume) I have been dreaming of creating a property portfolio since my late teens. In all honesty I thought I would have at least started by now (33) but hey ho. So where I am at. As of right now I have 2 year's before I can access the equity in my own private home without being charged a hefty amount. I plan on using this time to gain knowledge, up skill and hopefully build some good connections. I have read Rob D's property investment for beginners and am now reading the follow up book. I've came to realise to need for a solid plan instead of the vague idea I've always had in my head. Thanks to anyone and everyone who takes the time read and or comment on this post I really appreciate it. Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated. Especially when it comes to laying out a solid plan on paper!! I've really no idea where to start!.
  9. Hi fellow forumers, I'm wondering if anyone has experienced a similar set up in the past and can advise me of their thoughts. This is our first development of this type and although we have a good accountant they are not property specific so I'd be interested to hear some ideas. Here goes... We have a development company and are due to complete construction of a block containing 9 apartments next year. As part of the purchase deal, the seller is retaining 2 of the apartments effectively leaving us with 7 apartments. We may sell a couple of flats but at the moment let's say we are going to retain the 7 flats and rent them out. We would like to avoid estate agents fees so we would act as the agent ourselves - marketing, finding tenants, safety checks and certificates, dealing with rental payments and so on. We would also act as the Management Company so in rental terms that would mean dealing with tenants, maintenance and so on. We would also be the Management Company for sold flats (including the 2 sold off plan at land purchase) so would deal with maintenance, communal cleaning, service charges etc. We want to remortgage the 7 flats (currently unencumbered) to receive some funds to move forward with our next development. My question is what is the best set up for this? We have 1) a development company, 2) a rental company and 3) a management company. Should we keep all of these as separate companies or should we keep them all as one company (the development company that currently exists). Is it legal/possible to do this considering requirements of a rental and management company? If we are looking to remortgage to fund the development company would lenders want everything under one company? I'm sure there are other questions that I could raise but at the moment I'd just like to get my ahead around this. There may be someone that has a really simple answer for me, or I may be completely off track with my thinking so would really appreciate any guidance! Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi. My names Steve & I'm relatively new to property. I'm looking to get insight, advice, and possibly contacts from likeminded investors with the experience to hopefully guide me away from possible pitfalls. I say relatively new because i rented our old home out when we moved to a bigger house just over 2 years ago, and I'm now going through the process of selling it so that I don't lose the extra SDLT that we had to pay for our new home. However, this was rented to my nephew who wanted to buy the house at the time but didn't have the deposit, so ive not had to deal with any of the trials & tribulations of dealing with letting agents, refurbs and/or nightmare tenants. I'm only releasing a relatively modest investment pot of around £40k, so my plan is the long game to hopefully offer myself & the wife a more comfortable retirement or possibly early retirement if i can make things grow quickly and put together a decent portfolio. I'm from Doncaster personally and can see that the town is on the up, there is a lot of local investment and the future economic growth appears to be looking good, so staying fairly local is my plan. Although, I'm also looking across Yorkshire as a whole in a bid to find the right deal rather than the right post code. I would like to be as a hands off as possible, certainly to begin with, as i have a busy job as a design consultant & the wife is a nurse. The design element of my job has been a massive benefit to many of our personal renovations at home over the last 10-15 years. Being able to very quickly throw a floorplan together, or to 3D model different options for extensions/builds, etc. has saved us £1000's over the years. I designed & built a bar from scratch in the back garden during Lockdown 1 with my 13yr old son! (But I'm in no rush to do that much DIY again in a hurry) Id be keen to hear your thoughts on investing in & around Doncaster/Yorkshire, and any recommendations as to the teams that you use. I already have a good bunch of tradesmen as friends but would really like to find a good broker, solicitor, possibly deal sourcer, letting agent, and in particular an accountant/tax advisor to discuss the best way to set up for this venture. Apologies if that's a bit long winded. I look forward to hopefully hearing from some of you soon. Steve.
  11. Looking for any advice/opinions about investing in Great Yarmouth and the coastal areas around it such as Gorleston- has anyone done this, and if so, what areas would you recommend, and how are you finding the rental market atm? This will be my 2nd BTL, my first is a one bed flat in Liverpool purchased through Property Hub. I'm a Norwich based investor, have looked into purchasing a BTL in Norwich and the returns just aren't as good as some coastal areas such as Yarmouth. As GY is known as a deprived area, I am of course concerned about the capital growth there, but there seems to be a lot of investment and regeneration happening in GY at the moment. This makes me wonder, is GY an up and coming town? Is it realistic to think these investments will result in a booming seaside town within the next 5-10 years, or would I be better off investing in the less deprived areas surrounding it such as Gorleston/ Bradwell etc? The regeneration projects currently planned for GY; A £120m bridge - the third river crossing - will link the town's marine and offshore industries with the A47 when it opens in 2023 The borough council's replacement £26m Golden Mile "anchor attraction", the Marina Centre leisure complex, is due to open next summer A £20.1m Town Funds grant will help create jobs and plans to turn the empty Palmers department store into a learning hub and university campus alongside the relocated Central Library Work should be completed in summer 2022 on an £18m operations and maintenance campus for the offshore renewables sector A £13.7m Future High Streets Fund will pay for the library move as well as a new heritage centre, more leisure venues and turn empty historic buildings into homes in the town centre The historic glass Winter Gardens has won a £10m lottery grant - part of a £16m restoration - and is due to reopen in 2026 as a heritage, arts and education venue The Market Place is undergoing a £4.6m revamp to help attract more shoppers A four-year £1.9m scheme to save the town centre's historic and at-risk buildings is also under way A new 'fire festival' this autumn has just been revealed in a bid to make the resort a year-round destination A London Eye-style wheel (pictured) is on a free summer loan, offering views for up to 10 miles Plans are under way to secure major festival slots next year for a film, titled Provisional Figures, shot in Great Yarmouth featuring Nuno Lopes
  12. Hello all! Firstly I just wanted to introduce myself to the community, I'm Ben aged 24 and I'm currently based in Bristol working as a Graduate Manufacturing Engineer. Throughout my life I have had an interest in property and used to love to watch programs such as Grand Designs and Homes Under the Hammer when I was younger. After I Graduated from University in 2019 I had very little knowledge about how to get into property but I knew it was something I wanted to get into! So at the start of my research I stumbled across this podcast called "The Property Podcast" after I bought 1 of Robs books - The Complete Guide to Property Investment. I started listening to the podcast from episode 1 while travelling to and from work. The Robs joke about the quality of those first few episodes on the podcast today but I found that these first few episodes helped me to relate to them and going on their journey with them has opened my eye to the fact that all successful ventures start from small foundations. This has motivated me to think bigger about where I could end up in the future if I put the work in, not just in property. So over the past 2 years I have been saving HARD to get to a position where I can pursue my first property investment and this week I have successfully had an offer accepted on a 2 bed maisonette in the West Midlands, in the area where I grew up! (Bristol is just way to expensive for me! And investing in my hometown I can benefit from my vast knowledge of the area). With many developments to public transport in this area and with the upcoming 5-7years of property growth (18 year cycle), I plan to not only get a return from rental income but also the potential for capital growth. I now have a long journey ahead of me that I am very much looking forward to - Learning about the buying process, learning how to work with solicitors effectively, setting up a mortgage correctly, get the property ready to rent and finding a tenant that I can provide an excellent service for. I can finally learn from taking action and move away from that pesky analysis paralysis! Thank you for reading! Ben.
  13. Hi everyone! Just to introduce myself I am 26 and work full time with a busy job in the NHS! I bought my home almost one year ago and am now looking to buy my first buy to let and really hope that this will be the start of a portfolio. My main focus is capital growth - a good yield would be great, but I am happy to compromise on this. I am focusing on Nottingham as it is near to where I live so I think that this would be a great starting point. At the moment I am looking at houses only because I understand them more- as I build on my portfolio I would be keen to look at flats at a later stage. My main questions are location specific. I am mainly focusing on Arnold as it seems to have great fundamentals so I have seen some 2 bed terraced houses well within my budget of 150k. I have also seen some semi-detatched but these seem to go very quickly. Another area of interest is NG4/Netherfield region but I have been a bit put off by this due to the selective licensing scheme, which seems like a big hassle and a big cost. I would absolutely love to hear other ideas, particularly anyone who knows the Nottingham area and might be able to suggest good locations or comment on my plan - would be keen to hear any ideas! Thanks
  14. HELP guys, I’m after some advice please, I’m currently a landlord on a house ( no issues at all) but I’m now on the cusp of buying a beautiful flat when I received most of the legal pack from my solicitor. After reading it the seller (+5 others tenants) took the Managing Agent for the landlord to FTT and won in 2016 plus and issue with them in 2018 but it’s not clear what that was about. Basically they were hiring there own company contractors to do minor jobs and charging a fortune! It says there has been a big improvement since but tbh I’m very wary this company will try it on again with MY future tenant! I’ve asked my solicitor her advice but would really appreciate your advice on this dilemma. Do I walk away from Landlord & their Management Company? Many thanks Diane
  15. Hi all, I get my 1st BTL on tues and have spent ages checking out various companies for quotes, is there a company that does them all for a decent price? Buildings & Contents Landlord’s Ins Emergency Cover Public Liability Appreciate any feedback ✅
  16. Hi everyone, I’m Elliott. I’m a newbie to property investment but am 100% committed to building a passive income for me and my wife that will give us more time to do the things we love. I made the decision to return to education as a mature student and graduated from Portsmouth Uni last year with a degree in Property Development which gave me a great ‘textbook’ insight into property investment, so I am now trying to absorb as much ‘real life’ information from podcasts, books and the PropertyHub as possible. Living down in Southampton, my short term strategy is to initiate a Rent to Rent portfolio to help build a cash pot for my own investing. Long term my goal is to steadily build a portfolio of BTL and HMO properties to replace my salary as a Construction Manager. Appreciate this isn’t the most exciting introduction as I have no properties to my name, but I am keen, eager and love talking all things property. I’m new to the forum but if anyone has any advise or hints for starting out, particularly regarding Rent to Rent or investing in or around Southampton area, I would love to hear from you. Many thanks, Elliott.
  17. Hello, I am new to the world of property development and looking for a mentor to guide me through my journey. A little about me: I have recently quit my job as a commercial real estate strategy consultant to become a property developer focusing in residential development in the Peterborough area. I have an undergraduate degree in Architecture, so along with my career in real estate I have some knowledge, but it's lacking on the residential side. I am currently refurbishing a small barn where I will be living, and I am at the very early stage (just starting the design) of a small mixed use development of retail space on the ground floor and six flats above. I have very little budget for both projects, but a willingness (and positivity) to do a lot myself. So if anyone is interested in helping me out, please reach out. Thank you
  18. Hi all, thanks for taking the time to read this. My name is Scott, I’m 32 and I’m from S.Wales. I’m here for advice and to learn about property investment, I’m very much a newbie but know enough to realise I could be sitting on some cash gains if I play my cards right. I currently have around 70k equity in my home. I’m hoping to release about 35k of that 25k for a deposit on a BTL home (100k home in the valleys) and purchase my first investment. I don’t expect to make a fortune from rent just enough to cover the rise on my home mortgage. I plan on doing this by the summer when my current mortgage rate ends. I then plan on remortgaging the BTL in around 10 years to make funds for another. As you can see I’m not expecting to move mountains, just have no money worries in later life and something to leave to the kids if I don’t make it that far ha... Anyway... look forward to any replies from people and making my way through this forum. Thanks
  19. Hello everyone, my name is Nathan, nice to meet you. I am a 27 years old, currently studying to be an accountant and working full time. I have also studied property and investments for a number of years now, but have never had the capital to actually do anything about it. Now I have some capital behind me, I will be applying for my first ever mortgage and hoping to jump on the property ladder within the next 6 months. I have been researching a number of different cities, but Greater Manchester and the Liverpool area seem to be the most desirable for me. My initial plans will be to find a property that could do with some refurbs, update them and try draw equity from adding value, to fund my 2nd property. Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction, I look forward to reading the vast amount of posts and connecting with a few of you. Nathan Andrew
  20. Hello All, About Me: I am a 30 year old looking at getting into BTL for long term growth, have read plenty of material, books, podcasts etc. Being a home owner myself, we bought below market value and have done a refurbishment and added equity to our primary residence although this isn't the particular route i want to go down I learned a lot in the process. I am an Engineer within the Merchant Navy industry and work 3 months on/off so have plenty of time to spend on building my strategy and portfolio. Main reason for post, was supposed to be at the Southampton meet up tonight but cant make it due to illness. That said, is there anyone around the same stage as myself in the Southampton area that might want to connect just to share tips and the odd boost of encouragement along the wya. Would like to hear from you. Keep up the posts guys, its invaluable to us newbies. Regards, David
  21. Hi all, I get my 1st BTL on tue (but no tenants as of yet obvs but hoping to get a letting agency onboard FM) but I keep being rejected by the insurance companies for LANDLORD INSURANCE!! Is this because the house won’t have any tenants/tenancy agreement in place for about a month (hopefully)?? Everything else has been plain sailing. Very frustrating, wanted to get all legal stuff sorted beforehand or am I being to ambitious? cheers Diane
  22. Hi Property Hubbers, Before I begin, I would like to thank the Property Hub team for all the amazing content they produce. So a little about me.... I've worked in the telecom industry for over 9 years after starting out as an apprentice. I embarked on the pointless journey of working my way up through the ranks, and finished in a comfortable senior management role (Cyber Security) before cutting it short. A year and a half ago, I stumbled across the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. This book made me question alot with the current system and the beliefs that I also held in my personal life. In search for the answers, I dedicated large amounts of time to understanding how the system works and gradually decided to adopt the mindset of the 1 % instead of the 99%. I've always known the power of owning property as I have seen it first hand with my parents home, and how powerful capital appreciation can be. Towards the end of 2019, I started my own R2R business with the aim of providing a monthly cashflow to reinvest into purchasing property. I wanted limited risk so I decided to JV with a fellow investor for a fixed monthly return, and that will be totally hands off for next couple of years. In October, I was let go from my employer (Very welcomed ) and this has resulted in me being given a lump sum to invest in property. I have taken the time to listen to the Property Hub podcasts and reading this forum on the key areas to invest. I have chosen Liverpool as my investment area. The main reason is the strong rental demand and the potential capital apprectiation prospect. My Search Criteria: Property Type: 2 Bed + Turn Key BTL (Worst case - Light Refurb required) Mortgageable £60K - £120K 8% Gross Yield Houses ( Flats considered - Dependent on Service Charges/Lease) Tenants: Young Proffessionals & Families Good Rental Demand Capital Appreciation Area (Important) My Key Investment Areas: Dingle Toxteth Bootle I plan to visit liverpool after Christmas to get a feel of the areas and further analyse my key investment areas (shown above). Thanks again for welcoming me to the Property Hub family and look forward to meeting you all along our journeys PS: if there are any P-Hubbers investing in liverpool or live local then it would be lovely to network with you.
  23. Hi, when you’re filling out insurance forms it requires ‘building cost’ but is it not the value you paid for the house? I have no idea how much it would cost to rebuild!! Diane
  24. Hi all, I should be getting the keys my 1st BTL next month and I’m super excited but I’m toying over wether to furnish/part furnish/unfurnish the property. It’s a beautiful Yorkshire stone 2 bed terraced (hardly needs any work) in a lovely area, also the vendor is gratefully leaving the settee, range cooker plus wardrobes. My dilemma is do I leave it as is? Spend more ie washing machine (for which I’d be liable for) beds, tv etc! Id be very grateful for all advice Diane
  25. I have been researching and looking for my first buy to let property and have focused on Nottingham! I have seen a couple of ex-council properties and have been advised by local lettings agents that they would rent out well to families, which is exactly what I am looking for! In terms of numbers, they work well too! The only concern I have is simply just the fact that they are ex council. I know that in terms of renting this isn’t so much of a problem these days, but I am looking for a mix of yield and capital growth- I do not rely on the income, but as it is my first some good cash flow could help me achieve my goals faster! So with this in mind, does anyone have any opinions on ex-council properties and the capital growth, or whether potentially the stigma attached may affect these properties growing in value the same way that a non ex-council house would
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