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  1. Hi, I am quite new to property investment and would love some advice on how to get started. I'm 22 and haven't got much money so I wanted to start off with deal sourcing to build up some funds. Also I wanted to get into Rent -to-Rents and Lease Option Agreements, but am I unsure how to get a landlord to trust me with their property. What would you suggest and are there maybe any other ways that I haven't listed. I'm willing to research many different methods and start acting them out. Both generic and specific advice is very much appreciated. Thanks Michael A
  2. Hi All, I could do with some advice on how to get started on my property investment journey. I am 21 years old, still living at home in North Manchester with my parents and trying to figure out the best way to purchase my first house and a BTL property. I don't have a huge budget to work with so I am trying the make the money I have go further. I don't want to use the money I do have to just buy my first house and then all my wage's go towards paying the mortgage off and not be able to save a penny for my first BTL. The idea I currently have is to purchase a 2/3 bed semi detached house in North Manchester(my local area) which needs a little TLC. The plan would be to renovate the house, move in and rent out the other rooms while I live there. Completing the renovation should increase the property value and allow me to pull some of my initial deposit back out, to then be used towards the deposit of my first BTL. The rental income from the other rooms would also allow me to save the money I would normally spend on the mortgage, this would also go to saving for my BTL property I know this plan isn't perfect and has a lot of variables, this is why I'm asking the Property Hub community for their advice? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Ewan
  3. Hi everyone, I am Stephen 27 Ex Military served in Afghanistan, March 21st 2012 I stood on a i.e.d (mine/bomb). Let’s not be negative now I love my prosthetic leg it makes me who I am. So the property side of life I currently own four 1 buy to let 2 outright and my personal one. Due to personal circumstances I have a credit score so low I can not get a mobile contract I’m in limbo mode of where do I go next to release money to invest into more property. 2020 is about learning so please any information would be great I have attended ppn and hoping to make pin Liverpool Based
  4. I am about to start out in the property world, I would love to end up owning hmos or a lot of properties that allows me to replace my job, however I have a large chunk to invest from inheritence. I would love opinions or ideas on how they would start? I have over 100k to start, would people start by flipping to increase the pot, or go down the buy to let route. Just looking for peoples opinions really, and would you recommend a limited company to start with etc? Thanks, Tom!
  5. Hi Hubbers, I'm Davide from London, I recently started my journey through property investment and put my first buy to let property under contract (South England) which is expected to give me a 12% ROI, pretty excited about that and about the fact that I will be self managing the property, so will be learning how to do that as well. At this point I'm starting to think about my next deal, I have invested a good chunk of my savings in the first property and for my next one I was looking for ways to avoid trapping all the money in the deal, so thought the best strategy for that would be Buy Refurb Refinance Rent. I’ve been studying this strategy for a while and I understand how it works, but I’m struggling with the followings: Areas to invest in: I’m stuck on this, I believe i need to find something that is close enough to be able to coordinate the rehab or at least be present once a week (maybe 1-1.5h from London?) but at the same time it needs to be an area where it will be rending well. Should I carry on investing in South England where my first property is, or perhaps go somewhere in the midlands (maybe in the Bedfordshire area?) Find the property: I get it that the best way is to find off-market deals from owners that have some sort of discomfort and they want to get rid of the property. I looked into direct mail marketing but I can’t find a mailing list and I’m a bit stuck on how to actually execute it, do you create, print, pack and send letters manually or use some service that does that for you? Which service? Connections: How do I find good contractors for the rehab project? I guess they need to be local to the area, so should I ask estate agents and investors in the area for recommendations? I understand all of this might sound confusing but essentially what I need is to speak to people about what I want to do and get feedback/suggestions on the approach I'm taking. Happy to also meet up with investors in order to discuss opportunities and goals. Thanks for your help. Davide
  6. Hi all, This is my first post on here so please bear with me. I would consider myself a newbie in property investment but have been listening to the podcast for the past 6months or so and now I finally want to take action to invest in property but I just feel lost with the vast amount of information available. My situation is that I am 24ys old, I work in London and live with my parent with about £45k saved up. I am lucky in the sense that I can save large sum of my monthly income towards investment. My question is, what strategy would you follow if you were in my situation? I have looked into buying a residential property. Buy residential property (either an apartment or house). I am not sure at the moment but I am leaning towards a 2 or 3 bed house. My plan here would be to buy somewhere in London mainly an area with good transport link to central London. Then rent out the other room(s) to get some income which can pay towards my mortgage. I believe I would be able to afford a property up to £400,000 (since I have the 10% deposit - ~45k). This sounds like a plan but I have some concerns. I don't think I would be able to borrow enough money. For example, lets take an average property in London £400k, with 45k saved up, even with 10% deposit the money that I will be able to borrow from a lender will not cover the £400k as how much you can borrow is hheleavily depended on your income (from what I understand by researching). - My income is only £40k annually so most likely the lender will lend me around £190k (40,000*4.75). So, 190k+45k = £235k (just under half of the house price!!!) How the hell am I suppose to save up for a house like this? Do I just need to make sure I have a higher paying job. For example, if I had a job that paid me £50k instead, I would be able to borrow up to £237k (50,000*4.75) which is significantly higher. Any advice/help is appreciated, thanks!
  7. Hi, My Wife, Melanie, and I are looking to begin our property journey. From being mad obsessive on right move, to reading a Rob D book, to listening to the hub podcasts we have now signed up and booked our strategy call from the end of this month. Currently we are taking in as much e - learning as we can and finding we have a lot to learn !. But i must say we are really enjoying the experience so far and are very excited about the future , although not 100% what that looks like yet We look forward to being involved with property and making a sound future for our family and hopefully a lasting legacy. Our dream is to provide some financial freedom to enable us to see some of the world and provide security for the future, for us, and our children. Craig
  8. Hello everyone and hi Propertyhub Well this feels nice :0) After reading so many intros and listening to a few podcasts on loop the last couple of days (not going down so well in the household), here I am with my humble intro, though hopefully the first of many big steps to come We bought our first house with my wife in 2011 - a 2 bed bungalow in a good part of Woking (great London commuter town) with the view of extending it at a later date. A small, ranch-like semi detached 1920s house with a decent garden. In 2013 we bought our first 2-bed BTL in town centre through remortgaging our main residence and in Oct 2014 a nice 2 bed mid-terrace house followed by remortgaging the first BTL and additional borrowing on our main residence again. We moved into the 2-bed ourselves whilst starting extension works on our main residence, which should have taken 4 months per contract, Last August, after a year of travails, with builders waking out on us, fixing major structural elements missed off the build, me becoming a full time project manager and maximum financial stretch (minus minus minus on every account/ credit card/ family member going) we finally had it done! A 4-bed two storey ueber-modern property which we are so proud of 80% of the debts were paid of when we moved in and took additional borrowing from the bank, with additional funds set to be released shortly on another re-mortgage on the property (God willing!). Having gone through all of that, our intention is to begin to gather momentum on buying additional Below market value properties that can be touched up and let back out. Within 2 years, my goal is to match my working income so that this can become a full time occupation for myself. My dream is to have a substantial property within 5 years that I cold use for non-profit organisation (which I will need some advice on at some point :/ ) for a cause that it dear to me. My best buddies are in the middle of the Rich-dad property courses and are raving about them, though I was amazed at how the knowledge on here compares! I am here to help on many things that relate to the experiences above - I am also in the investment banking world, as a project manager. Hence if people have questions around how to manage expensive projects, I will try my best with plans etc. Do get in touch guys. Really looking forward to it! Best Regards Umut Kandemir
  9. Hi All My name is Jonathan and i'm a first time buyer. Although i've been living in London for almost 9 years, london i thought that it was about time that i'll set out some plans to get a property for investment up north. it seems that i'm getting a bit of the 'analysis paralysis" syndrome as the more i read the less im sure about an area. for example, opening zoopla / rightmove on both rental to check the supply, quality and prices against the asking prices in Manchester for example it's hard not to notice that in many areas such as M14 there are an incredible amounts of properties that are available where probably most of them are empty for a while (or is this just my assumption ? ) On the other hand in the new development sector it seems that a lot of those developers have really tight rules regarding their own lenders, the amount of the down payments high overhead expenses and much more ....which seems a bit limiting what are you experiences in regards to a first time investment properties (location, prices, suggestions etc..)
  10. Hi - I'm Jack, although lots of people know me as Brum - whatever you prefer is best! I have been to a meet up in Manchester and thought that this would help plug the void between contact at events - and enable me to access a number of other people who could help me in my property journey. I found my way here through the podcasts, which I have listened to religiously for a good while now, and made my way through the back catalogue in my long drives up and down the country... this is the first forum I have been a part of so I dont know the manners, so apologies if I make mistakes, just let me know and I'm happy to play by the rules. What you've done in property so far Helped a few renovation projects for friends and family Owned my own house for a number of years and let a room out What areas you invest in (or want to invest in) Looking in the north around established hubs Manchester/Liverpool/Sheffield/Hull/Leeds/York A mix of simple BTL's on houses or Apartments - potentially also looking at LHA to begin with to help with cashflow What your plans are for the future I'm in it as a retirement investment strategy alongside a few other investments Ideally I want to get my cashflow to a level matching my expenses, continue to work and then develop into capital growth markets over 15/20 years I am interested in flipping and also plan on doing some of this if the property is suitable Any skills or knowledge you've got that other members might benefit from I have been in commercial insurance as a senior manager/executive for a number of years and I'm an expert in insurance across a number of industry sectors I am from the Midlands and have good local knowledge of the area - in particular Walsall Wood/Sutton Coldfield/Litchfield I have lived in Manchester for 5 years and have good knowledge of Northeast Manchester near the Etihad/Failsworth/Moston/Ancoats I have a number of reliable tradespeople in my network I phave a netwrok with access to mobile cranes/skips and other machinary in Lancashire Hope to get the chance to catch up with more people soon Best, Brum
  11. Hi, My name's Rob and after buying my own house to live in, I'm now moving onto BTL. I've got experience in setting up a business, so am comfortable with that side of things and with all the information on this site alone, my education is rapidly increasing. Where I'm looking for a bit of a safety net as such is a checklist by which a new landlord can cover off a first BTL. The purchasing process I'm fine with, it's the actual letting. I have sourced a good agent who is assisting, but would appreciate input from the forum. It's going to be a HMO so I know I need to ensure the property has a license for that or I secure one, I know about needing an energy certificate a gas safety cert etc, but does anyone have a 1. 2. 3..... of what they go through to ensure they have everything legally in place to let a property? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi all I'm Nicole, Based in Manchester and looking to start my property journey in my home city. I have some money to invest and been told by many people property is the way forward. My goal is to have a few student properties under my belt in the coming years. I bought my first flat ( first time buyer with mortgage ) in a great student area which i am currently living in. My partner also has a flat in the same building which he rents out to students. We would like to buy a house together in the future but don't want to sell our properties so would like to rent them both out. The only thing I worry about is how this would affect us in the future wanting to buy a house together if we both already have properties but would like to rent them out to provide extra income to help with the mortgage repayments. Do you have to live in the property for a length of time first? Any advice/ strategies or information would be greatly appreciated! I am excited to be part of the property hub community and hopefully document my journey!
  13. Hello PropertyHub, I am brand new to property, and was recently introduced to the podcast. I am currently binge listening all the way from the beginning and learning an immense amount on my commute. After listening to the 2 Robs, all the guests, and the show reviews, I decided to make an account on here to build a network of wonderful helpful people and increase my learning. I am 23, based near Birmingham. I am currently at the research, planning and goal setting stage of my property journey but I am determined to make it to the first purchase and beyond! Any tips, stories or just general chit chat about property and getting started on securing my financial future - please don't hesitate to contact me. I have heard there is a friendly bunch of like-minded individuals around, so am more than willing to chat to people.
  14. Hello my name is Fernando and I live in Essex - Chelmsford and I just discovered the property hub this morning as I'm starting my journey to sow a few seeds for the future and investing in property it seems an excellent choice so I am here to learn from you guys and thank you in advance for your patience Nice to meet you all.
  15. Hi Hubbers! I recently sold my place in Walthamstow and moved back to Chelmsford in Essex to release some capital and start my property journey. My only involvement to date has been as an investor and i'm currently working for a family builder to learn the basics of project management. Initially looking to do flips in the north where i can use cash while I'm learning, then progress into building a BTL portfolio as a pension pot. Would love to meet up with other newbies or experienced investors to discuss strategy, deals, JV's Etc. So please get in touch! Jack
  16. Hi all, Newbie poster here (...go easy on me). I have one property (3 bed house) that I rent 2 rooms in with consent to let from my lender (residential mortgage).I moved away with work, so rent the rooms out whilst I'm away. Consent to let was granted based on this property being my only/main residence. As a result I hope to get tax relief in the form of the Rent a Room Scheme. I will probably switch this onto a BTL when the fixed period ends, and I'll rent the entire property out. I would now like to step further into property investment. My Mum and I wish to go 50/50 on a 2 bed flat, buy to let mortgage. Haven't worked out whether I'd prefer interest only or capital repayment mortgage yet...advice welcomed! I want to ensure I set up this correctly from the start. As soon as I declare income from a 2nd property will I no longer be eligible for the Rent a Room Scheme? How will the 50/50 ownership on a BTL mortgage work, should I set up a LTD company, will the tax changes make the venture unviable...plus many other questions! The Rob's speak a lot about the importance of setting a clear strategy, and being set up 'right' from the beginning. General advice on how to achieve this in my circumstances would be great! James
  17. Hi, I'm 27 and have just given up a career in physiotherapy. In a couple of weeks I will be going back to university to study a Masters in Real Estate. This is a one year course, then after 2 years of working I can sit an exam which if I pass become a chartered surveyor. I realise this drastic change isn't essential but I couldn't face the thought of working as a physio with limited available progression in the long-term. I thought for a little sacrifice (a years hard work and no pay) it will be worth it in the end! I'm hopeful that working around property on a daily basis will not only be more interesting, but helpful in my own property investment. I own my own property (with my husband) but no investment properties yet. We are pro savers but have been happily spending these savings until now - travelling, getting married and buying a house! Hopefully once I get a job as a graduate surveyor we will be able to use all my income to save and put towards properties. We currently have around £15k saved. The plan is to purchase our first buy-to-let property in 2021 (so with a years saving post uni). We would then be able to save for another property after 2 more years. We plan to sit down with an accountant once i'm in a job and work out whether a ltd company is the best route for us or not. In the short-term if anyone needs advice about physio for someone who has had a stroke or a spinal injury then i'm your girl! If you wait a year then I should be able to help with something actually relating to property, i.e. surveying. I'm particularly interested as Crewe and Sheffield as places to invest. I love to read peoples stories about how they started and what they are doing now. If anyone got into property via an alternative route or has any hints/tips about sheffield or crewe then please do let me know Thanks in advance, Helena
  18. Afternoon All! Hi, I'm Ben 18 years old and looking to purchase my first single let BTL in the coming months. I've always had an interest and followed house prices in my home city of Wakefield as my father used to be a landlord in London years ago and had always thought of doing so up North. As a result, there were always property brochures around the house when I was growing up despite my father deciding not to invest in the end. We live just south of Wakefield and are looking to invest in the North and North east of this city as we know it well. There is lots of rental demand here as many professionals commute to both Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester and the area is close to both the M1 and M62. There's also good train links with the East Coast Mainline running through Wakefield too. There are many shops and amenities near by also. If anyone has particular knowledge of the area: Outwood, Wrenthorpe, Alverthorpe and Osset are the main areas I am considering at the moment. The idea is to purchase a property in need of updating as a 50/50 JV with my father, complete the refurbishment and then remortgage 6-months post completion to realise the property's new value with which I can buy out my father. My next steps are finding a mortgage broker to advise on the intricacies of the lending and form a Power Team of local tradespeople, a few of which I know already. I'll also try and make my way to the Leeds meet up in February also! Many thanks if you've taken the time to read this, and if there's any way you think you may be able to advise please let me know! Cheers Ben
  19. Hi, As the title suggests, I am completely new to the property world. However, I recently inherited some money and am considering investing some of it in to property. An initial idea has been to purchase a student house using a buy-to-let mortgage. My short term goal is to gather as much advice and knowledge from you guys on this forum on all things property investment, particularly student buy to lets, and how to get things started. I have been looking into student buy to lets in Sheffield - 4 beds around £250,000. I appreciate that property can be a complicated and challenging investment which is why I want to learn as much as I can before I officially decide whether it is something I have both the time and money to continue with. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you Matt
  20. Hello All, About Me: I am a 30 year old looking at getting into BTL for long term growth, have read plenty of material, books, podcasts etc. Being a home owner myself, we bought below market value and have done a refurbishment and added equity to our primary residence although this isn't the particular route i want to go down I learned a lot in the process. I am an Engineer within the Merchant Navy industry and work 3 months on/off so have plenty of time to spend on building my strategy and portfolio. Main reason for post, was supposed to be at the Southampton meet up tonight but cant make it due to illness. That said, is there anyone around the same stage as myself in the Southampton area that might want to connect just to share tips and the odd boost of encouragement along the wya. Would like to hear from you. Keep up the posts guys, its invaluable to us newbies. Regards, David
  21. Hello All! Over 2019, my partner and I have been educating ourselves about property and all the ins-and-outs of BTL. We have managed to save £30k, and now we need to take the leap of faith and actually start DOING some investment!! I'm the kind of person who has to have a clear plan of action, and I'm really struggling to nail down the process to purchasing our first BTL. After many discussions and considerations, we have decided that buying property as an SPV Ltd company will be the best option for us (both in terms of tax implications, and long-term goals). We would be so grateful if anyone could offer any advice on what order to complete the following steps in: - Set up a Ltd company (Side note - how have people found is the best way to do this?) - Get a mortgage-in-principle (Is this possible for Ltd companies before finding a property?) - Put an offer in on a suitable property - Set up a separate bank account for the Ltd company (Can this be a standard bank account?) - Any other step in the process to purchasing your first BTL as a Ltd company that we have overlooked! Any advice would be very much appreciated! Thank you in anticipation, Hayley and Steve
  22. Hi There, Just getting in to the property Sourcing game. I am able to find BMV deal most I have found is at least 10% BMV properties even after additional cost of fee's etc. Any words of wisdom from any sourcing agents on here would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone is reading this and has a particular interest in the wigan area and surrounding areas as far as liverpool please drop a message and share your thoughts, I am keen to learn what potential investors are looking for. Kind regards, Phill
  23. Hello everyone, I'm Bob, and i'm from Leeds currently working as a Prosthetist (artificial limbs). I'm 33 and for the last 6 months I have been researching property investment as a way to one day reduce my hours at work or even leave work all together as well and building assets for the future. I'm gutted that it has taken me 33 years to learn about the concepts of storing wealth and investing, but i am now doing everything can to achieve my goals. After recently buying my first home with all my savings, i am having to start from scratch to build up a deposit for my first buy to let. I think it will take me between 1 and 2 years, so in the meantime I am trying to listen to every episode of The Property Podcast, watching Youtube videos and reading everything i can on the area. So far i've read 'Rich Dad Poor Dad', 'The Richest Man in Babylon' and 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'. I plan to read Rob's books next. I have done my Property Dreamline and my property goals are: 2 years - Buy first property. One that could be used as a standard Buy To Let or Serviced Accommodation. Aim to buy BMV or add value and then recycle the deposit. 5 years - Net income from property of £1500. 10 years - Net income of £5000. (I should say I have a partner who i will be investing with) I wanted to post this not only as a way to introduce myself, but so I can be accountable, and I also wondered what people thought of my plan? Is it reasonable? Thanks to all in advance and especially to Rob and Rob for a great, down to earth Podcast. Bob
  24. Hey Guys, I am new to Property hub as I have just started looking in the UK market due to the Australian market being incredibly unpredictable, difficult to gain a positive cash flow and potentially heading towards a correction. I would be looking at some small buy to lets to start in the Northern belt of the uk, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool area. Great to meet you all. Thanks, Luke
  25. Hi, My husband and I are looking to invest in property and are looking for a mortgage broker and an accountant to start us on our journey. We are based in London. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have tried those recommended by The Property Hub but the accountants are not taking any clients at this stage.