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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, When people ask why I buy flats in Gateshead it's easy to point out the extremely high yields but i've also been aware of the poor capital growth. I've always hoped that investment in Newcastle would eventually cause the affluence to spill over the Tyne into Gateshead and start to push the prices up there (maybe over the next 10 years or so). Has anyone got any opinions on the likelihood of this happening? I'm conscious that I might be investing in an area where the market value remains stagnant as it has done for the last at least 5 years! All views appreciated, Jordan
  2. Hi All I have a purpose built 2 bed flat on the Gateshead quayside that I've been self-managing whilst letting to friends for the past 2 years. They're moving out and I'm looking for a letting agent to fully manage the property for me, does anyone have any good experience/recommendations for good letting agents in the Newcastle/Gateshead area? Thanks in advance for any help! Tim
  3. Hi All, We are looking to buy our first property using our Ltd Co. that we have set up. We have found a property in need of refurb and we are looking to buy using bridging finance (we do have the cash to buy out right but prefer to use bridging), refurb and refinance later. We have gone to our usual solicitor who has worked for us on a few land and property deals before that have always been straight forward mortgages buying in our own names. However for the first time as a limited company their quote seems to have increased quite a bit (£1,500 +VAT + disbursements for searches etc) and 'guideline timeframe' is just not good enough for quick turnaround purchases. The only thing that is really different is that I said 'buying as a limited company' and 'bridging finance'! The house is only worth £50k. Can anyone recommend a conveyancing solicitor that is experienced in Limited Companies buying using bridging finance that have reasonable fees? Cheers, David.
  4. Hi, I wanted to see if there was anyone on here there involved in developing in the North East. I am about to relocate from London to North Yorkshire and I'm looking to meet developers/property sourcers/JV Partners. The patch I'll be operating is between Newcastle & Leeds. I am planning to attend PIN and HUB Meetups to network. Is there any other networking groups or mentors based in the North East anyone can recommend? Thanks everyone, look forward to hearing from you.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm George Regan and am the director of Prominence Group. I have been investing in property for the past 5 years and have built portfolios in numerous parts of the country. As a company, Prominence Group are a property investment and development company based in London. We provide a bespoke, end to end service to build a balanced property portfolio and maximise long term wealth. We specialise in Buy to Let investments, High Income Strategies (Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO) and Corporate Lets), Capital Investments (Developments, Conversions and creative Purchase Option strategies) allowing us to maximise the use of our funds. We source quality properties across London (inner and greater), the South East, North East and North West of England, with significantly high yields and equity gains built into the purchase price. Prominence also work with clients offering a range of tailored services, from bespoke sourcing for those who want to invest in property, but lack the time or knowledge to do so alone. As well as Joint Venture Partners to assist and enable them to achieve their financial and portfolio goals. We do this by using our experience and skills to source and secure projects of a specific criteria, with the added assistance of project management and tenancy for the best desired outcome. If anyone would like to contact me, get advice on strategies or deals or find out about what we do and or can do together. Please feel free to contact or message below Thanks George J Regan E: info@prominence-group.co.uk Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/GeorgeJRegan/?fref=ts Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ProminenceGroup/?fref=ts
  6. Can anyone recommend a good mortgage advisor in or near Newcastle upon-Tyne or in Richmond (North Yorkshire) ? I'm looking to invest in the north east and would like a local contact to get some advice. Thanks in advance. Andrew
  7. Hi Property Hub, I had a look on the site when it launched and am looking forward to joining the community now it's full steam ahead. I'm at the start of my property journey and I own one property in Newcastle and have bought one off plan from RMP (anyone heard of them? ;-). My goal is to buy two more properties by the end of the year in the North east with my 2 brothers as JV partners. Despite Rob and Rob saying "never invest in the north east" we're doing well on our first property and are confident about taking small steps. Ideally I'd like to meet people with experience in investing in the North East of England particularly in Newcastle and Durham, can anyone point me in the right direction of anyone interesting? I'm looking forward to being involved in this community. Tom
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