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  1. Hi Everyone, I have been trying to get into property for just under a year, learning how to find and package deals for investors. Which i have found to be a great way to learn the ins and outs of property investing! Still a long way to go to reach my goals of building my own portfolio, but pushing forward and learning every day. I have just started as a co-sourcing manager with invest-sourcing, excited to see where this takes me. Share your stories below, I love to hear about peoples journeys. If you is looking to get into deal sourcing and haven't built up your investor list yet or you are already sourcing and looking to co-source, drop me a message or book a call on calendly and we can look at working together, we have a healthy list of investors ready and waiting for your deals! Liam 0151 380 0088 https://calendly.com/co-sourcing/30min Deals@invest-sourcing.co.uk
  2. Hi I'm just in the process of purchasing a first investment property. It needs a light refurb (rewire,new kitchen, bathroom, decoration). Could anyone recommend a building/property services company that specialise in residential refurbs and renovations. I am looking for a 'one stop' service. We will be looking to purchase/refurb 3 properties a year and would like a reliable & reputable company that we could continue to use. Thanks
  3. Hello everyone My name is Mike and im based in Liverpool looking to connect with investors and deal sourcers. Im on the road to getting fully compliant and wanting to source properties for investors who want to invest in the North West for a reduced sourcing fee as im just starting out, and a testimonial which would be very beneficial to me. Eventually I want to invest in property myself when i have a bit more capital behind me and gain some more experience. I have created deal packs/brochures on houses with property comparables, rental demand, sold house history, ROI, Net yield, Gross Yield etc to try and give good information for the investor so if anybody would like to have a look and give me some feedback it would be greatly appreciated. I would love to chat to some like minded people who are interested in the North West area so if this is you please get in contact and even if this is not you and you just have some advice for me again please give me a message it would be great to have a chat. Kind Regards Mike
  4. Good afternoon everyone, I am on my way to becoming fully compliant and want to source some properties for investors so I can build some capital in order for me to become an investor myself in the future. Are there any investors on here looking to invest in the North West area? I am based in Liverpool and have lived in and around Merseyside my whole life so i have a good understanding of the area. Please do get in touch and we can discuss things further. Kind Regards Mike
  5. Hi Guys, I posted early/mid last year suggesting that I could view properties for expat investors and investors down South, and since that post have received a constant stream of clients, so much that I have a website now. https://www.propertyviewernorthwest.com/ Anyone interested just get in touch. Thanks, Neil
  6. Hi everybody, I thought I’d write this to introduce myself and also to provide me with a little bit of motivation, as I expect this community will be great at holding me accountable for my goals. I’m currently in the middle of a live-in refurbishment with my wife and 2yo daughter. We’ve been hit by some tough times over the past three years since we moved in, so nothing has really gone to plan. I’ve been doing most of the work myself-I’m a civil engineering project manager by day and a DIY dad by day-off/evening/occasional weekend. It’s been hard balancing work, dadding, husbanding and DIYing. To date I’ve rewired the flat (had a sparky connect/test and sign everything off), had the external walls insulated, extended the kitchen units to accommodate a dishwasher that I plumbed in (relationship depended on it), stripped out, insulated, plasterboarded and redecorated my daughter’s bedroom, redecorated the dining room, stripped out and rebuilt a nightmare of a shower room (never doing a bathroom again!), had a wood burner installed and have future plans to extend, through the only way possible, with a purpose built garden office room. Admittedly, we bought the house with a naïve perception of how much work it would take to bring the house to where we wanted it to be, but the learning I’ve experienced on this project has helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses, which I now aim to put in to practise with property investments. Our saving grace with our is that we bought well below market value, so everything we do is adding value. We currently live just south of Edinburgh, so I’m interested in investing in the Lothians and into the Scottish Borders. My family home is in Sheffield so I’m using local knowledge and contacts to explore there and the surrounding areas. I also have my eye on Nottingham, Newcastle and my mum’s home town in the North West. Due to the shock death of my dad in 2018 we have a reasonable sum to invest from his estate, with the view to building a business that will support his (currently) four grandchildren as they grow up. More immediately though I aim to provide an income for my mum so that she can afford to retire to where they always planned to, but without tying up all the inheritance by purchasing with cash. The second benefit of a retirement income for my mum will be the ability to release equity from the family home by refinancing and renting out. It’s currently owned outright by my mum, so seems sensible to leverage it to increase income and allow its value to increase over the next period of growth. My plan is to take a BRR strategy utilising my project management and scope definition skills to provide clear requirements for a builder/contractor. Using this with cash purchases, I aim to be able to buy BMV, add value and then release a 10% ROI back to my mum (who will be the main investor). Where I stand right now is research, spreadsheets, research and more research. I have a goal of purchasing the first property in the first quarter of the year with another to follow in the third. I’m basing this on the minimum 6 month period for refinancing, however with buying in cash and refurbishing I expect this period to be shorter, however need to recruit a mortgage broker to discuss this with first. It’s been great reading about everyone’s journey’s and experiences on here, so will keep this updated with my progress. Please feel free to get in touch with advice, questions, critique of my strategy, or just to say hi. Thanks for reading this far! Dan
  7. Hi guys/girls, I have recently had a mortgage valuation carried out on one of my properties close to St. Helens, Merseyside. Unfortunately the news was not good and they found possible timber decay, wall tie failure and indication of dampness. Which to be honest has completely bind sided me. Has anyone had any good or bad experience's with damp specialist in the North West particularly in the Merseyside area? Any help would be great fully received. Cheers, Darren
  8. Hi All, I am relocating to Manchester ( or close enough to access fairlyveasily ) from Jersey, Channel Islands and would like any information on best ( or worst?) areas to look at. I am an artist so easy access to the city centre is important but not necessarily vital as I will travel further if I find the right property and area. I have about 100K cash and would maybe mortgage another 50K max and with my skill set would happily take on a refurbishment project. Im not interested in the city centre flats at these prices as I need more space but I guess for a house I may be priced out of many of the City burroughs. You hear many conflicting opinions about the "posher" or "rougher" (for want of a more polite phrase) areas of the city and although I know I can't afford the high end areas I don't want to end up in the middle of a large estate. That said with lots of regeneration going on maybe some of these so called "rough" areas have a bright future? I have looked outside the city especially Atherton, as I have friends there and this seems a fairly nice area but would be interested in other recommendations in or out of the city - not fussed re schools etc but maybe up and coming areas with a bit of life would be good - if its good for families its probably the sort of area that would appeal. Any help most appreciated as trying to research from so far South is difficult! In advance, thank you for all comments and advice.
  9. Hi Everyone, After years of being interested in properties and also months of listening to podcasts/reading the forum I now feel that I am in a position to buy my first investment property. Firstly, a little bit about me, I’m 34 and married with two young children which means I don’t have a massive amount of spare time on my hands. I’m currently living in Bolton and have done so for the last 10 years. I have good knowledge of the Bolton area and I’m currently researching surrounding area’s such as Wigan and Blackburn. I have approx. £30 000 to invest, my initial plan was to buy one BTL in and around the Bolton area for approx. £80 000 and pay 25% deposit and then after a couple of years invest in a second property and repeat the process every couple of years. However, after speaking to my mortgage advisor he has suggested looking into buying a couple of properties, around the £60 000 mark which to be honest I had not thought would be possible. From spending hours on Rightmove I have found some properties in and around Wigan/Blackburn and Chorley area for around £60 000 and they would probably rent out for approximately £400 per month which would give an ROI of approx. 6-7%. I just wanted to gather some opinions from the great knowledge there is on the forum, whether this model of buying the cheaper properties and renting out cheaper is better than buying the more expensive ones that would rent out for more but still offer the same ROI (if that makes sense). I would also like to make contacts with other members who are investing/looking to invest in and around the same areas. I have been meaning to attend the property hub meet ups in Chorley however with my shift work I have always been unable to attend. Thanks in advance, Rich.
  10. Hi all, We've been building a portfolio of HMOs in the north west for a few years and are now working with 'hands-off' investors helping them to invest - if our values and goals align of course. Our main problem? Finding good deals - getting the right location, size, standards etc (we're very picky), and of course making the time to find them. So, if anyone has any good sources / knows any decent property sourcers or just has the odd deal that you'd be happy to pass on, let me know and we can discuss. Also, I'm keen to network (but the typical networking/sale pitch events are not my cup of tea). For anyone in the Cumbria / north Lancashire area hit me up and lets see if we can start something. A new Property Hub meet up could be a good idea if there's the interest for it. Thanks, Tom
  11. Hi everyone, I'm George Regan and am the director of Prominence Group. I have been investing in property for the past 5 years and have built portfolios in numerous parts of the country. As a company, Prominence Group are a property investment and development company based in London. We provide a bespoke, end to end service to build a balanced property portfolio and maximise long term wealth. We specialise in Buy to Let investments, High Income Strategies (Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO) and Corporate Lets), Capital Investments (Developments, Conversions and creative Purchase Option strategies) allowing us to maximise the use of our funds. We source quality properties across London (inner and greater), the South East, North East and North West of England, with significantly high yields and equity gains built into the purchase price. Prominence also work with clients offering a range of tailored services, from bespoke sourcing for those who want to invest in property, but lack the time or knowledge to do so alone. As well as Joint Venture Partners to assist and enable them to achieve their financial and portfolio goals. We do this by using our experience and skills to source and secure projects of a specific criteria, with the added assistance of project management and tenancy for the best desired outcome. If anyone would like to contact me, get advice on strategies or deals or find out about what we do and or can do together. Please feel free to contact or message below Thanks George J Regan E: info@prominence-group.co.uk Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/GeorgeJRegan/?fref=ts Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ProminenceGroup/?fref=ts
  12. Just wanted to introduce myself, having stumbled across Rob n Robs fantastic Property Podcast and subsequently ending up on this forum... So, a bit about myself... Recently found myself at a crossroads in life and recent events have prompted me to look at life in a totally different way. Always fancied the idea of a property in the Lake District (Cumbria), which myself, family and friends can get the benefit from, whilst also renting it out to cover the funding of the mortgage etc. And so began my research into the area. Due to the increased property prices in Cumbria, I brought my search closer to home (Preston, Lancashire) and found a suitable holiday let. I have now put my current property on the market, with a view to downsizing and freeing up some cash as a deposit on my chosen holiday let. With all this in mind, started to carry out some research into property investment, which brought me to the Property Podcast. I am now an avid fan and am currently working my way through all the episodes from the very start, hopefully catching up to the current episodes very soon... As a complete novice, I have already learnt loads and hope to learn even more from Rob n Robs great information sources, prior to making my first property investment purchase. In the future I plan to purchase a residential rental property and maybe more as time goes by... I look forward to chatting with some of you in the future, Michael
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