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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I am looking for someone who may have some experience with the best ways for an overseas investor (with UK Passport) to invest in property. Assume a Ltd company makes sense! Other thoughts are around mortgages, banks accounts etc. Any help really welcome Kind Regards Mike
  2. Hello everyone, I am looking to sell my property in York. I moved to Australia three years ago and I'm looking for a reliable solicitor that can handle the legalities on my behalf and who can work remotely and completely online, as I will not be returning to the UK in the near future. There is no outstanding mortgage on the property and the tenants have recently left so it should be a straightforward process with no chain. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance, LJ
  3. Hello everyone. I am buying a property in Italy through my UK limited company and I would like to understand what are the tax implications and rules for compliance. I have spoken to both an Italian accountant and a UK accountant and the messages were surprisingly discordant, which worries me (a lot). According to the Italian accountant, the company should pay taxes from the rental income in Italy. Its UK counterpart, however, told me exactly the opposite. A UK company should pay the taxes in the UK and the only additional thing to consider would be the fluctuations in the exchange rates. Is there anyone here that can help me? Also, can you recommend a good UK accountant / tax expert who specializes in Real Estate but can also manage the accounts for my other consultancy business (not property related)? My current one is OK for my consultancy business but not at all property expert, so I am considering moving all my accounts to someone more suitable to my personal needs. Thank you! Best regards, Gian
  4. Hello everyone, My name is Ugnius and I am currently living in the Netherlands where I am looking for property investment opportunities. I would love to meet people that are interested in property investments in the Netherlands and maybe have a chat over few pints of beer. Drop a line if you are also in the Netherlands and you are interested in property investments.
  5. Hello fellow hubbers I'm considering going on a spending spree all the way from Australia, and for the life of me can't find any information on how to go about getting help with the viewing process from overseas/remote locations. I know this game is mostly about "who you know", and I know that investors have trusted friends/agents, and part time resources, but how does one locate a trusted source. If any of you have any recommendations, or advice, that would be much appreciated. For what it's worth, I'm looking at Manchester and the other tier 1 regions in the so-called Northern Powerhouse. Help. Please! Cheers AB
  6. Hi, I’m a South African living in Amsterdam. I have a few properties in Johannesburg and would like to extend that to the UK. I’m in the process of buying my first in UK and looking for options to get finance from this side of the channel for the next one. :-) ps. Anyone else from The Netherlands around?
  7. Hi fellow hub members, I'm a fairly long-term landlord who moved to Australia several years ago, and am considering my options for building a retirement plan. There are options available, but I am investigating getting back into the market and expanding my portfolio from a distance. I currently own one property in London, and am looking for a balanced portfolio, but am having challenges building a team. I have found myself a broker (yay!) but have joined the forum to see if I can find 1) The best way to structure future purchases given recent tax changes AND my dual location (personal vs company) 2) Establishing a relationship with a reputable, trustworthy and recommended solicitor My job today is to start reading the forums to see what I can find...... Hope to see some of you inside.... AB
  8. Hi all, I have a Hungarian property, which I rather foolishly bought in the mid-noughties. Maybe one day I'll write a book on all the things that went wrong, and why I wouldn't recommend it! I've been unable to sell it, and having negotiated with the lender for us both to basically cut our losses a deal has been agreed. My problem is, I need a Hungarian lawyer to act for me as well as a Hungarian "delivery agent" as much of the paperwork (which was previously dual-language) is now coming solely in Hungarian! I'm not sure if they can be one and the same person. My previous lawyer has seemingly abandoned me, and the bank's recommendation won't even take my calls or reply to my emails. I need someone who can speak to me in English, and act for me in what should be a fairly straightforward transaction... Help!!!??!!?
  9. Hello, I am looking for getting advice from a mortgage advisor that will accept a skype call. I am currently living in Berlin but I am a UK resident. I am currently saving 1500euros a month and will be starting investing in property in 24 months. I would like to ask how I can set myself up best to get a mortgage in the future and explain my strategy a little bit. Thank you in advance for your help, Martin
  10. Hi, I am looking at diversifying my portfolio through investment in property in Berlin. I recently read Rob Dix book and came across Mat Smith story and how he got into Berlin properties and then pulled out. I was looking to contact him but couldn't find him on the forum. With controlled rent in Berlin it is interesting to see the difference between tenanted and non-tenanted apartment. You can get 30% price increase once the tenant leave (you cant move it out yourself though). My knowledge is limited and I was wondering if anyone has some experience with that market? thanks Antoine
  11. I have just inherited some money from the sale of my parents house. I am very new to the property market but in my search for houses via RightMove, I have had several people I know who live near me in Doncaster say that they would love to be my tenants, That is great, but another friend has offered me his house in Hungary for a fraction of the cost of house prices in UK. I have checked out house prises in his area and it is at a reasonable price and it it is close to a large city. Not sure if my first house that I buy should be overseas where I have no tenants (but letting agents could help) or buy close to home where I know the tenants?
  12. Hi all, I'm helping Polish investors to buy a BTL in England. They've asked me about paying tax from their rental income. So I googled it, read a lot on HMRC website, but it is still not clear for me. Please help me to understand. How I understand it is that non resident landlord can apply for "approval to receive rental income with no tax deducted" 1. If Polish landlord doesn't apply for the approval, a lettings agent will calculate the tax on 20% rate and pay the tax to HMRC. 2. If non resident landlord gets the approval and informs lettings agent about it then he will get gross rental income paid by the agent. But what's next? Is the landlord then obligated to complete a Self-Assesment Tax Return? Will he get £10000 tax free Personal Allowance then? There is a "Convention between the UK and Poland for the avoidance of double taxation". Does it change anything? Thx in advance for any help.
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