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  1. Hello, I was looking to get some, advice from anyone about the property business. I am very new to property and don't know much about it or where to start, however I do have a growing interest in it. Open to any advice or suggests that you may have. Many thanks
  2. It's no secret that leveraged property investment has been very lucrative in recent decades, but people have been made bankrupt as well, especially in 2008. I'm trying to get to grips with how people with larger portfolios sleep at night with lots of mortgage debt to their name. Let's say I have one Buy-To-Let worth £200k with £150k debt against it and it's held in an SPV with a 20% personal guarantee (PG). The most I can lose personally is 20% of debt, so £30k. This isn't too scary, unless I've spent all my money it probably won't bankrupt me and it's not an insurmountable amount of money to rebuild. Anyone hoping to grow big though is going to one day end up with much more debt than this, perhaps they will end up with 20 of the same property, worth a total of £4M with £3M debt and the same 20% PG. Now they are personally liable for up to £600k! That's a much scarier amount. I can think of a few ways investors might justify these risks and I'd be interested to get your thoughts. A) prices will never fall more than 25% and so negative equity will never occur, and if the property needs remortaging at this price (which won't be possible without putting new money in because of the new value) then it can be easily sold to cover the debt. B ) before prices get anywhere near dropping by 25%, the government will step in to support the housing market C) The investor has sufficient other assets to cover any insolvency in their property portfolio I get the impression that a lot of people are either not thinking about this risk or thinking of A and B. In my eyes at the moment, only C is really that safe. If the properties are held personally or with a larger PG, then much more is at risk. As an investor grows their portfolio, they might be under the impression that they are unstoppable, but if they keep up a mortgage LTV of 75% across their portfolio, they are no more safe against bankruptcy than someone with a single property, and in fact have more to lose. Please let me know what you think, do you have a way to mitigate against these risks? Am I missing something? Thanks
  3. Hi guys so my journey in to property has taken a bit of a wild one, I am now managing about 5 properties with some family members and need advice on best way to insure them going forward. As the properties are in different names (all one family) would putting all the properties under a SPV be a good option in terms of getting discount for all being under same name? If not who would you recommend for several insurance deals (2 properties per person)? Had a little look online but as always I try to get the opinions of the guys in here.
  4. Hi, I'm just in the process of re-mortgaging one property in my portfolio which has come to the end of its term. We're looking to borrow just under 70k which is 75%LTV. The bank are asking for the following information which I think is vastly over the top: Business plan Cashflow forecast Original source of wealth to buy properties Latest accounts (fair enough) Interested to hear others thoughts on this. I think if we were looking to borrow a million it might be justified but just under 70k? Seems extreme. Looking forward to any comments Jon
  5. I currently have 2 buy to let’s on individual buy to let mortgages with the mortgage works. I plan to buy at least two or three more houses in the next year. It seems that most lenders offer portfolio products for landlords with 4 or more buy to let’s but I’m struggling to find out how these products would differ from individual mortgages and what the rates would be. Does anyone here have experience of such products that could offer some advice? Obviously I have asked my mortgage broker but I get the feeling he has not done a portfolio product before and isn’t offering much constructive information. Many thanks, Greg
  6. Hi All! I am super keen to build out my small BTL portfolio in Leeds. I found a stunning new build of townhouses but the developers say they won't sell to BTL landlords - is there any way around this? If not, does anyone have some advice of new builds/areas in Leeds city centre where I should be looking? Ideally 2/3 bed, unqiue feature(s)? Thanks in advance Nick
  7. 3 major Benefits of a diversified Investment Portfolio: Minimizing the risks: If one investment performs poorly over a certain period, other investments may perform better over that same period, reducing the potential losses of your investment portfolio from concentrating all your capital under one type of investment. Capital Preservation: Not all investors are in the accumulation phase of life: Some who are close to retirement have goals oriented towards the preservation of capital, and diversification can help protect your savings. Better Returns: Sometimes investments don’t always perform as expected, by diversifying you’re not merely relying upon one source for income.
  8. Hello I just had a really useful meeting with my mortgage broker, we discussed our long term plans. He has suggested that we should calculate our finances to use mortgages at 65% loan to value as he said once we become portfolio landlords (owning 4 or more properties) then mortgage companies will look for 65% average ltv across our whole portfolio. I just wondered if this is correct? And how others manage this? I have done all my planning calculation on 75% ltv and this obviously makes a big difference. We are setting up a limited company in case this makes a difference. Would really appreciate any advice. Thanks Lisa
  9. New PRA Buy To Let Changes come into effect on 30th September 2017 affecting Portfolio Landlords. In September 2017 the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) will bring in new rules affecting portfolio landlords. Buy-to-let mortgage lenders will have to complete a total portfolio assessment for any landlord with 4 or more properties. Choosing the right buy-to-let mortgage lender now requires a lot more consideration and careful calculation to ensure you are using the most cost effective mortgage product from the lender offering the right rent to loan calculation. In addition lenders are asking for a lot more information such as your portfolio, cashflow forecasts and business plans! More information here: https://foxdavidson.co.uk/pra-btl-changes-september-2017/ If you've any questions drop me an email.
  10. Hello all I am brand new to this site having only just signed up moments ago. I am a mortgage and protection adviser operating in South Wales but have travelled to across the UK to see clients where needed or operate over the phone. Whichever suits. Looking to build my knowledge and also help others where possible. Thanks for reading Jordan
  11. Hey All, I am just about to begin investing in my own property portfolio. I have now saved enough for a deposit on my initial buy-to-let property (at last). I work for a property developer specialising in student accommodation on a national level. I am a chartered project management surveyor with the RICS. So, I have plenty of relevant experience in developments with GDV's ranging from £1m up to over £100m. Currently, I am managing two projects in Sheffield due to complete in September 2017. One a 63 bed studio apartment development, and the other 130 bed development of studios and cluster apartments. I am seeking some local knowledge of the Sheffield buy-to-let market in exchange for a coffee, and the sharing of some of my own knowledge. Please do get in touch if you are interested. Even if it is just for a general chit chat. Cheers all, Josh
  12. Hi there, I'm looking to speak to people who have started property portfolios in the North of England. I'm from Hull originally and still regularly go back there because my family are still there. I'm interested in that area but also the rest of Yorkshire and the North West. I'm in the process of trying to work out which strategy would be best for me as I live in London but I'm ready and able to invest in 2 to 3 properties in the next 12 - 18 months. I'm particularly interested in speaking to people who have done refurbs, HMOs, multiple property portfolios, investing in areas they don't live in, or all of the above. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello everyone, I'm a part-time property investor based in Lanarkshire, Scotland with 7 properties between me and my wife. Looking to get building my portfolio but currently not overly cash-rich (one day hopefully). My portfolio currently ranges from a 1 bed flat to a 4 bed villa. Recently I have had two extensive refurbishment project which have been thoroughly enjoyable (at times stressful) to do. Also have a full time job as an Optometrist, so property is a great change of scenery! Ive just started listening to the podcasts which are great. Going back through some of the older episodes to make sure I haven't missed anything! I would be keen to attend any meet-ups planned nearer my neck of the woods? Keen in general to build my network, especially anyone who can help build my portfolio despite my cash poor but asset rich (richer) position. Thanks Mark
  14. Hello from Sussex! Happy to help with any Letting & Property Management queries. I have worked for Allsop Residential Investment Management for 10 years and Leaders The Rental Agents for 3 years. Now set up on my own Letting & Managing properties around Sussex ARLA Qualified NFOPP Level 3 Technical Award
  15. As a tax efficient method i intend to distribute my future portfolio between my wife and i this way keeping us both under the 40% tax bracket and therefore allowing us to offset more mortgage interest and also keep more rental income profit. However i was wondering if our circumstances were to change e.g. one of us began to earn more money with our day jobs and began to push the 40% tax bracket. How easy is it to transfer property from one to the other to keep us both under the 40% tax bracket and maintain efficiency?
  16. Hi and thanks for welcoming me into your group ;-) I'm property to the core having sold over 10,000 houses as an agent before concentrating on property auctions, development and investment. I currently own a multi service property business including 'Auction House Scotland' the 'Glasgow Property Agency' and we have a specialist broker for mortgage products for investors. I'm happy to help people in any of these areas so feel free to message me ;-) As a trader I'm interested in deals for my property funds...... I've bought 250 properties in the last 18 months and we're looking for more. Strategically Scotland has been my patch but I'm now looking looking south for stock. Happy to buy single units or portfolios at the right price. I'll try and help people where possible so please get in touch if I can do anything? Ross
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