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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I have seen this detached house in Gorsgoch SA40 9TE on John Francis website for auction, and I have seen this house, my question is that I haven't bought a house in Wales before are there any different rules? I know they don't have stamp duty but have a cheaper land tax but apart from that are there any restrictions? The house has a new roof and plans for a loft conversion (2 extra beds and a bathroom). Any advice? Thanks JL https://www.johnfrancis.co.uk/pages/auction_property?lid=160083
  2. Hi, I'm based in London and looking to potentially do a refurb project in the North. I'm keen to put a project manager/ managing agent in place to monitor and drive the project through to spec and timely completion. Any ideas on where/how one would source such an individual?
  3. Hi Everyone Long time reader but first time poster looking for advice about a potential career change. Bit of background on me... currently working as a project manager for a consumer goods company and have 3 years project management experience in a business setting. In property terms I project managed my parent’s new build home and so far one project of my own; the extension and renovation of my current property which I’m in the process of flipping. Fallen out of love with the 9-5 and want to take my property ambitions full time. Until I can build up the capital to generate enough rental income I’m looking to use my project management skills and help others with their projects. Target customers would be investors looking to refurb properties to flip, refinance or just add value who are perhaps time poor, based elsewhere or just don’t want the hassle of managing trades and projects but want the benefit of valuation gains. Questions I’m looking for help on: 1- Is there a demand for such services? 2- Is my background and experience enough to be taken seriously? 3- what would a reasonable fee be for such services? I’ve seen % of total spend mentioned but that seems conflicting if a project manager is trying to limit the budget. Thanks for reading and appreciate any comments.
  4. Hi, I Hope everyone is doing well! Im new to this community and i was hoping to gather some priceless advice from you Guys! Im completely new to the property adventure and i was hoping if you guys could answer a few of my questions. Five of my family members (including myself) are looking into investing in a property together, prefebly a BTL. Now as none of us currently own a property i want to find out what our best option is. 1. Would it be a better idea to form a ltd company as there is 5 of us and take out a BTL mortgage under the ltd company ? 2. If we decide to put two names on the BTL mortgage, what are the chances of us getting accepted, if the two individual's have never owned a property, and would this effect their first time buyer privileges. Im still learning so if any of that made much sense ill be looking forward to your replies. Thanks guys!
  5. Hi guys, I'm based in London and will be undertaking a refurb project up North (Leeds) very soon. I'm looking for all your advice/methods/tips etc- for effectively managing a refurb project remotely (keeping tradesmen on track, quality control, etc). Aware that it'll be a challenge, but any advice from seasoned individuals would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I live in London, and am about to start investing in property in the North (I'm relatively new at this). Depending on what deals I find, I may wish to refurbish them to add value. - When it comes to builders, how feasible is it to manage a building project from the other side of the country? - To what extent do I need to be physically present? - How would the builders get access to the property without me being there with the keys to let them in? - If I needed to pay someone to keep an eye on the builders and let them in, what kind of people should I be looking for? It'd be good to hear stories from people who have done this kind of thing before. Cheers!
  7. Hello all. I have a project with 3 stakeholders (property owner, builder & myself) and I need to structure a legally binding deal to ensure clarity or purpose and ensure everyone is paid. The project is to build an apartment on an existing property. The property owner already has planning permission but can't afford the build cost. I have a builder friend who will do the work and get paid either through refinancing or sale of an apartment (there are already 6 other apartments in this large block). Does anyone have any experience or advice for setting up this type of deal and/or using an SPV (special purpose vehicle or company) for this purpose? Many thanks. Chris
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