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Found 10 results

  1. Hello! I've never used a property sourcing company i was wondering if someone could give me some info on how to find them, work with them and figure out what the usual fees involved are ? I am interested in sourcing property in Leeds and potentially Liverpool and Glasgow. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hello I need help finding property in and around the Southampton area. If anyone knows any "property sourcing" companies in the area? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi everyone I'm currently getting my deal packaging business started. Should I be looking to get a list of investors before I search for the deals or should I find the deals first to then attract the investors? I have read that I should build my investors list first and then find the deals. However, I have also been told that serious investors (which is who I want to attract) will want to see previous deals and trading I have done before they work with me. Any advice on which I should approach first, investors or sellers? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone. I am keen to get started in my investing career. Before I begin purchasing investments for myself, I am aiming to source deals for other investors. I would like to know more about property sourcing as I am very much a beginner. A few things I would like to know include: - What information should I gather from potential investors? i.e. areas they are interested in, types of houses/flats, number of bedrooms, strategy. - What do I need to budget for? - How to avoid being cut out as the middle man when the investment opportunit
  5. Call me boring, but I love anything property! Started as an apprentice and have worked my way to a branch manager of a busy estate agents in Liverpool. I have bought my own property and to help with payment I'm looking into renting out a spare room. Eager and determined to get another and build a portfolio, I need ways of sourcing money and property is something I feel comfortable with and is my second life. So coming across property sourcing may just be the next step for me. Is there anybody on here who already does this and if so what advice could you offer?
  6. Dear All I am interested in purchasing a buy-to-let somewhere in Manchester where I am originally from. I have done quite a significant amount of reading on property investment but I know this is just the beginning of a long, arduous journey. No doubt there will be a few ups and downs along the way. Being so far away I can't help but think of using the services of a property sourcer, such as Assetz and Sequre, although I understand they charge an upfront fee for each purchase. Assetz has presented me with an opportunity to buy a studio (62k) or one bedroom apartment (78k) in Stockport
  7. Hello to everyone, Hope all of you are well despite this strange cold weather in May. I am relative new to the industry, however have gained knowledge and experience in Finance and Investment and extensive customer service. This is what I am bringing to the property sourcing sector. It is often discouraging to see sourcers who perhaps mean well, not listening to you and your situation. Whilst searching an investment opportunity recently for a relative of mine, I consistently came across property sourcers who will take in your information and your requirement but will disregard that
  8. Hi all, My girlfriend and I are looking to start in BTL and are based in the South East in the heart of Kent. I am drawn to high cash flow properties rather than speculation on property values so as a result I often find myself looking at properties in Nottingham, Leeds etc which seem to have better yields and I have some experience of (Uni). However, if I could find yields nearing 10% in Kent at all I would be very keen to get involved with something more local, but my local property knowledge is poor from an investor point of view. Does anyone out there have any advice on areas w
  9. Hi Everyone, My in is Paul and I'm from York. I'm a British expat in Beijing where I have been living for the past 2 years. I've been working for a company for investment and immigration company in Beijing. Like many people on here I'm tired of the rat race and what to peruse financial independence and I hope to leave my job January 2015 when my contract ends. Recently I've just started my own part time property sourcing company, that sources hands off investment properties to Chinese. My website is www.daoziguoji.cn There is a big demand for Chinese who want to bu
  10. im a 19 year old boy from south east London looking to get into the property game heavy and really need some help. My Situation Im new to all of this and i have recently been told that you don't need any cash or credit to get started. you just need to learn how to make connections, crunch numbers and get detailed information. If somebody is looking for a property to buy or rent you just play the middle man and find it for them and take your cut. im aware this is called property sourcing but there isn't any courses or apprenticeships i can take to get my feet wet. I really have a p
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