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Found 11 results

  1. So, looking highly likely, that I will not achieve my 2020 goal which was simply to add 1 further property to my portfolio as part of my 10 year plan. Not for want of trying mind!!! COVID has made and continues to make things a lot more challenging and now as many other Hubbers have reported, since restrictions have eased, the market has gone crazy with people paying over the odds for many properties that are on the market. Like others, I am now holding my cash in the hope of a dip in the second or third quarter of next year, so looks like a will fail to meet my 2020 goal. Frustrating to be h
  2. I’ve just agreed to purchase a property with a tenant in situ. Having only previously purchased with vacant possession I’ve been on the hunt for a list of documents/info for my solicitor to request from the vendor. My solicitor is good so would have no doubt picked up on some of these, but I suspect not all. I think this may be a useful resource for others, what with there being a fair few properties being marketed with tenants in situ. Here’s the request list I plan on sending to my solicitor: · Tenancy Agreement (AST) · Right to rent entitlement, status an
  3. Hello :) Im in a bit of a head-spin, so would really appreciate thoughts and advice. In May this year I had an offer accepted on a new-build 1 bed in Homerton East London. It was a long process of getting my mortgage offer, and its just come through this week (19 oct). I was abroad with my work since May and have just returned to London the same week as the mortgage offer came through. I was expecting to smooth sail straight into the final stages of completion/exchange but after a visit to the property yesterday (the first since it was fully completed) I left feeling very unsure. Backgrou
  4. Hi, I am currently in the process of buying a leasehold property and have received the Property Information form from the seller's solicitors. Under the leasehold property information there have been a number of breaches (7 in fact) ranging from 2 years to 21 years ago. These breaches include 'laying a patio' and 'erected fence around the garden'. I appreciate these are not serious breaches however they are breaches nonetheless and I wondering if there would be any repercussions from the Freehold owner, or whether there is a time limit on such breaches to be acted upon? Should I be
  5. Hi hubbers, I would love your advice. Quick background - I own one BTL and own an apartment where I live. I'm ready to buy a small home with a garden and intend to put my apt up for rent. After an extensive property search I have found a beautiful small detached period property in a nice area. Full of charm etc. The property was owned by an elderly lady who took great care of it but it does need modernisation. I hope to knock through the living room, dining room and kitchen into one and put patio doors in. It is a 2bd plus one box room btw. The
  6. First thanks to @rob bence and Rob Dix for the awesome content of TPP228: TIPS TO SAVE AND MAKE YOU MONEY. The tips on the freeholders charge for a subletting fee was amazing. I am in the process of a re-mortgage now and have been hit by two fees; one from the leaseholder and the other from the property manager for a "Lessors notice fee". One is £48 pounds which while not ideal I can take the other is £162 which doesn't seem "reasonable" as the letter of the law states. I am wondering if anyone has any templates or court cases which are similar to the sub letting fees
  7. Hi Having bought a leasehold flat with my parents a couple of years ago I recently started looking at how I could create a property portfolio, having been reinvigorated by the property podcasts. Just as I start looking into this a come across my first potential issue with my existing leasehold flat, a Section 5A right of first refusal from my landlord to purchase the freehold. My understanding is that, assuming sufficient leaseholders are interested in taking advantage of the offer, we can purchase the freehold from the landlord. If not, the landlord can sell the freeho
  8. I am renting at the moment while looking for a suitable flat to buy (failing that i will have to rent). My question is: Once I have found the flat to buy how long will the whole process take to complete the transaction (from start to finish). This will help me to plan and consider when to hand in my notice. Thanks
  9. Hi, We have purchased a 1 bedroom flat for 41,000GBP. Valued at 50,000GBP and others being sold for 50,000GBP in the area. We got 1,500GBP reduced from the price on our offer. It was a cash purchase and no finance is on the property. Flat condition is good, needs appliances and new paint but was in good condition. All plumbing and heating are in working condition. Really good conditon report from the surveyor also. All in all we will have purchase, lawyers fee and new appliances and upgrade for under 44-45,000GBP. We are going to let it initial
  10. Have never read about this but what's your view on using household/contents insurance payout to 'add value' by refurbishing then selling on ? Been interested in purchasing a property near the Thames that will be a home / not an 'investment'. In 2004 the area was flooded, and asking the agent showing the property how much of the property was flooded his response was just the hall...... 6 weeks on after getting a mortgage offer accepted, instructing solicitors etc I find out from another agent ( he wasn't interested in marketing the property ) that several rooms were flooded and their insuran
  11. Dear All What thoughts do you have on the percentage of flats that have been rented in a block to the number that have been bought privately? Good points / bad points? Should there be an even mix? What happens if there is a drastic leaning one way or the other, and does it matter? Also - Is there an easy way to determine the percentage split, short of asking local agents? Many thanks
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