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  1. Hi Everyone I've recently started my property education journey and I'm keen to know what resources you listen to/read on a regular basis that help inform your decisions. For example, press releases, various housing reports, government info, lending, banking, taxes etc. I know that traditional media is not necessarily a great resource so I'm keen to get under the skin of the industry a bit, and would love your help! Thanks so much, Lindsay
  2. Just wondering along with the normal zoopla and rightmove etc apps, what are the best apps people have found for property? In terms of education? sourcing? law? tenants, tradesman or even property games? Looking for some other ways to better my education from my smartphone. cheers Phil
  3. A total geek-out for The Robs this week as they're both bookworms. This week they take a look at non-property books which can make you a better investor, and this is well worth checking out. Rob B gives us a brief teaser of his first investment of the year, more to come on that in a future episode! Listen to The Robs at the Tropical MBA Podcast Our favourite podcast other than this one has to be the Tropical MBA Podcast and if you haven't checked it out yet then why ever not? Now is a great time to dive into this one though as you can listen to Rob and Rob in conversation with TM
  4. Hi All, My name is Hardeep Toor, I am 25 from London. I have been looking to buy my first property for the last year or so and have accumulated a tidy deposit to that effect. I am looking to buy this property to live in for the short term, but to put on the BTL market in the long term. I currently live in West London, and ideally want to have a property not too far from family and friends, and therefore looking at areas in Berkshire for my first property venture i.e. Slough/Reading. I currently work for an Engineering firm and I am heavily involved in large UK Infrastruct
  5. Hey people and an immediate thanks to the two Rob's for this platform. Complete property novice here looking to soak up knowledge and advice to formulate my own investing strategy. Cutting a long story short, i came into some money about 5 years ago when i lost my mum to cancer (save it for X factor i know) and chucked it away since then in a fixed rate saver. While thats been tucked away i held a job as a self employed personal trainer and tried my hand at private investing on the side. Fortunately managed to make progress at that and as you start to get the picture i have some c
  6. Dear All, I hope you are keeping well. Newbie investor seeking out a recommendation for a letting agent to use for a single let BTL in Reading. Any tips would be much appreciated! Thanks, RT.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm an accidental landlady of 2 years - renting out my former family home after losing my husband. What I learnt during that process was what works for your own home (huge garden, complicated eco heating system and vintage kitchen) certainly does not work for a rental...finding tenants was tricky, keeping them over the cold winter months even harder. Despite that I enjoyed the income in provided, I enjoyed the management, dealing with with people and the contrast it provided to my day job (self-employed designer and brand consultant) so over those two years I decided that
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