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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all. I am wanting to get a mortgage on my unencumbered property (value 750 k) at 60% LTV to release 450 k for investment purposes. I would then like to give a directors loan to my investment company to invest into BTL. I don’t see any issues with the high street lenders allowing me to do get a mortgage BUT will they want to know why ? Surely this is irrelevant as long as I’m able to meet their income and credit rating profile. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello everyone im looking to purchase a terraced property for approx 70K CASH. doing a little refurb on it to lift the price. I then want to refinance ASAP and within six months. does anyone have experience refinancing after refurbishing through a LLC? Does the “six month rule” apply? Can anyone recommend a mortgage broker that has helped refinance a property with an LLC within six months? cheers Paul
  3. Hi, Has anyone had any experience on refinancing from a single occupancy dwelling into a HMO? The plan simply is to turn a single occupancy property into a HMO and pull the money out after a period of time to do the same. The deal would be done through a LTD company, so if there's any further advice to add to this situation it will be gratefully received. TIA Mike
  4. Hi this is my first post on here so excuse me if this has been covered at all. I tried to find the information before posting but couldn’t see much. We are in the process of refinancing a property through a limited company and have kind of ground to a complete halt since the lockdown. Our mortgage was approved we were just waiting on the valuation which we payed for initially only to have a call to say they’ve refunded our payment and no valuations can take place. Is the true for all lenders that no valuations are happening? The property is empty it’s just been refurbished we could place the keys in a lockbox for a contactless transaction and the valuer could peruse are their pleasure alone. Now I’m not sure how it works with the valuers if we can find one that is willing do they have to be approved by the mortgage company etc? Any help would be appreciated
  5. Hello I'm a business management Graduate with a good knowledge of locations in Brighton, Guildford, Farnborough and London. I do not own property yet and I'm a newbie in the arena. I've been reading up on property for 12 months and have some capital; now I am trying to figure out what my strategy is but i'm not yet sure what the best route/ best locations are for me. My current ideas A) Serviced accommodation in Brighton or elsewhere 2 -3 BTL properties in Manchester or Liverpool Buy 3 bed BMV in London (Looking at areas in zone 2-3 with new crossrail stations set to open) Live in and modernise swiftly Rent out the two other rooms Refinance the property & withdraw funds Repeat the process My goals: To reach a net cashflow from property of 4k per month within the next 1 - 5 years (Ideally ASAP) Grow my account Hoping to find some sound advice in the community and will reciprocate where/ when i can. Look forward to speaking along the way! James
  6. Good morning, I exchanged on a off plan flat in January 2017. It is currently being built and is due for completion in summer 2018. With the BMV deal say 10-15% and a year and half's price growth. The flat at completion should be 30k ish more than when bought. (exchanged, deposit only) Upon completion and full approval of mortgage can I now finance at the higher price and take back some money before I even start renting it out? Would really appreciate any advice, As i would Ideally like to not have to wait every two years to refinance. Thanks Jonathan
  7. Hello property hub, many thanks for all the great advice on here. Such a wealth of knowledge, I really appreciate it. Just a quick question, we are looking to refinance on our current residential property and have been told we can take out £40k in equity. We are living in Dulwich in SE London at the moment, with a 2 bed first floor split level flat. Would it be best to invest the £40k in a buy to let in the north or use the planing permission we have on our current property to add and third bedroom and bathroom to increase the value of our residential property which can then be used for a buy to let when we sell or refinance in 2 years following? Many thanks for all the help. Jez
  8. Hi guys, I recently moved back from New Zealand, and I’m just starting to build my portfolio in Scotland. I would greatly appreciate someone reviewing my plan and poking holes in it. My strategy is to buy at a discount, renovate, and then refinance after 6 months (pulling most of my cash out). My goal is to reach £2000 in passive income in 2 years. I drew a picture of my plan as it probably provides a better explanation than my ramblings below. I have a starting pot of £160k from the profit of selling my BTL portfolio I built in New Zealand. I will be purchasing property in Scotland, and on average I’ll need £30k for each property purchase (25% deposit, refurb, legal fees, stamp duty). I just picked up my first property today that leaves £9,810 in the deal and produces £223.78 / month after refinancing – I’m not a maths whizz, but I’m handy with a spreadsheet. I reckon I can find plenty more properties that only leave a max of £10k in the deal and would produce £200 / month after all expenses. So, unless I’m missing something hugely obvious, simple maths states that I will need another 9 of these types of properties to achieve my goal. My strategy seems way too simple, and I’m wondering if I’m missing anything out? Can any experienced investors reveal what I’m not considering or any roadblocks I’ll encounter, or is building a 10 property portfolio producing £2000 / month really this easy? Cheers, Jamie
  9. Hi all, I am a complete newbie and would be grateful for as many people's thoughts and suggestions as possible. I have £250k to invest and would like to take advantage of leverage and get Buy to Let mortgages. However, I am struggling to do so as I do not meet many of the lenders' criteria (I'm not a homeowner, I earn under £25k base and I'm under 25). I'm considering buying somewhere for cash renting it out immediately. This would take my salary over £25k, and I would then be able to apply for a Buy to Let mortgage on another property. Alternatively, I could buy a property for cash and refinance and get a Buy to Let mortgage on the same property. Would I be able to get a Buy to Let Mortgage this way? Would these strategies be advisable and would they enable me to get a Buy to Let mortgage? And if there are other ways of making myself eligible for Buy to Let lenders, please let me know. Thanks Adam Carling
  10. Hi, I am about to complete on my first BTL property which i have managed to purchase around BMV (around £26k under). I will be looking to refinance after 6months to release my deposit, but, my qu is: should i try and add value to the property before refinancing, or as i have bought BMV, is that enough to pull out all of my deposit money after a refinance? The property is already tenanted, and is in reasonable condition. Plus, i don't really want to disturb the tenants too much as they are reliable and have even signed for a 2yr AST. Thanks! I look forward to the replies! Lee
  11. Hi all This is my first Hub post and many thanks for taking the time to read it. I live in Kent and have let my former flat in Crystal Palace since 2014. It's now re-mortgage time and I am considering the next step in property investment. You may recognise the topic title from a property webinar prepared by Rob B which I would strongly recommend if you have not seen it. The gist of it is how to build a portfolio that in time can provide an income through periodic refinancing. It has lots of pro's as a strategy and is my preferred one subject to clearing up the query below. My question arising from it is: how can you refinance your portfolio (however much equity is in it) for the purposes of paying yourself an income given that (in my v ltd experience) lenders only allow lending for narrow purposes especially buying more property/renovating but not for funding the borrower's lifestyle? Any thoughts very gratefully received. Tom
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