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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Guys, I’m just in the process of purchasing my first property, it is a repossessed 2 bedroom flat so is in need of modernisation. I would say the flat needs a full refurb which would include a new kitchen, bathroom, redecorating, flooring and a new boiler. The surveyor said the electrics and plumbing seem to be fine but may need changing in the near future, so I was thinking to get this down whilst I’m changing everything else. I just wanted to know how much would something like this cost to be done at a good level. In my head I’ve budgeted for about £20k - £25k. Would be great to get some realistic cost from those who have done this type of work. Also if you know any good trades people that could do the job I would really appreciate it if you could forward me their details. I’m based in Croydon. I have attached the floor plan so you can get an idea of the size. You Thanks Charles
  2. Hello everyone, My current strategy is to flip a few properties to raise enough capital to then invest in BTL's, and then eventually HMO's. I have decided to flip properties in Manchester, with my target market being 1st time buyers. However when it comes down to locating specific places to invest in flips, I come to a complete brain freeze- I'm a bit overwhelmed when it comes to picking more specific locations! I only moved to Manchester a year ago so many of the different areas are still knew to me. I've started going through local forums and finding where people are recommending are nice areas for 1st time buyers to live- I've noted a few areas such as some areas of Salford and Didsbury that keep being recommended by most people. I know the criteria for a good area is usually good transports links, close to local shops, restaurants and bars and usually where there are good employmers and employment opportunities- and I do take these into account when searching for specific areas to invest in. However I've also found quite a few case studies of flips on rightmove that have been in the Wythenshawe area- although I've been told that wythenshawe is not a popular area for 1st time buyers? So are case studies of flips a good indication that an area is suitable for flipping or not? Or should I focus on the statistics like finding an area that has good transport links, employment opportunities etc..... Can any fellow flippers/renovators share any tips or knowledge regarding finding locations to invest in Manchester? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Hi All - just looking to see if anyone would recommend any builders based in and around Glasgow? Specifically looking for someone suitable for refurbing flats or houses, so they could fit a kitchen and rewire if required. I managed individual tradesmen in refurbing my first flat with some positive and not so positive results, and everyone seems to be very busy at the moment so looking to expand my pool of tradesmen for upcoming projects. If anyone has any people they have worked with before and would recommend that would be very much appreciated. Cheers!
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