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  1. I know it’s a lot to ask of a builder to come to a viewing especially if I haven’t worked with them before and considering there is no guarantee that my offer will get accepted but does this happen? If so, how is the best way to approach this? My strategy is to BRRR yet I have no experience in refurbs. I’ve found a ‘smelly’ property that is ripe for a refurb but how do I make sure there is no major structural damage or other issues which may pop up once my offer has been accepted? Is there any way to mitigate these risks prior to putting in an offer? Thanks to this wonderful forum and all its knowledgable participants!
  2. Hi everyone, I am looking to buy a property to flip in Birmingham and was wondering if anyone else either flips or invests there? If so I wondered if they would be able to help me out with regards to areas to avoid, or potentially good areas to look at? By budget is really around the 100K - 120K mark and I am looking to make 20% profit at the end of the project. I am currently analysing the area and viewing properties in various locations but obviously it is a big place and this can be very time consuming so I am looking to try and speed up my next deal and be more efficient with my viewings. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! Aaron
  3. Hello all, I've listened to all of The Property Hub podcast and now a new forum member. I am based in Kent but as a keen mountain biker spend some time in Wales, in particular Afan Forest. I am interested in buying a property that requires a refurb close to the Afan Forest Mountain Bike Trail Centre with the hope to do it up and run it as a Holiday Let for mountain bikers and hikers. I was looking at smaller villages such as Cymmer, or possibly larger towns like Maesteg and Neath. Putting Covid to one side, my hesitation is that bookings will be much slower during the winter months and during the week year round, does anyone have experience doing a similar thing in the area? I was also thinking Port Talbot might be a safer option as it’s still close to Afan but has the additional advantage of being a larger town with the beach and promenade with good Buy To Let fundamentals, meaning it could provide a plan B option if the bookings aren’t steady enough? Any insights, recommendations, or thoughts are welcomed! Thank you, Ryan
  4. Hi All, My name is Bradley I'm 22 years old from Manchester and I've been a keen fan of PH for a good year and a half now, I first came across PH when I purchased 2 of there books on amazon whilst talking to myself on a train home from London about my vision with property and where I would like to go with it. PH podcasts were my favourite whilst travelling with work and I feel like I benefited a lot from this, I'm a joiner by trade going on to do construction site management and I have worked away from home ever since I started as an apprentice running commercial fit out projects, Ive always had a vision and goal of having a property portfolio as I find construction and property developments very interesting. As soon as I started working I decided to start saving for my first house and proudly bought my first house in Manchester at 21 and completely refurbed it. Just before the pandemic I decided to leave the company I worked for and set up on my own offering joinery services and house refurbs (essentially back on the tools) to free up my time working away for weeks on end to pursue my dream in property. Thats where I'm up to now, I love learning from experienced people and feel PH forums and networking will help me with this, also maybe boost some work on a personal level in and around Manchester. I'm currently setting goals to get that next property and go on from there Thanks, nice to meet you all!!!!
  5. Hi Property Hub My name is Suzannah. I provide property solutions and support by doing improvements to help maximise the value and potential of property. I have a PA background but it all started for me in property about 25 years ago when I was fortunate enough to inherit a low mortgage from my parents who were business owners and property investors in North London. I have always had in interest in property but never knew what to do with the accumulating equity of my property for many years. My second property was bought in 2013 in East London. After meeting my partner 2 years ago, we have recently set up a Renovations Company and are in the first year of business (is it possible to be nervous and excited at the same time?). My Partner/Director of the company is a Bricklayer/Supervisor and has been for over 30 years. He dreams bricks and has wide experience including extensions, conversions, house and block building and heritage. Together we complement each other really well. We would love to get involved in Flips, but the idea is to build up the business so we are able to do this. We would also like to get involved in HMOs and ultimately my partner would love to set up a training facility for Trainee Bricklayers (we are already setting the foundations for this – excuse the pun). So, we are getting there, have lots of ideas and love what we do, every day is part of the journey. This forum is fantastic, just joined and have already acquired some useful tips and info. Looking forward to learning more and being part of this great community! Let’s connect sometime..
  6. Hope all is well with everyone? Currently working on converting a property into our first HMO, our background is single lets. I have a few questions/queries for people. What heating system would you suggest (bills included). What water heating / shower system do people use? (8 bed HMO) Mixer Vrs Electric Finally what do you use for noise reduction in rooms, both on the floor and walls? Thanks in advance, Adrian
  7. Hi fellow Hubbers My partner and I are looking at investing in Birmingham and surrounds and was wondering if anyone can help on the better areas to invest in? We have only thus far invested in Sheffield and do not know the Midlands very well. We are looking to do a flip potentially, minor works though as it would be our first, or just a simple buy to let if it presents itself. Probably in the £60K - £90K region cash wise. Also happy to invest in towns where the 'ripple effect' has not yet taken hold! I am open to areas in and around Birmingham up to 1 hour away, we stay in London and would want to come up on weekends. Thanks in advance and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Alex
  8. Anyone have any experience in dealing with Woodworm ?? In getting a bathroom refurbished in a tenement flat and there is woodworm damage to the flooring. I was aware when i bought the flat, it only looks minor but these beetles can be a nightmare to deal with but i got under the flooring pre-purchase and found the joists to be rock hard and seemed to be in good nick . I also got a quote to get it sorted from the surveyor who undertook the survey for the vendor which was a manageable £580 given the retention of £5K. So the surveyors would hire a specialist contractor to undertake the work (remove all the damaged flooring , treat undamaged and replace timbers etc,) and then the surveyor would issue a 20yr guarantee. This would then be used to remove the retention on value of the flat by the mortgage supplier. I've since went out to the open market as I'm fully refurbishing the bathroom and as part of the works , a contractor has said they will do the woodworm treatment and issue a 25yr guarantee. This would be ideal for two reasons, 1 - same crowd doing all the work so less interface management 2- they are charging half the cost. But the main thing I'm wondering is what are the bank looking for, what type of guarantee should I be getting from the contractor? If anyone has any experience on this it would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi there, I'm looking to speak to people who have started property portfolios in the North of England. I'm from Hull originally and still regularly go back there because my family are still there. I'm interested in that area but also the rest of Yorkshire and the North West. I'm in the process of trying to work out which strategy would be best for me as I live in London but I'm ready and able to invest in 2 to 3 properties in the next 12 - 18 months. I'm particularly interested in speaking to people who have done refurbs, HMOs, multiple property portfolios, investing in areas they don't live in, or all of the above. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi friends, Hope everyone is having good time. My project is due to start in Nov first week for complete renovation work (2 bed room terraced house) in Medway. This requires complete work of replacing existing electrical wirings, plumbing, gas, plastering, painting, flooring, Kitchen/bathroom replacement etc. I do not have good experience with builders with my last 2 projects as they were not good at their estimates and meeting timelines. They gave me higher estimate and didn't meet their timelines. Please recommend and suggest based on your experiences friends. Thanks, Raj
  11. Hi all, I first subscribed to the Hub in December and only just got round to the forums as I've been listening to the podcasts and reading Beyond the Bricks - twice! Not to mention the new magazine which is FAB. My Other Half (Nige) and I have been learning about property investment for a few years now but lots of family "stuff" has got in the way and meant we just haven't been able to get serious about it, although things are changing for the better now so we are getting our strategy together. My background is 20+ years in engineering bossing blokes around (always fun), and then I retrained and became one of the very few (1-2%) female plumbers in the UK. I also do general handyWOman(!) work and help to co-ordinate other trades (just more bossing-about really!). So this is going to be mega-useful when it comes to doing refurbs/flips, which we hope to concentrate on to start. I am happy to help if I can with advice on any plumbing issues, so please ask! Julie Stopcocks Women Plumbers http://www.stopcocks.uk/plumber-in-oldham/
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