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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all. I'm looking for a bit of advice as I'm in a bit of a frustrating position with a remortgage I'm currently going through and it's costing me money the longer it goes on. I listen to the podcast religiously and know there is a great community here so really hoping to get some advice if anyone can provide any. I've outlined my predicament below. I own a flat in Hinckley, Leicestershire which I rent out. The building is three stories high, and my flat is on the top floor. I've been trying to get the flat remortgaged recently but the lenders are asking for an EWS1 form to confirm the
  2. These new regulations carry some hefty fines and come in to force today - April 1st 2021 In short, All properties rented out will require an ECIR completed by a competent or qualified person to confirm the property is safe. This applies to new and existing tenancies. The fine for non compliance is £5000 rising to £30000 if landlords re -offend There are a few exemptions but don't expect them to apply Here's a video explanation Good luck out there Steve Walker www.PromiseMoney.co.uk
  3. Looking to convert a 3bed terraced with attic into a 4 bed hmo by simply adding a bed to the living room. However because of the attic this will be 3 floors and 4 tennants. Will I need to spend extra on installing a wired fire alarm system or wil it be fine with just fire doors etc? I really do not want to start ripping the walls out here as the property is in a relatively good condition.
  4. I’ve been doing some digging into the changes that are being made to the HMO licensing regulations and this is going to affect a lot of people. Essentially, from the 1st October, if you have 5+ people in your property from 2 or more households, you willl need an HMO license, regardless of the number of floors (previously it needed to have 3 floors to qualify). So anyone with a 3-4 bed house that has been converted into 5 rooms will be affected, and so will anyone who has tenants sharing a double room with their partner (example: if you have a 4 bed and the partner of one tenant mov
  5. Hi All I have read quite few articles on extensions and renovations and I would just like to share some of my experiences from one I am doing at the moment. 1 Choose your architect carefully as the one I had who should have known about how the planners were thinking was uninformed. I went for planning which was blocked because of a number of reasons but I felt the architect should have advised better on the reasons (in hindsight it stopped me over capitalising the house). In the end we went for permitted development which is a course I will follow first next time.
  6. Hi All, I am wondering if anyone knows of any regulations for front door locks on a standard BTL flat? I am currently getting quotes for composite doors to replace an ageing wooden door. (FYI They seem to be averaging between £850-£1050 supplied and fitted) Apologies that I don't know the term for these types of locks so I will explain. The First lock type works so that when you close the door, you are then unable to move the outside handle and the door is 'locked' from the outside (much like a night latch). You would then need to lift the handle and lock the door with the key
  7. Hi! I was just going through some paperwork from my letting agent and came across the letter they sent last year informing me of these regulations which came into force on 1st Oct 2015, obliging landlords to fit working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in their properties. I just thought I'd link to it for info in case anyone had not heard of it. (I was a bit surprised that landlords were not already legally obliged to fit these previously!) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/smoke-and-carbon-monoxide-alarms-explanatory-booklet-for-landlords Best wishes, Fiona
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