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Found 2 results

  1. Hi during the really windy weather someone had left the front door of our block of flats open. It came off. So now we have no block front door. It has been like this since October! I have asked the landlord multiple times to fix this as rats keep coming into the block. (It’s a small 2 story block with 4 flats in he owns them all). Just wondering if there is anything I can do to make him fix this asap. thanks.
  2. Morning all, I was wondering if there are any legal complications of a tenant refusing to allow repair works to be done such as re-plastering due to damp (not condensation) from faulty concrete gutters. I have found myself in this situation where my bedroom wall paper has peeled off and the plaster cracked due to damp, which was not helped by the windows being jammed shut. Black mould formed and my landlord refused to do anything about it for 6 months which ran through the cold winter period. They have eventually said they would repair the gutters (I think they just cleared some leaves as they would not tell me what works and the contractor didn't even contact me to say they were coming out to do works) and re-plaster the wall. I do not believe this is a sufficient solution to my problem. I have also had a few problems with the contractor so have requested for a new one but the landlord has obviously gone for the 'cheapest' one. I have decided I am not going to let them undertake the works until I have moved out as I only requested works to be done as a matter of health and safety as they were structural problems and not due to how I was using the property. The problem is not so severe now winter is (sort of) over and think they should deal with the problem in their own time and not having me to spend a day off work or waste one of my weekends as I am not willing to let the contractor in there on his own. I was wondering is there were any legalities I should be aware of? I asked for some form of compensation or just to be able to leave my AST early as I did not want to put up with the problem any longer, both were refused. Also, are there any legalities with refusing the estate agents entry to carry out viewings? Any help would be great! Many thanks, Cory
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