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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All I am really struggling to decide if to go with Interest only or repayment mortgages for BTL investing. I am fortunate where I have a very well paying job and also passive income from investments therefore I do not need any income from my BTL portfolio in the short to medium term (early retirement planning). I also don’t need any funds from my BTL to purchase more properties as this will come from other income. Therefore surely it would be better for me to go with a repayment strategy where I have all the properties paid off unless you can convince me otherwise. Th
  2. Hi All, I'm looking for some advice if anyone can help me I currently own a BTL in Nottingham with 61% LTV. The deal I currently have is a 2.58% repayment mortgage until the 31-12-2023. To exit the current agreement I believe it’s between a £3000-£4000 exit fee given that I originally got the deal on a 5-year fixed. My goal however is to change to an interest only mortgage and I’m looking for some advice on whether this is first and foremost sensible and whether it makes sense financially to do so given what’s available in the market? Because of the corona virus, is there anyway I
  3. Hello, I'm Jacob. Apologies if my question isn't the smartest but I've been thinking about it for quite a while. So, as an investor you'd be focused on the ROI when you're looking for a deal. But, there is a part I find tough to understand. For e.g. I find a great deal, I buy it with interest only mortgage at 75% LTV and it's 10% below market value, the net yield is 8%. Everything seems great. The mortgage period is 25 years. Then, fast forwarding 10 years ahead, my property value has doubled now. Is it the time I should be considering to be switching it to a repayment mortgage and incr
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