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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Everyone I've recently started my property education journey and I'm keen to know what resources you listen to/read on a regular basis that help inform your decisions. For example, press releases, various housing reports, government info, lending, banking, taxes etc. I know that traditional media is not necessarily a great resource so I'm keen to get under the skin of the industry a bit, and would love your help! Thanks so much, Lindsay
  2. So. I’ve finally managed to figure out what the right strategy is for me once my deposit is saved. May father did tell me that he was willing to borrow me £20,000 towards my first project but as much as i have a great relationship with him I feel borrowing money from him for a first project is not a good idea. I can currently save 1,500 a month so it’s a better idea to just wait 17 months for a healthy pot to start. My strategy is for my first property to get a BTL mortgage and buy a house with the BRR model in mind as it’s slightly less risky than getting bridging for my firs
  3. Hey! As the title suggests I am looking for recommendations of resources of informations in regards to flipping and renovating houses. Anything from books, podcasts and websites would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Martin
  4. Hi I'm excited to join this forum and receive my first issue of the magazine, the husband and I run our own businesses but are having to work harder and harder to make the same amount of money so we've made the decision to dive in to property. We're both totally new to this and so have no experience to share but I would really appreciate some pointers on good books, groups, blogs and any other type of resource that will help us gain some knowledge and get us started, then hopefully one day i will have some experience and knowledge to share! C
  5. Hi, Still relatively new to the hub and working my way through the previous podcasts - does anyone know if there's a consolidated list of all the resources of the week? I can't remember the name of a couple of them and wanted a quick way to browse a list (rather than go through each show note summary individually to find the ones I'm after). Thanks, Dave
  6. You are going to get sick of me soon with all my topic posts..... Wanting to pick brains on best places to source tiles, carpets, paint, door knobs etc...... for BTL in SE London. Any ideas of best competitive shops or even on-line recommendations....? Thank you......
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