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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all Potentially I will have around 700k on investment and I would be looking to purchase as many houses as possible to replace my work income. Ideally I'm thinking of Liverpool to invest and would be putting down 25% on each property. Realistically how much income do you think it's viable to generate per month (taking into account all expenses and I would be a hands off Investor)? As I'm only interested in cash flow initially. All comments appreciated - thanks in advance James
  2. Happy Easter All, I was curious what ROI percentage and net yield do you look from from a buy-to-let? Thank you in advance. Joe
  3. Hi all, looking for some guidance here please! I'm in a position where I'm ready to invest in a couple of properties. I have the funds and an idea of where I would like to invest, but would like to ensure that when I'm comparing properties it is offering a true like-for-like comparison between properties, is representative of what I can expect to achieve when the property is eventually let out, and is generally considered a good investment. In particular I am unsure exactly how best to calculate the return on investment. I've (unsuccessfully) tried to raise this as an "Ask Rob & Rob", so figured I'd put it out to the masses. I've heard Rob & Rob mention on podcasts that they typically don't entertain investments that have less than 10% ROI, unless there are other mitigating reasons (particularly strong capital growth potential, for instance). I am interested to hear what other investors' benchmarks are, and more importantly how this is calculated. 10% seems like a reasonable target, as it is a good return and allows for a buffer in case of unforeseen market changes (interest rate rises etc.). Most of the properties that I am looking at have an ROI of between 7-10%, but this can very much depend on what I am factoring into the equation. This is where I would like some advice / guidance. As it stands, my ROI calculation consists of the following: Capital Invested: - Deposit - Stamp Duty - Legals - Costs to get the property ready to le (refurb, furnishing etc.) Income: - Rent (easy!) Expenses: - Mortgage interest - Service charges, ground rent etc. (where applicable) - Letting costs / management fees - Insurance - Maintenance costs / allowance - Void allowance It is those last two expenses in particular that I am interested to hear about, as I'm unsure whether these should be factored into the ROI calculation. It is obviously prudent to factor in an allowance when assessing cashflow in case these events happen, however I'm not sure this would be included in the ROI targets that R&R are looking for. If 10% is a general indication of a good investment I just want to ensure that I understand how that 10% is calculated so that I know whether my own deals offer comparable value. I appreciate that targets will differ from investor to investor, and situation to situation, but any guidance on generally accepted practice for calculating ROI will be very much appreciated. p.s. - I am also assuming that ROI is always calculated as pre-tax ROI...? Thanks! Tom
  4. I have chosen an area that I intend to invest in and broadly speaking the numbers seem to stack up. However, I have some serious mind fog when it comes to calculating net yield and ROI. I also want to ensure that I am including ALL of the necessary expenses when making the calculations. Is there anyone out there that is able to share what calculations they consider most important and what costs they include when calculating whether an investment is worthwhile??? OR Even better, is there anyone out there that is willing to share an excel spreadsheet that they use to do their calculations that they would mind sharing. Thanks in advance
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