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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, My name is Paul Deehan, I'm 36 and grew up in Sheffield, UK. For the last 12 years, I worked on Private Super Yachts as a Private Chef. I've had the fortune to travel around the world and cook for lots of celebrities, business tycoons and world leaders. In 2010, I read the famous, Rich Dad, Poor Dad book and since then I've been slowly building my property portfolio. Since around this time last year, I was recommended the property podcast by a friend and have to thank both Robs and the team for 1, being awesome and 2, giving great honest value and advice through their work. Before listening to the property podcast, I had 3 BTL's with a passive cashflow of £450 per month. I now have 5 BTL properties, all in Sheffield, with a 70% LTV and passive cash flow of £1400 per month. I'm booked on the 10th of June, Property Summit in London and I am very much looking forward to meeting both Rob's and other investors. My next actions will be, buying my 6th BTL, viewing on Friday and buying from a friend so all being well, I'll buy in the next few month. Thank you for reading my introduction and I'm looking forward to connecting with you on this forum soon. #beyourbest Paul Deehan
  2. Hi All and Rob & Rob, Love your podcast and the forum. I have one investment flat in London and considering another. Here are my numbers with pretty conservative assumptions. Would appreciate anyone thoughts on the deal vs. holding steady with the 1 flat. Also welcome any views on buying in London now versus waiting for 2016 and a potential slow down... btw, i'm currently on assignment away from the UK, so the buy-to-let rates are higher for non-residents... Current BTL 2011 Purchase Price = 340k, 20% down + 20k other costs, July 2015 Value = 575k, LTV = 41%, Rent = 2000 PCM, Interest Rate = 3.59% floating (no ERC), Avg. monthly cash flow (after letting fees 5%, management costs 5%, insurance, 10% provisions) = 720 GBP / mo, ROI (w/o capital growth) = 9.9% New Investment 1) Remortgage Current BTL to 60% LTV, same rent and costs above plus remortgage costs, 2 yr interest rate = 3.53% = Cash Flow = 440 / mo, ROI = 2.2% 2) New Purchase = 500k, 20% down + 30k other costs, LTV = 80%, Rent = 2000 PCM, Interest Rate = 4% 2yrs, Avg. monthly cash flow (after letting fees 8%, management costs 5%, insurance, 10% provisions) = 120 GBP / mo, ROI = 1.2% Note ROIs include equity being used. Total out-of-pocket for new purchase only 20k. Again, would appreciate some critiques, etc. Happy to go further into numbers if required. Thanks, DT35