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Found 3 results

  1. While it seems common place to refinance properties owned in an SPV and use the proceeds to fund the deposit on further properties, what options are there to access that equity if one doesn't want to grow there property portfolio any further..? Since equity released by refinancing is not a profit, I imagine it is therefore impossible to extract the equity through dividends - one would instead have to sell a property and record a profit?? This seems like a significant drawback to me compared to owning property in my own name, considering that I don't intend to just forever buy more and mor
  2. Hi there, I hope everyone is well. I am having trouble with mortgages due to being paid in a foreign currency (Euro), this isn't a new issue for me, I've made 2 purchases in the past as personal mortgages and have struggled then as well, I've dealt with a couple of different brokers and all roads seem to lead back to Santander. They deduct 25% from my salary in the calculations for currency fluctuations, and they also (along with every other bank I've spoken to) will not take into account the fact that I legally do not pay tax in the UK on my salary. I report my earnings to HMRC each yea
  3. Hi, This is a medium-term planning question which I would be very grateful for help with. My current situation is that in addition to a small portfolio of 3 properties, I have salaried job in the public sector (reasonable salary) plus my own business, which is a limited company in a field unrelated to property. The company has been established 5 years with accounts showing good turnover + profits etc. At present, money from Ltd company is taken out in dividends to me or close family and it pays no salary to me or anyone else. The properties are not in a Ltd company, b
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