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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys I have just leaped into my first investment with a standard BTL property in Salford, Manchester. Was wondering if anyone on here has any knowledge of the area and any thoughts on the deal. I managed to get the deal slightly below market value. I have attached the right move link below. Any feedback is welcome. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/s6p/61096188 Cheers Mason
  2. Hi all, Just joined the property hub after becoming addicted to the ever helpful podcasts! I'm after some advice or thoughts on buy-to-let properties in the Manchester area. This will be my first investment property and due to current situation will need to be very hands off. For that reason I've been looking at the mass of new build developments that are cropping up across the city centre and Salford (walking distance to city centre, i.e. Middlewood Locks). Does anyone have any thoughts on whether the amount of new build developments imposes a risk on both rental opportunities and re-sell later down the line? I'm looking for a property that has good capital growth potential and reasonable rental yield. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Hannah
  3. G'day Property Hub, my name is Chris, I'm from Liverpool but currently I'm in a library in Melbourne, Australia (the weather is crap before you ask), (and its 1.01pm, again, before you ask). I quit my job as an engineer to go travelling with my girlfriend last year, I'm returning home in a few weeks with the intention of starting a new career in real estate. My property history and hopefully future: I own a B2L property in Liverpool already and have had it for 10 years. I would like to carry on investing in Liverpool, I hear the L1, L3, L6, L7 and L15 areas are good areas to start? I would also like to invest in a B2L property in Manchester/Salford so any information on these areas I would appreciate. My 1 year goal is to own 2 more properties, one buy to let in Manchester/Salford or Liverpool and another renovation property in Liverpool with the idea to sell this one for profit. I have some knowledge as a first time buyer and quite comprehensive knowledge as a landlord of a residential property in Liverpool with various tenants throughout the years, if anyone would like to pick my brain I'm happy to help, as I'm sure I'll be doing plenty of brain picking myself. I'm attending the Property Hub Liverpool and Manchester events so I hope to see some of you there and we can chat over a bevvy. Chris
  4. Hi ....My name is Andy....Myself and my colleagues have completed on approx 40 projects in and around Manchester. Mostly we have been doing HMOs...both professional and social. The social are on 5 year contracts...no voids...no management....We keep some of these and we sell others to have low gearing. Looking to start buying in the Liverpool area with buy to let 2 up 2 down...LHA tenants....Looking to find property manager who is real and hard working. Andy Abraham 07376367032 info@Bhinvestment.co.uk
  5. Hi All, I’m considering putting down a deposit for 1 bedroom off plan new build with Knight Knox for £115,000. The flat will complete in Q1 2018 in Salford Ive been struggling with BTL in SE England, so thinking of changing tact but have not been able to view the areas or the development. The flats are going very fast being seen as good value and I am looking for advice on Knight Knox and anyone who may have also gone down this route. I have spoken at depth with the sales agent and have good information I think relating to sale and the yield should be around 6%. I am more interested in capital growth in my strategy though Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I usually have things as researched as possible, but this has come up rather unexpectedly Many thanks Sav
  6. Hi, I've got a £35k deposit in the bank but i'm struggling to decide on where to invest. I'm based in Bolton but work in Manchester city centre and like the idea of self-managing. I have formed a LTD company so will need to buy properties with a min value of £75k to make them mortgageable. Ideally, looking for a light refurb to get me started but the problem is where? My views are: Manchester - still booming and will struggle to get anything decent under £130k near the city centre but possibly the best shot for capital growth?. Salford - benefitting from the ripple effect from Manchester and Media City but fundamentally still some pretty rough areas. More uplift to come or has it seen the majority of the uplift already? Bolton/Wigan - some nice areas and good transport into Manchester - lower values and less competition but less capital growth potential? Any thoughts/tips? Cheers, Rick
  7. Hi everyone I'm looking at buying a buy to let property in the Manchester/Salford area and would love to hear from anyone who has any knowledge/experience of these areas. I've contacted several estate agents and seem to get differing views of where best to buy and areas that are in high demand. So I'd be really interested to hear from anyone on here who has knowledge of the area.
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