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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, Back in April I went to my first property workshop event run by Rich Dad Education based on Robert Kiyosaki’s Book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. I was brainwashed into signing up for the 3 day training event which cost £997 and I could bring a friend along too. When I got home I did some research online and realised it wasn’t worth paying £997 as most of the 3 day course was an up sell to buy their their more expensive academy course. So I begun the process of getting a refund back from their sponsor company Legacy Education Alliance (Legacy EA). Their office is in Richmond,
  2. Hi Everyone, I was very interested in an auction property in Salford. I got the legal pack from the agent and arranged for a solicitor to go through it. The next day the solicitor told me that everything was fine with the property except for their being a rent charge on the property. I had no idea what he was talking about. He explained that the rent charge was a remnant of an agreement between Landowners and property developers from hundreds of years ago. Just like we have ground rent on leasehold property, a rent charge was a charge that the land owner put on any property
  3. Someone that my husband and I know, is in school to become an architect and is leaning how to use a CAD. Here husband just graduated with the same degree but, she insisted that she would do all the work. We needed a layout for a ramp my husband would be building. My husband gave her all of the info to input, and 3-4 different times my husband had to help her recalculate because she had done it wrong. When it was over, she informed us there would be a fee. The fee was calculated based on what the architect she apprenticed under makes per hour. I need your advice as to if we pay her or not. Rem
  4. Hello all. Me and my friend end have been in he process of buying a new build and nearly became victims of the recent spate of developers looking to charge £250 ground rent on the leasehold which doubles every 10 years. For anyone unaware of the problem with this have a quick read of this article from the guardian: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/money/2016/nov/05/ground-rent-scandal-engulfing-new-home-buyers-leasehold We have been advised by our solicitors to pull out of the deal but are of course hesitant because it is a great location
  5. So I received this email from Connells the other day. "Dear Landlord RE: Legionella Risk Assessments are now required in rented properties. We would like to draw your attention to recent changes in Health and Safety legislation concerning Legionella. The Health and Safety Executive have published both a Code of Practice and Technical guidance on Legionnaires’ disease, which now brings rented domestic properties into the regulations. This means that as a Landlord of rented properties you now have a legal responsibility for carrying out a Legionella Risk Assessment in order to meet the r
  6. Hi Guys, I currently run my own construction company specialising in large scale high end refurbishments in Central London. I have read a few books and also listen to all the podcasts I can get my hands on. I fully grasp the power of property as it is something I have always been very interested in, but have never had the funds to get involved in. I have now saved up some money in my Ltd Company (Not really enough for London, but could possibly put a few deposits down elsewhere in the country) and would like to get started investing in property with the aim to replace my income over time,
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