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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, first time on here. Been struggling so thought I would go to the forum. I work in the US, self employed, and want to get in to the property market back home as my accomodation over here is covered by the company I work for. I earn a great wage, +£100k, have £25k saved but because of all of the above, I am struggling to find a lender. I originally wanted to buy a 100k flat in Leicester but this falls below minimum lending for alot of lenders?! Can anyone recommend a broker to help? If I were to become a ltd company would this affect this in any way? Any help/advice wou
  2. Hello! My partner and I want to buy our first home. We have a deposit and our credit is good, however our employment statuses are a little complex. Me: 2 part time jobs (add up to full time hours) Partner: Was a student, worked part time and also started own business. All incomes added together would be enough for the mortgage we want. I understand some banks prefer not to accept a 2nd income and worse yet, some will only count you as employed or self employed but not both. My partner's first year of being self employed didn't yield a h
  3. Hi there, i am wondering if I am on a wild goose chase here. Is this even possible, is there anyone that will look into my specific circumstances and lend to me, or will it always be a case of computer says no? I own my Own flat outright worth 80K and i should be on Track to earn 80K this year. I was employed last year and earnt 30K, I have about 30/40Kcash, yet can't seem to borrow a Penny. Cheers Laurence
  4. Desperately seeking a financial wizard/accountant/bookkeeper to help me prepare for my first re mortgage to release equity for a self build / BTL strategy I have a salary of £26k incl overtime, plus around £20k of self employed + rental income (commercial property sub lets, lodger and parking) I've been doing my own tax returns for years and as I'm so conditioned into maxing my expenses to pay as little tax as possible, I feel it would be wise to employ a suitable wizard with a sound understanding of the current requirements of lenders to give me the best outcome. I need to be sure what
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