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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, I've relocated out of UK and want to sell up a few of my BTLs sourced from Property Hub Invest. First one I am looking to sell is in Bradford...does anyone have any good Estate Agents they have used. Thanks, Dan
  2. Hi, We are new to property investment but are looking for a strategy to maximise return from our Guesthouse sale/ development. We are in the Centre of Oban, Scotland and are roughly 40%ltv so are agonising whether to convert to HMO, sell as is, or do a flat conversion. If anyone has any suggestions or alternatives, that would be welcome Thanks Hugh
  3. Hi, Anyone would recommend any staging company (stage for sell) in Glasgow area? Any ball park figures how much it may cost for example for 1 bed property? Thanks Maciek
  4. Hi all, I'am Ben 28 year old builder from Leeds. I've been in to property as long as I can remember And always wanted to develop property and rent them must have been all the grand designs and homes under the hammer I watched as a kid!! I'm looking for some opinions on what my next move should be as the time has come we need to move house to something bigger for are growing family. I bought my first 2 bed house that I payed 75,000 for and renovated for 25,000. I've just had it revalued at 140,000. So this Is my dilemma rent for the passive income as I could get 600 pm, plus the Morgage is payed off in 8 years. Down side will have to put off moveing for another 6 months to save more deposit. Or sell the the property to free up funds for the move plus invest in other propertys and a possible opportunity to buy some land to develop. Meny thanks in advance to every one at property hub for all the amazing podcasts and advice. thanks Ben
  5. Hello all I hope you are all well. I have a dilemma and not a bad one I guess. I have a three bed flat in South London which I rent out. It makes a decent yield but not as good as my properties in Birmingham. My dilemma is, do I keep my south London flat and wait for the next boom or continue to rent out. Or sell now and buy two properties in Birmingham which will more than double my income compared to the south London one. The thing is, the London property will always rent well and have good captial growth but I feel Birimingham is also. Any advice on this would be fantastic and greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance. Lee
  6. Hello, im in the process of purchasing my first property which is a studio in liverpool (l2). I am not looking to sell soon but it would be nice to know the exit plans on studio appartments. I know that most lenders do not give mortgages on properties less than 30 sq mtrs (its 24 sq mtrs). However, I am a bit worried that when I want to sell, it would be very difficult to find a buyer. Can anyone agree or disagree ? Or maybe if you have an experience with this situation before. Please note that its not listed as a student accommodation property. Really appreciate any help ! Thanks!
  7. Hi all, Looking for a range of opinions on my current dilemma. I have 2 x BTL properties. Property 1 - 2 bed mid terraced modern house in Devon, Rents for £675, Value £175k, ROI of just over 5% once all costs are taken into account including things like building a fund for replacement boiler etc. It's bringing in around £2k per year gross profit before tax. Property 2 - 2 bed flat in Stevenage, Value £210-230k ish, rents for £800, Just bought this after a horribly delayed purchase process. Washing its face but not stellar, hoping rents rise a little once things settle and all the empty units get sold/let. Listening to the podcast and reading around for capital growth all the advice seems to be focus in the North West. So I'm considering selling the Devon house to invest in the North West. If I sell I'll release £42k after all costs and a little bit of CGT which as an example I could put into a 2 bed flat in Bradford (or other Northwest location) through RMP. Purchase price of around £120k rents for £625, £39k invested delivers an ROI of around 5.5% once all costs including repairs provision are taken into account. Annual profit around £2k. So pretty much the same as my Devon house I already have. So .....given that the profits are broadly similar is the potential upside of the capital growth in the North West sufficient to warrant selling the Devon property to invest up north. I have very much a long term view and want to be a hands off investor so no self management etc. Thoughts/Opinions much appreciated. Thanks all Noel
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