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  1. Hi guys, so happy i found this forum. Just hoping anyone can share or point me in the direction of resources to learn about the legalities of using a software platform to raise capital for property development. Being a software engineer, I always loved the idea of merging my interest in property with code and automation. Currently im doing some research into the space and about to go through my first purchase of a property, God willing, but really would appreciate any help with this.
  2. Hello, I'm about to choose an accountant for to set up my first SPV, which I will use for my next investment and any further to that. I have narrowed it down to two accountancy companies, both of which I quite like. A) The first is a company of about 15 employees, but the owner handles most of the client relationships and tax advice himself. He seems very switched on and gave me a lot of advice on the phone for free when I first spoke to him. They are not property specific, although say that property investors make up nearly half their business and they have their own property investments. Cost ~£1,300/yr. B ) The second option is a property specific accountancy that branched out of a larger firm a few years ago. They would assign me an accountant who would manage my business and I would get 4 half-hour consultations with a year for tax advice, plus unlimited more general advice and technical support. They also have their own software for recording and tracking property finance and operation, which sounds quite useful. Cost ~£1,000/yr. My feeling is that A) might be a slightly more personal experience and possibly spot more opportunities to optimise drawing income from the company, but B ) is more tailored to the property investor so might spot more opportunities to operate more efficiently, plus the software sounds useful. I don't consider the difference in price that significant and would rather choose the better service. I feel like one of these probably is a better choice but I'm finding it difficult to evaluate which it is. I would appreciate your thoughts and advice! Thank you.
  3. Hello! I have a small but growing portfolio that includes standard BLT and holiday lets. The properties will be in my name and a limited company. I am looking for some bookkeeping software to help me keep better track of my finances. After some research, Hammock and Landlord Vision seem to best suit my needs. The ability to link properties to their corresponding bank account is appealing. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be many user reviews for Hammock. Does anyone have any experience with Hammock and/or Landlord Vision? I would be grateful to hear your recommendations or other suggestions for software that would suit my needs. Many thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, I am new to the community and wanted to share something interesting and hopefully useful for other property managers. A bit of a disclaimer - I am one of the developers of assista - a time-tracking bot for Trello. When we started developing the bot, we had no idea how it will be used. In recent months we have found out that a big part of our users are property managers that use Trello to manage different tasks around the properties they rent or own. This has come as a surprise to us as initially we had no idea that Trello or time-tracking can be used in such a way at all. My goal was to share some interesting findings about how other property managers use Trello + Assista to save time and effort. Here are some use cases we discovered: Setting up a "occupied" and "vacant" lists in Trello and moving cards to each list based on when a property becomes occupied or vacant. Then using Assista to generate a report or spreadsheet for the month / year etc which shows how much time each property was vacant or occupied. Creating lists for repairs / cleaning services / etc - then allowing different users to move cards in/out lists and generating reports with Assista about how much time each task took. One management company uses several lists in Trello for their different stages of the pipeline - "Pre Listing", "Active Listing", "Contract Signed", then generating reports about which manager from their company moved a card to each list. Assista gives you a report when someone moves a card to a specific list and starts tracking time for them specifically. I am interested if other property managers here use Trello to ease and automate their work? Have you found other uses for your workflow than the ones above? Cheers!
  5. Hi folks, DISCLAIMER: I have done some initial searching on here and couldn't find a relevant thread, but that doesn't mean one doesn't exist...in which case apologies for the duplication. Does anyone use an app/Web-based software to manage their property/properties? If so, what do you use and can you manage pretty much everything through it, aside from physically turning up and conducting viewings/inspections/check-outs etc? I love my tech and I'd ideally love to manage my emerging property empire (!) myself online rather than continue to blindly pay my agent 12%+VAT each month for realistically one or two days work each month *jumps off soapbox immediately* Would really appreciate your thoughts Thanks!
  6. Hi, I am looking for a CRM package to help manage my lead pipeline and contacts. I started to use LessAnnoyingCRM but this doesn't have any apps and can only be accessed via the web. What do other people use? I only need something small to start, for two users and something that offers good value for money. Any suggestions on what to use and not use would be very welcome. Thank you. Chris
  7. Hi all With the forthcoming plans for Making Tax Digtial I am starting to look at moving away from spreadsheets to a specialist accounting software designer for landlords. At present I have 5 HMO’s with a combined unit of 19 lettable rooms/units with 2 more properties in the pipeline to take it to 25 lettable rooms/units. Currently I am using spreadsheets which works. I have seen that there are softwares such as Landlord Vision, Landlord Studio UK but also traditional software such as Quickbooks and Xero. Does anyone use a specialist accounting software and what are your views and recommendations?
  8. Hey Can anyone recommend a software program that will allow me to me to measure how my business and property portfolio is doing? I'd really like it to measure both things in one program (general business performance, and portfolio performance) and it's vital that it will allow me to forecast/test the effect that potential purchases would have. I'd love to - Be able to test what happens to my business cashflow if I buy/remortgage specific properties at a specific points in the year. Compare the performance of two possible purchases to see which is likely to perform best for me in 5/10 year's time Keep track of the overall health of my investments As a bonus, it would also be great to be able to do basic accounting things like create Profit/Loss statements etc Is there a program / app / web-service that will allow me to do all of these things? I could probably fashion something myself in excel, but it'll likely take days of work to build and test and there are better uses of time if it already exists Any pointers gratefully received!
  9. Hello Hubbers, I was wondering if anyone knew of some good property software extensions for Chrome and other browsers? Or any other software that adds additional functionality to browsers, anything to enhance the way of interacting and saving some time. I have found Property Log (suggested by Rob & Rob on episode 301 of the podcast), property bee for Firefox and Property Tracker for chrome. There is also Nimbus Maps, which I had the chance to witness from an investor friend, it seems very impressive however I don't current have the spare cash to splash. Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Cheers Chris
  10. Hi everyone I am starting out in property investment very soon, although, in my early 50s, older than most beginning this. While I will have a decent cash pot to begin with, I'm not sure how much salaried work I have left - perhaps 3 years, perhaps less (I am a freelancer currently). Any specific advice for someone with limited (outside property) earning potential left? I will probably do BTLs over the next few years - as many as I can, but I know these don't bring in too much in net earnings per month, especially if you are not working. I will put a decent sum aside at the outset to get me through a year or two after my non-property earnings stop. I also am interested in software. Do people have a preference for any particular property management software? I'd like to start as I mean to continue and use something decent. I am looking for something cloud-based preferably and MS 365 compatible if possible. (I am a software developer by trade). And while I'm here, Ltd Company vs Sole Trader. I already run a Ltd Company so am familiar with all the ins and outs of it. Does it seriously inhibit BTL mortgage applications if you run a limited company? Sorry for all the questions. Any replies appreciated. thanks Karl
  11. Good afternoon all, With all that is/or isn't happening during lock down I'd like to offer some free help. I'm a self employed project controls engineer which involves detailed project management plans and reporting. This involves building logic based gantt charts, critical paths, manning graphs, cost reports etc. Basically I like planning software and excel far too much! If your current systems would require a second opinion I'm happy to help? I can provide some advice / templates that could improve your current setup. Give me a shout and we can discuss. Stay safe, Chris
  12. Hi All Hoping people may share reasonably priced software for managing small portfolio Thanks in advance
  13. Can anyone recommend HRMC-compatible / approved software for preparing my tax return on-line? I'm a non-resident landlord (Brit working abroad) and this is my first time filling in a tax return because I'm now renting out my properties. I'm an individual - my properties are not within a company.
  14. Hello All Can anyone recommend a good software package for managing properties/lettings biz? I'm looking for something which doesn't cost the earth on start up with just a few properties but will grow with me without having to migrate everything at a later date. Thank you in advance!
  15. I notice some companies offering landlord a kind of online letting services hub, which provides access to contractors, manages communication and finances for you. I am looking to buy a property for my nephew to live and help manage. As I live abroad I thought this might be a good way to manage the let, and maybe save on property management company fees. Any one have any experience of this. One I noticed for instance was http://www.arthuronline.co.uk/ are there others that might also do rent collection and prepare tax statements as well? Could this replace a bricks and mortar letting agents or at least let you negotiate for them to take a lower fee in return for less work? Any experience, ideas or feelings about this?
  16. Hi all we've (my brother and I) recently added a 2 storey mezzanine extension to my current office, we have the steels and the timber deck/floor in place and we're trying to work out how best to situate everything, create separate offices, meeting rooms, etc. At present we're doing it pen and paper and setting things out onsite to try and get a feel for it but I think we need something better. We would like to introduce some separate offices and a larger communal office space using glass where possible to keep it open and light. Does anyone have any experience or suggest some software or apps that we could look at to help us plan the space get a walk through, etc to get a real feel for it? Existing office 700 sq. ft, extended it by an additional c1,900 sq. ft split over 2 levels. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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