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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I found the podcast during lock-down and have been listening ever since - thanks Rob and Rob. The hardest thing is finding information or advice on networking with (local) like minded people so have decided to just jump in here. Actually just completing on our first house to live in. So now want to learn more about all the other potential options and venture further into the property world. I'm currently based in London both living (South East) and working (Central). Looking for networking recommendations and to network with people in London and Kent (originally from here) and build up contacts (property tax experts / local tradesman etc.). And, if the opportunities arise, happy to volunteer and help with projects to gain experience. Thanks, Ben
  2. Hi Everyone, Im about to ask a question that i'm sure is posted on here on a daily basis but no matter how many pods i listen too or how many articles i read i find my head spinning and unable to make a decision.... maybe i'm suffering from analysis paralysis? The Facts: Im 25 and own my own house (with a mortgage) i have £35,000 ready to invest and could potentialy take some more equity out of my current home if i needed to about another £15K. I Live in Portsmouth and i know everyones stats and saying my area is probably the worst place to invest for capital growth right now. In an ideal world I want to by distressed property add value and Re finance / let out to try and build up to 2 BTL in 2 years but i am time poor and will be looking to get someone to do the work for me. I know if invest in an area away from me such as greater Manchester or Nottingham i would have better capital growth but the thought of investing far away stresses me out and if i'm honest scares me so i would like to invest locally in Portsmouth where i can be closer to the action and possible self manage. Should i be braver and invest further away or is there still room for some growth and opportunity locally in Portsmouth? im thinking the slow market may give me a chance to pick up a bargain in my area and give me the room for capital growth that way? has anyone on here started in a similar position to me and can you give me any advice? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello, Tristan here from Brighton. I am a farmer from south east England , over the last 2 years I have become involved in commercial development and lettings having played a large part in the conversion and development of an old dairy farm. I now manage the current 32 workshop units which are let to individuals and small businesses. We hope to expand the site further in the future as we are experiencing very high demand for out of town affordable office and light industrial workshops. The learning experience of this process has been vast and I would be more than happy to share what I have learnt so far with anyone interested in small scale commercial workshop development and lettings. In 2015 I invested in residential property for the first time, it was a JV with my father. Given the recent stamp duty changes and my wish to move in with my girlfriend we have decided to sell the current buy-to-let so we can buy a property of our own, avoiding the higher rate stamp duty and using the money made from the investment. With prices in the south east almost out of reach for us we are looking in the Hailsham, Eastbourne and Polegate area. We work about an hour away from these locations and ideally we would rather live nearer Crowborough/Uckfield. Our strategy is to do a fix and flip in one of these areas in order to generate some cash so we can afford to move closer to where we work. I'm also desperate to still have enough money to invest in a buy-to-let up north along the HS2 route in the next 2 years. We have viewed about 10 properties in these areas over the last 2 months, all needing varying amounts of work, we keep being out-bid and are struggling to find the opportunity to flip for good money within a 6 month time frame. Any advice on my strategy, the Hailsham, Eastbourne and Polegate area as well as fix and flips would be much appreciated. I have included a few photos of our current development. Many Thanks, Tristan
  4. Hey people and an immediate thanks to the two Rob's for this platform. Complete property novice here looking to soak up knowledge and advice to formulate my own investing strategy. Cutting a long story short, i came into some money about 5 years ago when i lost my mum to cancer (save it for X factor i know) and chucked it away since then in a fixed rate saver. While thats been tucked away i held a job as a self employed personal trainer and tried my hand at private investing on the side. Fortunately managed to make progress at that and as you start to get the picture i have some cash to do something with starting the end of this year when my savings account reaches the end of its term. My Life since about 17 has been a slight rollercoaster and I've been forcefully unemployed due to my dads failing health. Thats deprived me of the opportunity of further education at university and also holding down my job. All is not doom and gloom and since coming across the podcast I've been thoroughly intrigued by some of the stories I've heard, good and bad and how its possible to make property investment a success with the right preparation. I am throughly determined to make a courageous run at this but not without researching until I'm satisfied with my knowledge base. As it says in the title i am in the South East and prices here have forever been on the up, at least in my life time which makes me regretful of not starting this sooner. Any help and advice sent my way or a direction of books to read would be appreciated. I am young, unemployed (drives me insane) and with cash to make a run at this. I have also seen Rob Bence's investment company helping people to develop strategies which may be of use to me when i decide to take the step. I am aware my current employment status effects my eligibility of certain mortgages and that i will need to look into further. Anyway thats enough from me for now. Anyone from my region and even those who just wish to say Hi and help are appreciated all the same. Cheers ! Mike H
  5. I'm buying in Eastbourne. New to the area. I just wondered if there was anyone out there who is an old hand in the area...
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