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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, Does anyone know if there are any property accumulation spreadsheets out there? I'm currently looking into trying to free up some equity from my residential property to use as deposits for some buy to lets. I wanted a spread sheet that would enable me to formulate a plan and a timescale to then help me buy more, as well as be able to show my wife, so I can explain the technique to her properly. Thanks in advance, Dan
  2. Hi everyone, I assume/hope that I'm not the only person who's head spins when comparing mortgage deals? I've been looking around for (preferably) a Google Sheet that can let you easily input the details from the KFI document to compare the best deal both for now and over the duration of the mortgage. I simply cannot find one! I can find brand-specific calculators but they're not in a simple/clean format, that I can input my own data fields into. They also only compare deals that they are offering, and not ones I'm being offered elsewhere. Before I spent too long making my own, does anyone have anything similar like this that I could copy, please? Muchos thanks in advance! Nick
  3. Hi Just wondering if anyone had a good spreadsheet that they would be happy sharing? I am pretty useless when it comes to excel!! Any help would be greatly appreciated Many thanks in advance John
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a spreadsheet that calculates expenses for their properties? I had tried using landlord vision but its a little too in depth. Many thanks in advance
  5. Hi All, Just wanted to give something back to the propertyhub as I have been listening for the past 6 months and a lot of the back dated ones and has given me the confidence to go forward into property I am looking at buying my own house hopefully before Summer. I am then looking at going into property flipping to begin with, with a friend of mine (a disillusioned teacher). Then onto investment when the funds are there. Attached is a spreadsheet I have developed: - You are able to see what is viable instead of a finger in the air. Ie. Quit our jobs and go all out into property flipping. Filling in the spreadsheet it showed us that at the start we would be required to do 2 days (contract architectural for me and supply for my friend). Both of our wives will be looking to go to 3 days when we start a family so this can be taken into account. It gives an accurate representation with all deductions factored. This spreadsheet is a guide and not a definite outcome. But the more you know the better decisions can be made. You can also use this as a convincing tool if your partner is not fully on board. Regards, Chris Finances (Getting Started).xls
  6. Hi my name is Jacqueline and I'm interested in purchasing a small house to rent out with the hope that I'll find a stable let for an additional income. I'm currently doing the research and hope to post my progress here. I have a current question which starts right at the beginning... how do I enter the correct formula to rows 33,34,35,36 of the Dreamline spreadsheet to include investment income as well as my employment income? Thank you, and looking forward to chatting with some of you soon.
  7. Hello PropertyHubers! My name is Paul, I've been procrastinating in property for 10 years id say, and suddenly find myself at 53....a veritable cobweb-covered old timer.... Fortunately wifey and I have a mortgage free farmstead in Devon and a Slough end of terrace crash pad ....through no real strategy. I'm determined now to take action and join you successful property folk I admire so much, and build a portfolio, and have been on numerous courses....and one more to go from Mr G. Armstrong next month. Rob D's fab 'running the numbers' spreadsheet is sooo much better than most courses and it replaces my feeble homemade version, but it does occur to me it doesn't include any provision to speculate about capital growth when evaluating the numbers of a possible investment. I understand this varies hugely across the country, but how do you guys establish a figure for this? (Some areas in Devon don't have any capital growth in the last 10 years for example.....) I'd be very grateful for anyone's methodology to come up with a figure, and how you take this into your calculations bearing in mind capital gains tax. Good luck to everybody and massive thanks for the wonderful positivity in this forum Bye for now and thanks in anticipation Paul
  8. Hi, I am currently using a pretty standard spreadsheet to log my expenses and income but was wondering if there is a better way of keeping records? I want to see if I can do my own tax returns (save some money) and want to make sure that my bookkeeping is watertight. Also, my day job is majorly time consuming, so saved time is always a bonus. I looked online and a lot of people seem to think quickbooks or something like that may be a good investment. What I would like to know is what do the landlords on this site use for bookkeeping etc? Any tips or tricks of the trade would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi, I've just bought my first BTL and whilst I'm waiting for everything to go through I thought I'd get my record keeping strategy sorted. I was thinking of setting up a seperate bank account and then using a spreadsheet to log everything. I love spreadsheets and would like to make a fancy one with lots of macros that does all sorts of clever reports, making tax returns and cash flow predictions very easy. However, I need some inspiration to get me started. Does anyone have a template they wouldn't mind sharing? Or does anyone know exactly what things this spreadsheet needs to record and do? Thanks in advance.
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