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Found 5 results

  1. We have two existing rental properties in our names, 200k each, both with fixed mortgages due for renewal. They are a long term investment for our retirement. We are seeking to increase our portfolio to three or four properties in the next five years. If we sold these properties to two separate limited companies during the stamp duty holiday, would the companies incur stamp duty? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi My wife and I are looking to convert the house we live in and own to a rental property (our first one) and move into somewhere bigger as we are starting a family. Is additional 3% stamp duty due on the new house we are buying? Is there anyway I could sign full ownership of our current house to the wife and I buy the new one in my name so we are not considered to have 2 houses and thus liable for the extra tax? Is it possible to pay the extra tax if we have to on the value of the smaller cheaper house we currently own instead of the more expensive new one? Just
  3. Hello! I'm wondering if anyone can help regarding a stamp duty question? If i were to buy a property as residential for cash and then remortgage under a FHL (Investment property), would i then be able to buy a new residential property without having to pay the higher rate of stamp duty? In short, is the above a way of acquiring two properties without paying the higher rate of stamp duty? Thanks!
  4. I own a flat outright that I currently live in and am planning to buy a house with with my partner to live in, letting out my flat. We need to do this because we both have children from previous relationships and the flat would not be big enough for us. We don't want to sell my flat due to being cautious about joining our assets at this stage. If we buy the house with a joint mortgage secured on our joint incomes including the rental income from my flat will we have to pay the higher rate stamp duty of 3% if we are not married ? I understand that the deeds will have to be in my par
  5. hello YBS has proposed changing the liability for payment of stamp duty from the buyer to the seller. Will this make a difference and enable more first time buyers (FTB) onto the ladder? I'm sceptical (by nature) and think that this may simply lead to higher purchase prices as FTBs will have more cash to spend. I also think it would be unfair to expect current property owners who have paid stamp duty at purchase, to also pay at sale time, especially as they may be liable for Capital Gains Tax. The best solution to any housing crises is to increase supply, but last week Nick Clegg s
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