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  1. Hiya, I am London based and started a while ago to focus on Leeds as my investment area. I have bought my first BTL in York about a yar ago and now looking to do student HMO's in Leeds around Headingley. It is article 4 yes, and while one does pay a bit of a premium for that you also get piece of mind of not having to worry about future competition (new HMOs pop up left right and centre these days) and a very low amount voids. So I don’t think it’s all bad. Also from deals i am finding, the number still stack up quite well (i.e. 15% ROI in a ltd with full mgmt.) Anyway, I started talking
  2. Hi Property Hub members Having recently joined Property Hub I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I live and work in London and have had a keen interest in property and property investments for several years now. So far much of my attention was on purchasing and refurbishing my own home in London. Now that this is done, I would like to take the next step and invest some of my savings and recurring job income into BTL property. In terms of strategy, I am looking for BTL investments with a yield above 5%. That rules out most of Southern England. So I am planning to inv
  3. Hello All, This is a bit of a strange topic as this is spoken from a tenants point but here it goes. My cousin has just started his second year of university at Nottingham and has moved into a shared house with other students. As far as i am aware this house has been let out to students majority of the time. (I know students aren't the cleanest of people). Anyway my cousin has discovered mold on one of the walls in his bedroom, and when he came home last weekend he was saying that he had chest pains.... He has a dehumidifier which he has been leaving on more regularly and says
  4. Hi All, I am looking to purchase a 4 bed HMO / Student Property in Sheffield or Leeds. I would like to purchase within the next two months, however I am worried that the 2nd – 4th year students would have already found their property for the academic year. Would you suggest purchasing and then renting out to young professionals (sourcing on spareroom etc.) on a short term let basis until June / July 2020 and then move the students in. Thanks,
  5. Hi I am new here. I am a very small time landlord, we have just one BTL property in London. My daughter is a student in Manchester and as she seems likely to stay on for an MA I am thinking about making use of some money my mother has given me as the deposit for a property for her (daughter) to live in plus one or two friends paying rent. So I put this to my current lender today and they said they didn’t offer mortgages on such a basis as it’s a “family let” and therefore considered higher risk. My questions are: 1. Is this going to be the answer I get from every lender I con
  6. Good Morning all, I'm weighing up a potential investment in Manchester which could be a HMO for students providing I could get a license for it. Due to the large number of students houses in Manchester, I know that it can be difficult to obtain a license on new fully compliant student HMO properties. Does anyone in The Property Hub community have any experience on this topic or have experience in the area?
  7. Hi there, I am currently investing in the Teesside area and have a couple of student BTL's close to Teesside University. My question is this... There is a proposed student village that looks to go ahead in January 2020 that will include a huge accommodation increase of quality student houses/flats. Can developments like this owned by the university drastically effect the stock of privately owned student accommodation? Has there been any previous cases of this from other small university towns where this has happened and what were the effects? My guess is
  8. Hello I have decided to start a new chapter in my life and leave the day job behind by focusing on BTL investments in the North servicing the student market. I am looking for 10% gross return and ideally 20% on capital. I have spent the past month researching and have just started looking at target properties in the past week and have put my first two offer in. I am aiming to buy 6 properties in the next 18 months and I am looking to connect with fellow investors to share experience good and bad as I develop my portfolio. I will eventually set up a company but right now I
  9. Good evening all. I am a new investor, in Glasgow. I have a four bed flat in Hillhead and a five bed which I am in the process of acquiring. I am entering the HMO market, setting up a limited company and intend to grow a portfolio. I was formally a litigation solicitor in the property/landlord and tenant sector. It is fair to say that the Scottish residential letting sector is nervous of the new PRT regime (Private Rented (Tenancies) (Scotland) Act 2016). Short Assured Tenancy agreements are a thing of the past (unless your tenant is already signed up to one,....for now). Th
  10. Hi All, Just wondered if anyone could give me a little advice/point me in the right direction - thanks in advance! I'm 18 and looking to invest in my first BTL single let property. My father has agreed to allow me to raise finance on our family home, which means I can be a cash buyer. After a refurbishment, 6 months later I'd hope to refinance at a higher value with 75% LTV in order to repay the mortgage/bridging loan on our family home. Any surplus, I suspect around 10-15K, would be paid off with my own funds so I was the sole owner. Couple of compli
  11. Hey everyone, my name is Francis and I'm currently a student at university. I've been looking to start investing into property, acquiring my first asset either this year or early next year. I was wondering if anyone would be able to offer me some advice for making my first investment. Thanks a lot in advance, looking forward to getting more involved with this community, Francis
  12. Hello all, I currently have a small portfolio of single family buy to lets, which I have acquired over the last 3/4 years. I now feel I am at a stage where I would like to move into the world of multi lets. However I am getting conflicting reports from more experienced landlords than myself in which area to go into. Some are saying a traditional HMO (i.e letting rooms to working class professionals etc) is the way forward and others are telling me stay well clear and concentrate on the student market. At this stage it is probably advantageous to say I am looking at buy
  13. Hi Everyone - I’m looking to make my first investment property purchase soon and I have a couple queries ref commercial mortgages: If I am planning on doing a HMO - will I need a specific HMO Commercial mortgage? If so, am I likely to need experience as a landlord in order to get this? Would this be different for a student HMO where they are on the same AST? Thanks in advance! Joe
  14. Hi everyone, At the moment my next investment is a long way off, however I have started to think about which area I would like to buy in. I have visited Liverpool on several occasions, my most recent visit was to see one of my mates who is currently a student there. He lived in the Kensington area and paid around £325pcm for the room in his HMO, along with 4 other people, so the landlord is receiving £1625pcm! As far as I'm aware bills were not included in this price and it was up to the tenants to pay their own bills. When I returned home I looked on rightmove and some of the hous
  15. I have been investing in property on a part-time basis for the past 15 years, and in the last 3 years I have dedicated even more time to this, whilst also starting a family and being the proud parents of two girls! I've been a self-employed IT Consultant since the age of 21 and have been involved in various startup's that include a software business, fashion retail business, a GPS tracking business and a healthcare consultancy. However, I have come to realise that my real passion and successes is in property investments and management (although if I could combine this in the future with
  16. Hi All, I have been attempting to purchase my first BTL over 1 year (including research!), and after 2 failed attempts I am now in a position of starting a masters degree for a year from Sept 2015. This means I will be quitting my job in July/Aug and I am not sure if a) I should continue my search and hope to find something that will complete on time, as if the buying process shoots beyond my 'expiry date' it will pose lots of challenges or bb) leave the whole thing for 1 + years after the masters and then try again once on a job contract I am taking it is near impossible for me to g
  17. Well I'm Tom and I'm currently a student, I'm also keen on learning about property. Come and talk to me if you want to know more, have a great day all of you!
  18. Hi, I've just found out that my wife has a new job in Coventry and Warwickshire as a doctor (exact hospital tbc) and it's made me start to look at Coventry as an area for investment. Fundamentals seem good, but the student population really stands our and it's making me think about targeting student tenants. I would presume that students start to secure their accommodation for the following academic year before they break for the summer, is that right? I'm concerned that the window to find, purchase and market a property is closing fast and I would probably need to have adverts attracting
  19. My nephew has just started his PhD I England and needs to find accommodation for the next 3 years. My mother is 80 and has cashed i some shares from when my father passed away but it is sitting in a bank earning almost no interest. I live abroad Europe on a good salary, and have just started a seemingly successful student buy-to-let portfolio where I live. I also have my old home in the UK with the mortgage fully paid off letting to DSS family , as I am unable to get an HMO license from the local council, due to living abroad. This property has a value similar to the amount I would consider sp
  20. Hi Everyone, After reading the HMO Landlady Blog regarding maintenance philosophy I'd like to know how I could go about reporting a Landlord for Illegal practice... It was about 3 years ago now while I was at University but he was a terrible landlord of a terrible property which I cant imagine could have conformed to regulations. I'm almost certain its not licensed. And he stole our deposit. (I don't believe it was ever placed in a scheme). Is there a simple way to report the address for the matter to be looked into? Thanks for your help! Arin
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