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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, I am ready to move away from my filling cabinet and onto the cloud. I've not used Evernote or Onenote yet so this is a fresh start. Rob Dix said he was eventually going to move to Onenote... I would like your thoughts and experience of both systems. If anyone is using one note or Evernote what are the benefits to one or the other for a property business. What is the thing that OneNote does that makes it the better tool??? Rob I've message you separately on linked in but if you are able to let me know your thoughts/advice that would be great. Soon I will be getting s
  2. I seem to remember that a resource of the week in one of the podcasts was an app or a website that helped you to systematise business processes. I can't remember whether it just documented a process, or whether it allowed you to create a workflow. However, I can't remember which week it was in and can't find it in the resources section of the website. Is my 'memory' simply wishful thinking, or is there a good app or site that people can recommend? Thanks, Steve
  3. Hi! I’m Steve. I’m a full time landlord (but only work part time if that makes sense) and predominantly own and manage my house shares. I rented my first rooms out in my own house in 1997, but being young and a little slow, it took me to 2003 to realise I loved doing it and just as importantly, could monetise it! After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and The 7 Habits, I was able to replace my earned income (about £100pcm) in 4 months so went part time and quite my job a year later. I’ve built my portfolio up to 105 rental units since then (across 28 properties). I hand pick a
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