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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, I've heard on the property podcast about TDS being the next PPI claim. Well, while browsing social media I come across this Add below; The company is claiming they can easily check your current deposit status and previous deposits from historic tenancies within 6 years! A scary thought for some Landlords, especially if you started with a potentially dodgy Estate agent. Certainly looks like this will start being a real issue to landlords who may, unknowingly don't have the deposit correctly protected. I manage my tenants, and always followed the correct guide lines. However, I am curious if anyone has any advice to someone who may fall foul of this? And potentially looking at thousands in compensation to pay.
  2. Hi guys could really do with some advice and guidance on the below! Developer gave me the below response when I asked how my deposit would be protected. Your thoughts? Thanks in advance! "With regards to the protection, upon exchange of Contracts you become a shareholder within the LTD company that the development is under. The developer has to be working in arrears at all times on the build meaning that if they was to go bust you would have a development part completed but the building would be worth far greater than what your initial 25% along with whatever funds was still remaining in the accounts of the company, this would enable the shareholder to then re appoint a new construction company to finish the remainder. This is a far better security than usual with normally only 10% of your deposit being covered by the majority of developers.In any case, with this being a renovation of an existing building the likelihood of them not completing is very slim."
  3. Hi all, Anyone here know much about the MCOL / small claims court process? I've got as far as "Notice of Judgement Entered" but not sure what happens next.. The situation follows a deposit deductions dispute, couldn't reach agreement on deductions directly with the tenant so had to refer to TDS. However due to various things happening in my life I only managed to get round to submitting the dispute to them online on the last day - and it took WAY longer than expected spending many hours on this, I ended up finishing the process and submitting an hour after midnight.. which TDS then refused to adjudicate due to being too late! So TDS say I need court order via small claims court now aka Money Claim Online for them to release the deposit. Now what needs to be done to get said court order now that I've got as far as this notice of judgement? All I've read so far is as clear as mud and TDS are about as useful as a chocolate teapot as usual.. Suggestions / links much appreciated! Thanks, Justin
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