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  1. My husband moved to England more than one year ago because of work relocation and I followed him moving to England a few months later. My husband signed the tenancy agreement. Two days before the end of the tenancy, we cleaned the flat (including the balcony) thoroughly with reasonable care. Two days after the tenancy ended, the problem emerged. My husband was informed by the landlord that they hired a professional cleaning company to clean the flat and asked us to pay for it. The cleaning cost is 300 pounds. It is absurd that my husband was required to pay for the fee based on the follo
  2. The government is about to put forward another new law that will once again make them very unpopular with landlords. There are currently plans being put forward (currently at the consultation stage) to introduce mandatory 3-year tenancies for all tenants within the private residential sector. What this means: Landlords - Longer tenancy agreements would mean a longer period of time for eviction of troublesome tenants. - With this in mind, under the new proposal, there would be a 6-month probationary period where the landlord can request termination of the tenancy a
  3. Hi folks, I've had my property let for the past 10 months by an agent but I'm considering self-managing (a number of things including poor comms and errors in paperwork have frustrated me). Does anyone have any advice on pitfalls or things to look out for? The agent found the tenant, did all the necessary checks (they say) and have protected the deposit. How simple should it be to transfer over to me? House is in a ltd company, recently mortgaged on a BTL product. Tenancy is the standard Scottish form (no specified term).
  4. Hi, would appreciate anyone's views on giving out a 4 month AST and how that stands legally? I am in a position whereby i may need to offer my BTL property for rent on a 4 month agreement, but im very conscious that the minimum has always been 6 (as far as i know), so does a lesser period i.e. 4 months change the legalities of the agreement in anyway? Be great to get peoples thoughts as to the pro's and cons on such a short AST? Many Thanks
  5. Well, here's something I've not come across previously. Tenant has caused damage on Day one of the tenancy. Friday I had professional photos taken of a staged flat, to use in future adverts. Friday evening and Saturday morning staging removed and flat cleaned. 12pm Saturday the inventory was done and at 2pm I check the tenant in. 5pm tenants tells me they've damaged the floor. I have a look and it's half a 5 pence piece gouge out of the brand new (good quality) laminate floor in the middle of the room. Credit where credit is due she did own up right away and tell me. She t
  6. Hi all. Can anyone please give some examples of what should be included in an AST tenancy agreement? Many Thanks! Charlie
  7. Hi all, I am a new landlord and I am still trying to find my feet in this industry. I have found the hub very useful and I just wanted to ask how you landlords out there are planning to deal with the tenancy fee ban that is coming in to effect on the 1st June 2019? I am planning to let our a property later on this year and was wondering if there is a smart way to manage this cost? Thanks Aayesha
  8. Hi everyone. Sorry about the newbie questions! I want to purchase my first HMO but have read some conflicting responses. I intend to buy a 4 bed property in Liverpool. When I have researched HMOs the main point was to have a property close to the city centre. Now does this property have to be in a nice 'well to do' area? Young professionals are my intended tenants. How do you price per room? 2 rooms are double and 2 are single. All advice on HMOs is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  9. Hi All, I am a private landlord and I listed my rental property through a well known highstreet agent. I got a tenant who passed credit reference check, they paid 1 month rent and 6 weeks deposit to the estate agent directly. Deposit is protected. Before the tenancy start date(29th june 2018), due to personal reason , they want to back out 1.Estate agent have sent the contract to them.But they have not yet signed and sent back. 2.As a landlord, I have lost 10days and now I have to look out for another tenant. It may take atleast a month to find a new tenant My question i
  10. Hi, longtime lurker, first-time poster here! I hope someone on here will be able to give me an answer to a quick question.. I have an AST with a tenant that expires next month. For a couple different reasons, I'm considering letting the contract roll on for a few months (up to 6) and then asking her to sign a new AST (with a small rent rise) in the new year. The new contract will start on a date that is preferable to me so I benefit in that regard. The tenant is currently going through a bad time and doesn't want to sign a new contract at the moment. So th
  11. I have had a tenant since 2005 who is great. He's happy to stay in my flat 'until he kicks the bucket' and I'm pretty happy to have him. He came in on an AST, has had one or two more since then but we have been on month to month for years. Now I'm putting new windows in, he's agreed to a moderate increase in the rent to cover it and I'm proposing to issue him with a new tenancy agreement. He and I are both happy to commit to two years at the new rent. I've got 2 questions: 1) Does giving a 2 year tenancy give him any additional rights after those 2 years expire? 2) Does the
  12. Hi there, I have been looking at a property which is well below market value but the tenant is on a Statutory Tenancy. The tenant is in his 70's and keeps the place in good order. Has anyone please had any experience with this type of tenancy agreement. Is it best to leave it well alone? I guess my worry is what happens if the tenant is unable to pay due to ill health etc? Many thanks Mike
  13. Not seeing how copy and paste, so added as attachment. Allan Second Consultation on New Tenancy for Scottish Private Rented Sector.docx
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