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  1. Hi, I am a tenant and I have an assured short hold tenancy agreement due for renewal (12 months). Can someone please help me to understand this break clause? I cannot make sense of it. I would appreciate any help, thank you
  2. Hi all, I moved into a downstairs flat last year, and noticed after decorating that there’s a wet patch on the wall in the bedroom where the chimney breast is (it’s boarded up) I constantly leave the windows open in the bedroom as if I don’t it stinks of damp. After mentioning this to my landlord he keeps telling me that it’s the upstairs homeowners responsibility to have the roof and chimney looked at in case there’s water coming in and causing damp upstairs. However after speaking to my upstairs neighbour he’s had someone out to look at the roof and he said he wouldn’t touch the
  3. Hi during the really windy weather someone had left the front door of our block of flats open. It came off. So now we have no block front door. It has been like this since October! I have asked the landlord multiple times to fix this as rats keep coming into the block. (It’s a small 2 story block with 4 flats in he owns them all). Just wondering if there is anything I can do to make him fix this asap. thanks.
  4. Hello! I'm wondering if anyone can offer some advice. I am looking to rent out my flat to a potential tenant on a short term basis. I found the tenant on OpenRent. They are US citizens but living in the UK. I am completing the reference process at the moment. I am expecting to move back into the apartment in approx 8 months time. I had originally suggested that the tenant lets me know the dates they expect to move in/out and we can put those in the contract or if they prefer we do a 6 month AST with a rolling monthly contract thereafter. The tenant has since explained that they are looki
  5. Hi All, I am new to this site and not even sure if this is the right forum but I could do with some help and advice if anyone wouldn't mind? My Mum was given notice on her flat back in October and her tenancy is due to end at the end of this week (28th November). The landlord is selling. However the new buyers of the flat would like my Mum to stay on as a tenant. Of course my Mum would like to stay in the property as she has been there for years but the sale of the flat has not gone through yet and the letting agent have not put anything in writing about her staying in the flat and s
  6. I'm in a pickle! I have become emotionally attached to my tenant. He's been a model tenant for about 10 years and i have a good relationship with him. He's never asked for anything and takes excellent care of the property, even making little improvements. I currently charge him £475 but a recent valuation recommends £550. I'm happy with the rent I receive at the moment and would love to retain my current tenant, he could easily move on. i'm coming up to a remortgage and told this rental amount may effect my stress tests. I know I'm running a business and I'm calcula
  7. Hi I've lived in this flat since January and have never even met the landlord let alone live with him though he is claiming I'm a lodger so he can evict me with shorter notice dodging the covid 19 legislation. What can I do. The contract is called a lodgers agreement but he doesn't love in the building I live in Bristol he lives in London. Help
  8. Hi I've lived in this flat since January and have never even met the landlord let alone live with him though he is claiming I'm a lodger so he can evict me with shorter notice dodging the covid 19 legislation. What can I do. The contract is called a lodgers agreement but he doesn't love in the building I live in Bristol he lives in London. Help
  9. Hello looking for some advice. I have a flat in London rented to a couple. The tenant contacted me today regarding his partner being made redundant and asked if there was something that I could do on rent. I don’t have a mortgage on the property. I wanted to ask what people are doing in this situation ? The current rent is 1700pcm. I was contemplating offering them a ‘rent holiday’ so that they pay 14000pcm instead for 3 months. Once the tenants partner finds another role it can return to the 1700pcm. They would then have 6 months to top up the rental payments to make up the £900 the
  10. Hi all, I would very much appreciate someone supporting me with this. I'm in the process of buying a HMO that has 6 students already moved in for the next acamdemic year. After seeing the AST and HMO licence I've agreed a sale. Could anybody advice me on the things that I should be aware of. I'm also not sure about the inventory report, and how I'm going to transfer the management of the property. I've got a list so far but if anybody has had prior knowledge on this I would be very grateful if they share their expeience. -Are the tenant in arrears?
  11. Hi there If anyone is able to give me some advice I'd be really grateful. I have a flat with a tenancy ending May 5th. 2 tenants who are friends. One is moving out. The other doesn't want to move out due to concerns over Covdi19 and wants to stay put and continue to pay his half of the rent. He also doesn't want to have someone new coming into the flat at this time. I have sympathy with his situation plus, it's unlikely I will be able to get new tenants, so having some income would be helpful. I'd like to be able to find a way to help him stay in the short-term, but where we are
  12. I’m looking for some advice from anyone who is familiar with the legalities of managing tenant disputes please. We have one property that we self manage and is tenanted by a couple who own a cafe. Given the restrictions on social gathering their business is clearly going to be affected over the coming weeks. I would like to get in touch with them to check they are ok and offer support, and was thinking that it may also be in both our interests to tell them to discuss with us if they are struggling financially and need to make any alternate arrangements for payment of rent, for example d
  13. Hello All, This is a bit of a strange topic as this is spoken from a tenants point but here it goes. My cousin has just started his second year of university at Nottingham and has moved into a shared house with other students. As far as i am aware this house has been let out to students majority of the time. (I know students aren't the cleanest of people). Anyway my cousin has discovered mold on one of the walls in his bedroom, and when he came home last weekend he was saying that he had chest pains.... He has a dehumidifier which he has been leaving on more regularly and says
  14. So, first post in the forum - be nice! Long story short, my wife and I own a rental property (3-bed house in SE18, London) that is tenanted for the next 11months. As we've slowly explored the challenges posed by the new tax regime on landlords, we believe our best move is to continue investing via a limited company...however it won't be cost effective to move our current property to one (switching ownership between us isn't optimal either). Question then is "can we sell a property with tenants in it"? Does anyone have experience of this? It clearly lessens the target ma
  15. Hi all After a few refurbs / flips I'm finally buying my first btl. I just wondered if anyone had a checklist or a list of 'essentials' or 'better to haves' to check off that would be wise to have in place before getting a tenant in. For example; Landlord insurance Tenancy agreement / contract Maintenance agreement (with a plumber / electrician for emergencies etc) etc I've got a good idea of what I need but if someone comes up with that one thing I haven't thought of or just some relevant advice in general it could save me a l
  16. Hello all I would love your views on my situation: My mother was a full time carer for my dad. When he passed away she needed to go on Housing Benefits in order to rent a house in Rochdale (she gets roughly £360 a month HB then puts £160 of her own money in leaving her with what is left of her Pension). Her landlord has been terrible. A leak in her kitchen that he ignored for years resulted in the roof collapsing (while She was in there), her blown windows were not replaced for 6 years so she was living in darkness all that time, he's never done a gas safety check (yes,
  17. I'm 64 years old and my wife is 61, both in reasonable health, however, we are hoping to retire in 2018. For the last 30 years, my wife and I have run a Guest House. The building is quite large over four floors including a converted basement area with the land taken away from the gable end creating a large patio area for the basement. As you can imagine, this is a life changer for us; once we close the doors we stop our income. Scary. That's why I've joined this forum. The building is worth around £850,000.00 with no mortgage attached. The locati
  18. Hi everyone Hoping someone can give me some advice ...... I have just found tenants to move into my first BTL, two girls on a joint tenancy. They have gone through referencing, signed the contract electronically, paid deposits & first months rent etc. I have emailed them to arrange handing over the keys and going through the required paperwork including looking at the original passport for the right to rent check. They are coming from London to Peterborough, and one has advised that she won't be moving up until the following day. Which I have said is
  19. Hi all, Hoping for some landlord advice as my parents are in a bit of a tricky situation. They’ve been renting out a 3-bed house (30mins from York, 50mins from Leeds) for £1,200 PCM to a family for just over 2 years. To date, they’ve been perfect tenants and we have a good relationship with them. However, they’ve not been able to pay rent this month because of the self-employed father losing a contract. He’s looking for other jobs at the moment but no guarantee he’ll have a reliable income in the near future. My parents have a couple of ideas for what to do
  20. Hi, my name is Margaret, l own a studio flat. My tenants were not bad, however i have to call them every month to remind about the rent payment and they had problems with informing me about the leaks..... anyway, they called yesterday to tell me, because of the leak, which i thought was fixed long time ago, they are leaving. To be honest, I'm quite happy with this. My question is they haven't send me an official notice. Should I ask them to sign any document that they are leaving definitely? Like a contract termination or something? Thanks for any advise, Margaret
  21. Hi, I will be really grateful for feedback on the following scenario, please? The Tenant has vacated my property and the inspection report has identified a few patches on several walls that are marked beyond fair wear and tear. Prior to getting quotes done, the agent has come back to say the tenant wants to do the work as they own a decorating company. The risk I am concerned by is that the tenant could cause damage - deliberately or accidentally. Agent has stated they cannot observe work and tenant has said to do the job properly they intend to apply pain
  22. Hi Has anyone out there had and dealings with credit/reference checks for a Brit returning from abroad? Are there any or many difficulties acquiring satisfactory checks? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Simon
  23. Problem solved. Unsure how to delete a post...
  24. Hi, I am looking for a bit of advice on who is responsible for the utility bills as follows; 1st July rental payment received from tenant. 21st July tenant gave notice to leave (Original 6 month AST rolled over to a periodic tenancy with payments made on the 1st of the month). 21st July After reminding the tenant a one month notice is required, they agreed to pay it using their deposit. 30th July tenant move out and handed over the keys. 31st Aug End of full one month notice period (?) Is the tenant responsible for the utility and council tax bills up to the date they moved ou
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