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  1. Hi, I’m looking for advice or a general discussion on how to help tip the balance towards attracting good tenants in the future? The current climate is full of uncertainty for many people: job security, being able and available to work through COVID, etc. The suspension on evictions is challenging for investors if they’re unfortunate to have struggling tenants. When eventually lifted there may be an increase the number of higher risk tenants looking for new places to live. What are the tools and techniques available to landlords to help tip the balance towards reliable
  2. As a property investor (I'm not a landlord): For example, I found a BMV property, then apply for planning permission to convert into an HMO property depending how many bedrooms and use the bridging finance to refurb it, then use the property to rent it out to potential tenants if that makes sense. This is a buy to let. Someone mentioned that property management/ Rent2Rent is a trading business. Which of these codes are applicable? It is really confusing. SIC codes SIC code 68100 is for the buying and selling of own real estate; so, if you’re going to be flipping and
  3. Hi, My tenants are coming to the end of their 6 month contract in my house and stated that they would like to sign a new 12 month contract or anktger 6 month contract, rather than remaining on a rolling/month to month agreement. They have reported to the estate agents that they are very settled and would like the security of a longer contract. What are the advantages and disadvantages, from my point of view, in offering them a fixed term contract rather than keeping them on a rolling contract? I have no plans to replace them, nor have I plans to up their rent in the next 12 mont
  4. Hi all We're looking for people to share their stories of lettings disasters for an upcoming feature in The Property Hub magazine. Whilst we all want the world of property to be smooth sailing, sometimes that just isn't the case. If you've experienced a time when letting has gone wrong, we 'd love to chat to you. Could you please email your details to hello@thepropertyhub.net along with: A few words of what the issue was What you did to resolve it Thanks
  5. Hi everyone. Sorry about the newbie questions! I want to purchase my first HMO but have read some conflicting responses. I intend to buy a 4 bed property in Liverpool. When I have researched HMOs the main point was to have a property close to the city centre. Now does this property have to be in a nice 'well to do' area? Young professionals are my intended tenants. How do you price per room? 2 rooms are double and 2 are single. All advice on HMOs is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  6. Hello Hubbers I am thinking about investing in this new property portal for young professional renters ... would be good to see if anyone has used it? https://www.movebubble.com Cheers Job
  7. Hi All, I am facing a situation and I am not sure what to do. I have had some great tenants in my property for the last five years. They are a couple with a little girl of 4 who has just started school in the areas. They have recently informed me that they are splitting up. The guy is leaving the property and renting somewhere else close by. The woman wants to stay in the property. She has recently asked for a meeting to discuss the situation. She wants to discuss a new contract but she has suggested that she will have to apply for benefits as she may not be able to afford the whol
  8. Hi Hubbers, I have an interesting situation for you, and would love to hear your advice. I had tenants move out abruptly last month with a few hundred pounds rent in arrears (long story, I was trying to give them time to catch up/be an understanding landlord etc. etc.) They told me that they had lost their jobs and had moved abroad with family temporarily, and they would 'try' to start paying back the outstanding rent when they're back in 1-2 month's time.However, I found on their Facebook profile posts from the last 2 weeks of them saying things along the lines of 'back in [p
  9. Hi everyone. I am new to the forum and am seeking some advice from others who have been unfortunate enough to go through a similar experience as the one that I am having to deal with now. To provide a bit of background: I help my parents manage their property, which was let on a new AST to a family with 2 children starting end of Dec 2016. The tenants were current with rent the first 3 months, then several weeks late with rent the following 2 months and, as at today, owe my parents 5 months' rent. The tenants have lied about their financial affairs throughout, been evasive and non-
  10. Hi everyone, My name is Grace, I'm a TV Researcher at a company called Boundless Productions. We are making a new BBC One series about landlords and today's rental market and have filmed 3 episodes and have been commissioned to make another 2. I am hoping that people will be willing to chat to me about their experiences as landlords from when they first got involved in property up to the present day. The outline of the programme is as follows: We are looking for successful landlords with different stories and reasons to want to get to know their
  11. So a new piece of legislation determines that tenants can make improvements to your property if it makes your property more energy efficient. Sounds like the stuff of fairytales really, but have any of your tenants actually requested to make such improvements at their own expense?? It's one thing to offer to slap on a new coat of magnolia, but quite another to propose replacing an old boiler! Still, it's definitely worth noting that from 2018 it becomes illegal to re-let a property that has an energy efficiency rating of less than E, and Landlords with existing tenants living in a propert
  12. Hi, I am about to complete on my first BTL property which i have managed to purchase around BMV (around £26k under). I will be looking to refinance after 6months to release my deposit, but, my qu is: should i try and add value to the property before refinancing, or as i have bought BMV, is that enough to pull out all of my deposit money after a refinance? The property is already tenanted, and is in reasonable condition. Plus, i don't really want to disturb the tenants too much as they are reliable and have even signed for a 2yr AST. Thanks! I look forward to the replies! Lee
  13. Hello, I've recently discovered Roomster on (or linked to) Facebook. Do you use it? Is it any good? When I had a quick look I was not overly impressed. Maybe my area is too remote. If anyone is using Rooster with any success can you please let me know how you use it and how many enquiries you expect to get from it when advertising a room/flat. I think there are different levels to the account that you can pay into. I've only seen the free entry level. So if you have a higher paid for level I would appreciate your thoughts on the benefits. Thanks Roxane
  14. Hi all. Sorry for the length of this and thanks in advance for reading - please excuse the grammer/spelling, I am writing this on my phone. I recently purchased a property at auction that was already tenanted. The legal pack contained an AST for 12 months from April 2015 with the tenants name and landlords names blanked out (a common occurrence in auction sales I am led to believe). I wanted to purchase the property due to it already being tenanted and yielding an income. When I viewed the property prior to auction I knocked on the door to view and it seemed the tenants weren't in. I proc
  15. Hi Everyone, My names Emma, I have been working in the private rental sector for 5 years and I have experience in all aspects of the letting industry. My current role is as the General Manager for a leading letting agency operating out of franchises in both Peterborough and Cambridge. The focus of my role is overseeing the day to day operations of the business, business development, future planning and to help new and existing clients to build and improve their property portfolios. I am passionate about all aspects of the letting industry, but especially buy to let and helping clients
  16. Hi all, I have a friend who I've been helping with doing up his first BTL and he has said he would be happy for me to manage it/get tenants in etc. The only experience I've had of doing this is for my dad where obviously there has been no contract/agreement between me and my dad so I marketed his property and was with him whilst we vetted tenants etc. How would I go about doing this for a friend and would It be best to charge a percentage of the rent or a certain amount every month? All advice from basics to more advanced info is welcome as I would like to do this properly and
  17. I have recently purchased my first hmo property. It was fully tenanted when I took it over. One of the rooms has become vacant and I need to prepare the tenancy agreement. Can I use the NLA tenancy agreement that they provide to their members? Or do I need to have a HMO specific agreement? I think I saw a hmo agreement available online to purchase. I would really appreciate advice on this. Also are there any inventory apps with photos that anyone could recommend? Thanks Roxane
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