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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, can you claim food or meals as an expense as a landlord? Thats the main question and now for a bit of specifics. i know the wholly and exclusively thing. You can claim travel expenses such as 45p per mile for travel (up to 10k miles). I’ve read in many places that if visiting a property that requires an overnight stay then the stay and meals are deductible as long as the stay is ‘wholly and exclusively’ for attending the property. In my specific case that I'm questioning, my rental properties are an hour to an hour and a half drive away. Ive recently purchased another BTL that requires the usual pre rental visits to take meter readings, change the locks, tidy the place up, repair minor issues ‘without improvements’, maybe a lick of fresh paint and visit local letting agents etc etc. During all of this I must have driven there maybe 10 times. I shall claim mileage but due to being away all day ive had to buy for lunch and/or dinner ‘cheap’ quick meals like tesco meal deals, mcdonalds or whatever. Can the costs of these foods bills be claimed? I believe they can, im only there for business reasons, I’m having to eat out due to not being at home solely for business reasons, they aren’t overly expensive like 5* restaurants with drink etc and are reasonable and all others costs of being there are deductible such as mileage, parking costs and repairs. Many Thanks for a response guys I know this should help a lot of people. Scott Child
  2. Hi Everyone, So this is a side topic, off my SMART goal. Which if you have read one of my earlier topics, is to gain income from properties so that I can be "comfortable" living off the monthly ROI. So one of mine and my wife's hobbies is Travel and are planning for this to be an integral part of our goal, however there is one thing in our life (currently) which complicates it slightly, its not baggage, but just something we are looking for guidance/experience/input. So... what am I talking about... as in the title, its regarding our baby boy, currently he is 1, and the goal is hoping to be ready to implement in around 10 years, so when he is around 11years old. I'm looking to see if anyone has "upped and moved" for any long period of time, say 6 months, to a different location, with kids and for instance home schooled. We would be looking to be moving in definitely (until we get sick of it) but maybe staying in one place for 6 months + depending if we like the experience, and if we get a taste for the language. What's your experience, do you have any tips? What would we need to seriously think about before doing this, and the positive (-) minus's as well as the (+) plus's? I have read that places like Thailand you can live reasonably well for between £500-£700 per month (see link), all included, so we would probably split our time between these uber cheap places and other more western uber expensive places. Looks forward to your chats. Chris
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