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  1. How to Get a Proof of Income for a Mortgage?
  2. Renting now more expensive than buying in all areas of UK By Emma Simon 20th June 2018 10:04 am Average rental prices are now higher than average mortgage repayments in every region of the UK, according to research from Santander Mortgages. According to Santander the average rent in the UK now stands at £912 per household, compared to monthly mortgage repayments of £723 for the average first-time buyer. This equates to savings of £189 a month or £2,268 a year for the typical first-time buyer. Read the full story here: https://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/renting-now-more-expensive-than-buying-in-all-areas-of-uk/?platform=hootsuite
  3. Hi everyone, I am Stephen 27 Ex Military served in Afghanistan, March 21st 2012 I stood on a i.e.d (mine/bomb). Let’s not be negative now I love my prosthetic leg it makes me who I am. So the property side of life I currently own four 1 buy to let 2 outright and my personal one. Due to personal circumstances I have a credit score so low I can not get a mobile contract I’m in limbo mode of where do I go next to release money to invest into more property. 2020 is about learning so please any information would be great I have attended ppn and hoping to make pin Liverpool Based
  4. Hi all! I'm a landlord and have a great property manager, Fiona, up in Glasgow, but I've heard many complaints in the past about other property managers. It would be great to get some feedback from UK landlords on this group to see if there's anything that can be done to improve the experience. Thanks! Survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/property_mgt
  5. Hi all, Just wanted to introduce myself. I am the Senior Property Consultant for Alliance Investments. Our parent company is Property Alliance Group, Manchester. I have got to where I am in this business by having a very friendly, consultative approach to advising investors on how I can help make their money perform at it's best in property. In keeping with the general feel of The Property Hub, there are no hard-sells here. If you would like to know more about me, our business or Manchester in general then I'm the man to see with your most pressing questions. Otherwise, see you in the forums Chase. Manchester Ebook.pdf
  6. Hi Wondering if you can help. I have a property in Indonesia which is up for sale. I do not own a property in UK. When the property is sold in Indonesia i will use it to buy my own 1st home here in UK. Do I need to declare the amount and pay capital gains tax ? Thanks
  7. Hello Everyone! I'm a born-and-raised Brit who is currently living abroad and is seeking to invest in property back home... Property History In Nov '13 bought my own home (3 bed 2/3 floor ex-coucil maisonette) in SE3, London over three years ago for £170k. I bought because I needed to live in London and couldn't afford to rent. I remortgaged, in Nov '15 and now have a personal (20%LTV, fixed for 5 years, repayment over 25 years) mortgage with consent to let costing c. £625 pm. It's leasehold, with service charge and ground rent costing approx. £54 pm. Since I moved abroad I have rented for £1550 pm, through an agent (12% charge - fully managed). The property is now worth approx. £240k. Areas of investment interest One of my problems, being abroad, is that I don't have any particular place of interest. I would like what most of us want: BMV with opportunity to add value, high net yield, likely high increase in capital value. I intent to use an agent to let this property, as being abroad it's too dificult to manage/find tennants etc. Future Plans I am currently setting up a LTD Company through which to buy and invest in property. My intention is to re-mortgage the first investment house I buy once I have added value, doing the usual freeing up the money which I have invested to re-use on the next. I plan to continue with this process until I have £5k pm passive income - planning on getting there within 5-10 years. I am open to ideas about commerical conversions and have been reading up on those also - but initially I plan to start with a basic BTL. I will be back in the UK in February/March - in Kent over the 24-26 Feb weekend and South Manchester 4-10 February. If anyone with experience in starting out would be willing to meet me to help me get started over a coffee or some lunch, please do get in touch! Looking forward to contributing to this excellent community, Jamie
  8. Hi everyone, I am in education stage and found this resource through BiggerPockets (amazing resource but for US). Currently, I am interested in investment across Scotland Central Belt although I have not decided which niche to chose (I am currently exploring trending options and strategies). I will be glad to communicate and establish connections with the same mind-set people .
  9. I have just inherited some money from the sale of my parents house. I am very new to the property market but in my search for houses via RightMove, I have had several people I know who live near me in Doncaster say that they would love to be my tenants, That is great, but another friend has offered me his house in Hungary for a fraction of the cost of house prices in UK. I have checked out house prises in his area and it is at a reasonable price and it it is close to a large city. Not sure if my first house that I buy should be overseas where I have no tenants (but letting agents could help) or buy close to home where I know the tenants?
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