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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I was wondering what your advice we have a purchase price of £201,000 on a property that has recently been refurbishment, HOWEVER the property has been valued by the mortgage company at £190,000 and the mortgage company believe the rent will be lower so have only offered a 70% mortgage on the £190,000 which means we will need to find the capital to top up the mortgage to the purchase price, but the sellers are refusing to negotiate on the price. Worked out by adding the additional capital a 4.10 % return now becomes a 3.62% return on the capital, excluding income tax etc. W
  2. I currently own an apartment in Manchester with my friend – we are looking to part ways financially. I’m not sure whether to buy her out or invest my money elsewhere on an entirely new property? The flat I currently own was bought for £110,500 with a 10% deposit. It has been rented out for 6 years on buy to let. Its is now valued at around £85,000. I have seen a few new developments in the Greater Manchester area 1 bed flats in student areas for £65,000. Would you be able to assist me in advising what best to do? Or to guide me at all in my decision - keep the current undervalued flat in a
  3. Hello Everyone, I really hope you can give me some advice My Gran bought her property in 2005 for £90k, it remains in great condition today. According to Zoopla and Property Price Advice, the house is currently valued at around £85k - £95k. It has recently become known my uncle has bought my grans house, cash, at an undervalued price of £60k, without consulting the rest of the family. The money/inheritance from the house sale is current in his possession. My gran is 80 years old and has memory problems with symptoms of dementia. We fear she has been taken advantage of, so on
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