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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, just looking for some advice/guidance....I have the opportunity to purchase a property at c. £110K cash (which I can do), its on the market for £150K, desktop valuation shows £149K, so definitely BMV. It is a 2yr old build surrounded by older properties, so at the top of the list in terms of value when compared to other local properties. There is no work/refurb needed, just a motivated seller - But, I dont want to leave all my cash tied up in the deal and therefore would look to mortgage the property at around the 6 month mark. My concerns:- How will I get the valuation at c. £150k if I brought the property for 6 months earlier at £110k. I cant evidence any work that I have done or value that i have added. The property is in a postcode that has had 7 sales in 12 years, so there no real comparable (the only evidence will be the £110k I paid 6 months earlier) At a valuation of £150K it is at the top of the list in terms of values of the property in that area Would appreciate any advice/thoughts on what to do with something like this.....??
  2. Hi this is my first post on here so excuse me if this has been covered at all. I tried to find the information before posting but couldn’t see much. We are in the process of refinancing a property through a limited company and have kind of ground to a complete halt since the lockdown. Our mortgage was approved we were just waiting on the valuation which we payed for initially only to have a call to say they’ve refunded our payment and no valuations can take place. Is the true for all lenders that no valuations are happening? The property is empty it’s just been refurbished we could place the keys in a lockbox for a contactless transaction and the valuer could peruse are their pleasure alone. Now I’m not sure how it works with the valuers if we can find one that is willing do they have to be approved by the mortgage company etc? Any help would be appreciated
  3. I was recently geeking around looking at property valuations/estimates. With the Land Registry typically lagging 2-3 months behind and difficult to get very recent comparables, I was reviewing 'Estimated values' on Zoopla and Mouseprice. I observed what seems quite a difference between the two, with greater property value estimates on Mouseprice in particular. Zoopla seems to post more conservative estimates. To give an example of the order of difference: 2 bed Zoopla: £320,000 Mouseprice: £365,000 This was across the board for several properties, in several locations across the country. Despite the nature of inaccuracy in such figures, I was wondering if others noticed anything similar?
  4. Hello All, Quick bit of background: I am moving out of London (with, it seems, the rest of London) down to Brighton. We feel we have made a fair amount of money on our 2 bed flat, and would like to release equity to fund a deposit on a new property, plus, if we can, a further BTL. I have a mortgage advisor and he is setting me up on a 75% interest only BTL mortgage based on quite a high (but not ridiculous) valuation, and is sending the surveyor round asap. So, my question is as follows: How do I make sure the surveyor comes round and values the property at what I would love it to be valued at? I have no experience of this and don't know the procedure at all.... I'm guessing that it needs to be really presentable, but do you recommend I get the scented candles out? Or perhaps prepare a light avocado salad for us both to enjoy? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Charlie
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