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Found 4 results

  1. Hope all is well with everyone? Currently working on converting a property into our first HMO, our background is single lets. I have a few questions/queries for people. What heating system would you suggest (bills included). What water heating / shower system do people use? (8 bed HMO) Mixer Vrs Electric Finally what do you use for noise reduction in rooms, both on the floor and walls? Thanks in advance, Adrian
  2. I've been looking at a small two bedroom flat in a block that has communal hot water. It powers one old-style cast iron radiator and provides water for the bathroom and kitchen. It does make the service charge quite high. I'm wondering what experience others have? Is that a deal that's good? Should I walk away? Are tenants used to paying extra for the water? Have people negotiated away from the inclusive water to lower the service charge? Has anyone exploited the hot water & run multiple radiators of it? There's only an electrical feed there, no gas, so a replacement boiler would have to be electricity based.
  3. Hi, I'm new to property hub, but not new to the podcast, which I love and listen to avidly :-) I just bought a flat in Liverpool City Centre, which was quickly tenanted. But apparently there's no hot water. I live in Kent and need someone I can call on on an ad hoc basis. Landlord Solutions have been brilliant, but they are very busy, and normally assist letting agents rather than private landlords directly. I'm reluctant to have the property managed by a letting agent, not least because I'm only just covering the mortgage with rent. Can anyone recommend someone who can have a look at the water issue and also be available for general repairs/maintenance? Thanking you in advance! Best regards Dominique
  4. Hi all, I first subscribed to the Hub in December and only just got round to the forums as I've been listening to the podcasts and reading Beyond the Bricks - twice! Not to mention the new magazine which is FAB. My Other Half (Nige) and I have been learning about property investment for a few years now but lots of family "stuff" has got in the way and meant we just haven't been able to get serious about it, although things are changing for the better now so we are getting our strategy together. My background is 20+ years in engineering bossing blokes around (always fun), and then I retrained and became one of the very few (1-2%) female plumbers in the UK. I also do general handyWOman(!) work and help to co-ordinate other trades (just more bossing-about really!). So this is going to be mega-useful when it comes to doing refurbs/flips, which we hope to concentrate on to start. I am happy to help if I can with advice on any plumbing issues, so please ask! Julie Stopcocks Women Plumbers http://www.stopcocks.uk/plumber-in-oldham/
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