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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All My name is Jonathan and i'm a first time buyer. Although i've been living in London for almost 9 years, london i thought that it was about time that i'll set out some plans to get a property for investment up north. it seems that i'm getting a bit of the 'analysis paralysis" syndrome as the more i read the less im sure about an area. for example, opening zoopla / rightmove on both rental to check the supply, quality and prices against the asking prices in Manchester for example it's hard not to notice that in many areas such as M14 there are an incredible amounts of properties that are available where probably most of them are empty for a while (or is this just my assumption ? ) On the other hand in the new development sector it seems that a lot of those developers have really tight rules regarding their own lenders, the amount of the down payments high overhead expenses and much more ....which seems a bit limiting what are you experiences in regards to a first time investment properties (location, prices, suggestions etc..)
  2. Hi all. I have a bungalow on a plot measuring 70ft wide by 240ft long.next to me is a road which I have right of way.the next door neighbour has done a deal with a local builder who has erected four houses around my boundry fence and has secured planning for a further 6 down the back. all these house are large detached. I could fit five or six on my patch, when I mentioned this to the builder he said " how they gonna access them".this road used to be a track between me and my neighbours house but is now a private road.I don't like this guys attitude and dont want to deal with him.Is it legal or would my right of way be only for my bungalow and not for any new development?.Also how would i get the ball rolling with regards getting a builder? to build the houses and whats the first step of planning? and should i ask for twelve flats instead of the houses? thanks for your time if you can please advise on these questions, Kind Regards Ricky
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