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Found 2 results

  1. Hey There Lovelies My name is Muzna Salah and I'm a real estate investor, upcoming property manager and also a wholesaler, I'm an easy going person and have always had a passion in real estate since as long as i could remember, I would love to help some buyers and sellers in the real estate world to find their dream home or sell it. I would love to be part of a beautiful process any questions or inquires don't hesitate to contact me. I'm looking forward to making and closing contracts with you amazing people, have an eventful evening.
  2. Hello there, I thought it’s finally about time that I introduced myself on this forum. I’ve been visiting here regularly for around half a year now but never introduced myself properly so here we go. I’m 17, based in Sheffield and am an aspiring Property Developer/Real Estate Entrepreneur/Wholesaler. I’ve been interested in property from a young age and have slowly been building myself a foundation of knowledge and skills to hopefully begin fulfilling my aspirations when I turn 18. I will not have enough money to invest or develop initially so I am trying to focus on flipping and wholesaling with no money down or very little money. However, since I’m still a newbie, there are probably a lot of issues that will arise I am yet to know about so I am open to learning about all types of property related investments. My end goal is to achieve financial freedom which I think is best achieved by renting out a number of properties for a passive income and I will outsource the management and other maintenance as much as possible so I can travel the world and do whatever I wish with the remaining profit. This will take time, but I’m very motivated Any advice, suggestions or comments on my aspirations would be happily appreciated. I need to learn from you experts! I’m also heading to the Sheffield Meetup so feel free to connect with me whilst I’m there, I’ll buy you a drink in return for your help? -Rob
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