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  1. I spoke to Aspire Property Group in Yorkshire couple of weeks ago, to discuss expanding my portfolio up north. Reviews on trust pilot are good but fees seemed quite high. £7k+ is this right? Anyone had experience of working with them? They guarantee 8%+ on their investments. Are property sourcing companies worth it and does anyone have any experience of working with one? I'm not looking for new builds, off plan etx. Just cheap terraced, semi detached houses around the £100k mark.
  2. I've just joined the forum as my business partner and I start our property investment journey together. Living in Leeds and looking to source properties for rent to rent, specialising in all year round serviced accommodation for young professionals and NHS workers. Any advice would be very welcome and greatly appreciated. Thanks all LR
  3. Hi. My names Steve & I'm relatively new to property. I'm looking to get insight, advice, and possibly contacts from likeminded investors with the experience to hopefully guide me away from possible pitfalls. I say relatively new because i rented our old home out when we moved to a bigger house just over 2 years ago, and I'm now going through the process of selling it so that I don't lose the extra SDLT that we had to pay for our new home. However, this was rented to my nephew who wanted to buy the house at the time but didn't have the deposit, so ive not had to deal with any of the trials & tribulations of dealing with letting agents, refurbs and/or nightmare tenants. I'm only releasing a relatively modest investment pot of around £40k, so my plan is the long game to hopefully offer myself & the wife a more comfortable retirement or possibly early retirement if i can make things grow quickly and put together a decent portfolio. I'm from Doncaster personally and can see that the town is on the up, there is a lot of local investment and the future economic growth appears to be looking good, so staying fairly local is my plan. Although, I'm also looking across Yorkshire as a whole in a bid to find the right deal rather than the right post code. I would like to be as a hands off as possible, certainly to begin with, as i have a busy job as a design consultant & the wife is a nurse. The design element of my job has been a massive benefit to many of our personal renovations at home over the last 10-15 years. Being able to very quickly throw a floorplan together, or to 3D model different options for extensions/builds, etc. has saved us £1000's over the years. I designed & built a bar from scratch in the back garden during Lockdown 1 with my 13yr old son! (But I'm in no rush to do that much DIY again in a hurry) Id be keen to hear your thoughts on investing in & around Doncaster/Yorkshire, and any recommendations as to the teams that you use. I already have a good bunch of tradesmen as friends but would really like to find a good broker, solicitor, possibly deal sourcer, letting agent, and in particular an accountant/tax advisor to discuss the best way to set up for this venture. Apologies if that's a bit long winded. I look forward to hopefully hearing from some of you soon. Steve.
  4. Pleased to meet everyone, below is my introduction (following Rob D’s best-practices), So far in property I have been accidental landlord for about 7 years after moving into my partners home. Following my father’s death in 2017, I sold the South London rental flat to retain a family house and support my mother’s care home costs. My mother had mixed dementia and sadly passed away last December (2019). The family house I jointly owned with my mother has remained dormant since she entered a care home in 2017 – anyone who is familiar with the UK social care system in respect to dementia may appreciate the reasons why it has been difficult to make use of the property. The house I have inherited is in Kingston Upon Hull. I like the idea of investing in Yorkshire, which is good as it seems to be priced about right, however, I am based and work around London. My plan for 2020 is to have one property that I own, in good repair and not too leveraged. This will be a property I can move into myself in due-course, should the need arise, and will otherwise be rented out to pay for upkeep and to provide an income – this may well be the inherited family house which is in need of considerable renovation. If this goes well, in the future, I intend to invest in a second leveraged rental property. I work as a commercial artist developing information/educational and entertainment interactive-products and games, including for virtual and mixed reality. These skills may be of use to other members, and I am always open to discussing new projects. I don’t mind talking about my experience regarding finance/property-ownership and a relative with dementia. I will initially be looking for feedback on owning rental property in Hull, and about budgeting and managing renovation work. Thank you for taking the time to read
  5. Hi Hub, Lovely to meet you all!! My wife and I are relatively new to all this so we're after some help, connections and just generally a network to bounce some ideas off. We're accidental Land Lords. We have 2 properties in a Sydney, Australia and now that we're living in the U.K. we're keen to see whether we can turn what has been a general interest in property into a genuine income generating pursuit. Please feel free to drop us a line if you're local to Leeds and fancy a coffee/beer as we'd love to pick your brain on how best to get started, what minefields to look out for, how best to source properties and any other relevant tips or tricks. Looking forward to meeting you all. Cheers, Scotty n Debs
  6. Hi, My name is Steve and I've been an active subscriber of all things property hub for the past few years. I have always been interested in property and earlier this year decided to take the plunge full time to focus on my passion - leaving behind a decent career in construction. I live in Leeds but my focus and business activities are in Hull, East Yorkshire and I'm interested in discussing the market with anyone with an interest in the area. I'd love to speak to new investors who are interested in making the jump themselves, experienced investors with interesting challenges as well as anyone in between who just shares a passion for all things property. I am currently in the process of building my business so always happy to share my experiences and learn from others! Looking forward to hearing from anyone who wants to chat about Yorks, the Humber, and Hull. Speak soon Steve
  7. Hi Everyone Great to be here. Been listening to R&R for a while a just wanted to say how awesome and inspiring you guys are thanks a lot. Well this is me, I'm 36 from Doncaster and been a builder since leaving school in 94. Iv seen so many people over the years get in to property and do well and built many new builds as well as convert property for so many and always planned on doing myself, but unfortunately Iv always found excuses like money, time, children you name it Iv used it. 1 month ago a friend of mine also a builder in the same predicament asked if I fancied going in 50/50 on a new build project, it took all of 60 seconds to say yes. So the next day we set out looking for plots, I pretty much new every development in my head as I spend 4 hours a night on rightmove. After viewing half a dozen we settled on a plot with planning for 3 (5bed detached) The area is all semis and doesn't suit theses so we are going back to the planner with proposed 4 semi detached that fits the street perfect. The land was £225k in total and we managed to get them down to £170k with £40k down and £32500 on the sale of each plot maximum of 12mth. The next job for me was to find funding for my half as I'd finally taken the leap without actually having the funds. After a few conversations I finally got the father in law on board for the £20k lent to me until we sell the first unit. So after many years I'm sat here 1month later about to purchase land with the deposit in my bank and the architect on with the drawings, it's amazing when you actually get off yours butt and go for it how quick things can move. Plan is get these for up in 6-7mth £430000 build cost taking them to £150k each plot and should easily achieve £200-£225 each so coming out with £100k each by the end of the year. The plan for me would be to put half back in to the next project and the other in to property flipping and do 2-3 a year as that's my dream and in my area there's plenty of doer uppers for £40 - £50k So next 5 years goal 1 development a year and 2-4 flips. First drawing attached let me know what you guys think Positive action, clear goals and taking action shouldn't be an issue :-)
  8. Hi everyone! Could someone recommend an accountant in the Leeds/Yorkshire area. I'm looking to set up a limited company for my buy to let investments. Much appreciated!
  9. Hello all, Brand new to the Property Hub Forum but have been eagerly working my way through the podcast back catalogue! I bought my first flat in Gateshead when I was 19 with a friend and set up a Ltd Company with him in June last year (for tax reasons!) Since then we've bought another flat in Gateshead and expect we'll buy our 3rd in a few months. We get just over an 8% yield but i'm very aware of the lack of capital growth in the North East of England, does anyone have any comments on the likelihood (or not) for there to be any movement in property prices in the North East any time soon (relatively)? Thanks all, Jordan
  10. Hi there, I'm looking for a specialist property tax advisor in Hull or the surrounding area. Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. Hi there, I'm looking to speak to people who have started property portfolios in the North of England. I'm from Hull originally and still regularly go back there because my family are still there. I'm interested in that area but also the rest of Yorkshire and the North West. I'm in the process of trying to work out which strategy would be best for me as I live in London but I'm ready and able to invest in 2 to 3 properties in the next 12 - 18 months. I'm particularly interested in speaking to people who have done refurbs, HMOs, multiple property portfolios, investing in areas they don't live in, or all of the above. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi all, I'm new to the site and to property. Whilst I currently live in Sydney I'm looking to get my first investment in early to mid 2017. My plan is invest in a buy to let as my first property. I grew up in Derby and whilst I don't have a great impression of how the local market there is performing or will perform I am interested in looking at Nottingham and Sheffield, both very close and where I have some existing friend networks. Leeds was another thought but I haven't researched it yet. I'm probably looking at spending anywhere between £100,000 and £200,000 for my first property and my main objective would be getting a decent yield and in an area with high demand. Outside of some salesmanship and negotiating experience from my day job I'm currently listening to these podcasts and going blog crazy to educate myself! Any advice or suggestions on the areas I mentioned would be much appreciated.
  13. Hello & Greetings to all Hub members! My name is Ian Moore & had a life-long interest in residential property. I'm an investor, & now working in the Sales & Lettings industry arena too. Very happy to associate with all members - the experienced & the newbi - I enjoy sharing my knowledge & experience. I'm not used to 'writing' to a page like this? So I hope i have caused no offence to readers & the controller / moderator of the site? I'm sure you will be kind enough to correct & teach me! Looking forward to new associations, Kind Regards, Ian.
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