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Bed Bugs!!

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I've got a HMO with 4 students in. They moved in 11th August. I've had issues with them keeping the place clean and have emailed them about issues -


no one cleaning ANYTHING

kitchen rubbish not being removed from property

mess pretty much everywhere !


I had emailed them with pictures and said this is not acceptable


They have made an attempt to clean the house, but not very well...


Today I get an email saying they have bed bugs and the doctor said the house needs to be fumigated ect.


I am going to go round and talk to them to determine when this problem occurred. But I have had this house for 20 years and never had an issue. But nearly 4 months after moving in and never cleaning the property they now want me to replace the mattresses and fumigate the place.


Now, I will do this but it's annoying that I am going to have to pay for this. I am pretty sure they have caused the problem - but who has a pre-rent bed bug scan !!!


I would appreciate your comments...

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Bed bugs are quite nasty, so best to get some pest controllers in to eradicate them. They could've been picked up if one of them went on holidays and stayed in a dodgy hotel/hostel. Not sure if you have to replace the mattresses though, but if they're old, then maybe a good chance to replace them.


There's quite a few threads on some other property forums (Google 'bed bugs in HMO' and they'll appear). Some suggest trying to write a clause in the tenancy agreement or the inventory check to cover off bed bugs or the property being 'free from infestation'. 


Regarding the cleanliness of the property in general, maybe hire a cleaner each week for a tidy up and add that to the cost of their rent if they don't keep the place clean, although not sure if they'll agree to changes to their tenancy agreement, but might be worth a shot?

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Thanks Derek... I will change over the mattresses they have issues with. I will of course go and investigate and ask app. questions.


I will then put app. covers on to stop them getting re-innfested as I doubt, even though told how to clean their clothes, that they will.


I will also get someone in to spray the place and treat when they go away for Xmas.

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I am sorry that you faced such terrible situation! Bed bugs are awful and you definitely need to call exterminator to clean up all house. I didn't have the bed bugs in my house but once while staying in a hotel at my vacation, I sustained numerous bed bug bites. I visited urgent care for prescription drugs for the infections because the bites were very bad. The bed bugs in the hotel rooms was a very serious violation of sanitary standards, so I demanded from the hotel the payment for my treatment and a compensation for moral damage. In your case I hope you will receive a compensation from your tenants too. For the future I suggest you buy an ultra smart bed bug detector that can prevents the bed bugs in your house.

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I think it more likely the bed bugs have been brought in by one of your tenants than caused by their lack of cleaning. Unfortunately difficult to prove.

Are your students by any chance boys? I find they have a much greater tolerance and blindness to mess and grime than the girls. At least they’ll be gone in a year!

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