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UK company managing renting in the EU


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Hi! Me and my associate would like to start a UK-based venture specialised in managing rentals (as well as sub-rentals) of properties in the Southern EU countries. We will have a first initial asset represented by a house that will be owned by this company in Croatia, which we will rent out as a start, additionally we would like to rent a few other properties in order to sub-rent them as targeted rentals for specific client demographics. In the future, when finances allow, we would like to invest in further properties in Croatia and other countries. Selling the properties we invest in now would come in the game only well in the future and is not a major concern right now, only rental profit maximisation is.

My associate owns a small and young real estate company managing rental agreements in the UK which is going well and enjoying an initial success.


In order to optimise taxation and revenue for this venture (basically a company making profit on rent collected abroad of the UK):

1 - would you suggest us to start a completely new company or use his existing real estate company? Is there a third model you would suggest even more (SPV, etc)?
2 - What would be the benefits and the liabilities of both models in your opinion?
3 - Are you aware if we will be obliged to pay double taxation in the UK and in Croatia on this rental (rent taxation in Croatia, and then corporate profit taxation in UK), or if we can avoid such a thing thanks to specific bilateral agreements between the countries?


Thank you for any possible advice!


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