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Getting rid of a tenant - can you recommend a professional who can help?

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Asking for a friend (honestly :rolleyes:)...


Said friend has been self-managing with very little background knowledge of how to do it.  They have a tenant who is some four months in arrears and they want to get rid of them if possible.


Is there a professional advisor out there who can help with them with what they need to do?


I'm pretty sure they have registered the deposit but they may not have served all the statutory information required.  I just don't know.  They need an advisor who can find out what they have and haven't done, work out what the situation is and advise on the best way to proceed.  Basically a trouble-shooter to hold their hand and get them out of the mess as efficiently as possible!


And then they'll actually get an agent in to manage the property...


Any recommendations gratefully received.


Many thanks

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Your friends best bet would be to get a S8 Notice served on the grounds of rent arrears - this way it doesn't matter if he has done all or any of the other stuff that he should have done, and it's 2 weeks, instead of 2 months. It is a bit more complex, so probably best to get a specialist to do it. I can't recommend a specialist, but it needs to be one who is good a S8 evictions.

Good luck!

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