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Places to avoid in Nottingham

Jay Dove

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Hello All,


I am looking to make my first property investment this year and my decided location is Nottingham. I am ideally looking to buy a house (personal preference i have nothing against flats). I was just wondering are there any roads/streets that i should avoid buying. I have done some research and the post codes that stick out to me are NG1, NG3 & NG7.


Would love to know what anybody thinks about these postcodes. 


Kind regards,



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Where do I start?! The challenge (and the opportunity) with Nottingham is the sheer variety from one street to the next, let along from one postcode to the next! Those are large postcodes with a lot of dwellings. In summary:

NG1: City Centre so lots of apartments but still some trad terraced houses

NG3: Traditional working class area with possibility of walking into the city. Lots of history (=bad reputation) and only buses for public transport

NG7: Forest Fields and Radford. Has become a centre of a transient population and has suffered as a result.

If you can give us more details as to your budget and method (cash, finance, mixture) and timescales I might be able to advise further? I know people that narrow their search to "NG6 8" for example otherwise they just have too much to go at! Or better still why not come to our meetup, first Thursday of the month?

Jonathan Challis
E: Challis8@gmail.com
M: 07847 303273
W: BespokeNPS.co.uk
Share - Learn - Build



The Nottingham Meetup takes place on the first Thursday of every month, find out more here

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