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Recommended brokers?

Steve Hayton

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Hi Steve, I've used Robert Trimble of Fairmont Mortgages based on the recommendation of several friends. His charge is 300 quid but I've had several hours worth of phone and email conversations with him for free, and the advice given was priceless. We discussed my goals and timeline and he advised a plan and mortgage product accordingly. To me that's important because anyone can google the cheapest rates around, where it starts to count is if you know you want to refinance in x months while simultaneously frontloading your repayments, then you need to plan how to do it in the most effective way.


There are also several threads around here with broker recommendations, you won't go wrong!

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Cheers Donald much appreciated! I spoke to Robert earlier today and told him that you recommended him so expect a discount next time! As you said he was very useful and gave some valuable advice so I'll be sure to refer back to him when the time comes!


Thanks again 

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