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Newbie - Owner Occupier - what legislation/regulation etc?

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Hi there,


Just bought my first house as an owner occupier and want to let out one bedroom to help out with the mortgage.


Can anyone point me in the right direction for a decent resource of information regarding my obligations?

In particular, I’d like to know, am I governed by the same legislation as a regular landlord? Do I need to protect the deposit? Do I need to have fire doors installed? (The house was previously let and had one fire door which is ugly so I want to remove it)


Any advice or suggestions you may have are most welcome!


Kind regards,



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You are not as restricted as a standard rental property but you are also not as protected.


You may find these  sites useful





Take good advice on the agreement that you sign and it may be worth the cost of obtaining proper references being done by your lodger so that you have a bit about the background to them.  It is always harder sharing your own space than letting someone have a whole property for their sole use as your lodger will have access to your own belongings and a lot of your space.  Renting to family or friends can be awkward if they are short of loot one month and seek your good nature for a deferral or non-payment and it you need to set clear boundaries of what is and is not permitted.  However, they too will want to feel at home and at ease so make it too draconian and you may not get the lodger

Good luck

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